I came across the following from a pastor of an Underground Church in a "challenging" country on persisting:

"We began using Pastor X's DVDs. My family and I would visit our friends' homes and invite them to play the DVD we brought them as a gift, so we could watch it and discuss it with them. Some families were willing to watch about half of the DVD, and there were other families that would turn it off immediately when they learned what it was about. We did not give up easily. We went back and approached them again and again. Some of them would accept the messages after the second, third, or fourth time. In a short time we began seeing families converted. This was a big encouragement to us, especially in the start of our new ministry...."

Many individuals are finding using DVDs a very helpful way to share the gospel and the distinctive truths of our faith. There are many good reasons. The people watching can do so when it is convenient for them. They will watch without being sidetracked. Sometime other family members will also watch. There are many other reasons why they work.

The challenge of course is getting the people we are trying to reach to watch in the first place. This pastor provides a good reminder that we must not give up with the first refusal, but continue offering the resource--in appropriate ways obviously--until they accept. We talk about praying until something happens, perhaps we should offer until something happens.

Happy witnessing!
Dan Augsburger