Prayer is the Key

In reading Wigle's book Prevailing Prayer, the Secret of Soul-Winning, I came across the following which should bring all of us to our knees today:

“Without the quickening and convicting operations of the Holy Ghost, the sinner will not-nay, cannot come to God. These operations of the Holy Ghost, are conditioned on the faith of the Church! As the Church prevails with God for the convicting power of the Holy Ghost upon sinners, the responsibility for the salvation of sinners, is transferred from the Church to sinners themselves. Only when Christians have done their reasonable utmost, is the responsibility entirely transferred to sinners. Then how great-nay alarming the responsibility of Christians!” Eli Wigle, Prevailing Prayer or the Secret of Soul Winning, (Grand Rapids, MI: Continental Publishing Company, 1900), p. 16.

Happy Witnessing!
Dan Augsburger