Dan Augsburger
The Wellington Revival Series

These are a few of the sermons given in Wellington, NZ during a revival held in one of the churches there. The Holy Spirit was very present and I believe all were touched by the messages rendered in the power of the Holy Spirit. I have since heard from quite a few people of the revival that began in their hearts. Several serious decisions were made for Jesus by the end of the week. I praise God!

Blind Bartimaeus:
The Man Who Refused to Be Quiet

An Encounter in Samaria:
She Discovered the Gift and the One Offering the Gift

Healing at the Pool of Bethesda:
The Man Who Wanted to be Healed

A Father's Faith:
What the Tiniest Faith Could Do

Feeding 5,000:
You Have No Need to Send Them Away

Fishing With Jesus:
Peter's Experience