His Robe Or Mine
The Condensed Study Guide

These study guides are intended to be used with midweek services or other study times of 60 minutes or less. The first half includes key statements from the book, the second half includes additional thoughts ont he same subject. A portion of the book, the chapters on Peter's ladder of sanctification, are divided between two study guides.

A sample of the condensed study guide.

The pdfs:

The Wedding Garment: The Potential for Power

Confidential! Top Secret: The Peril of Power

Perfectly Legal: The Portal to Power

How Good Is Perfect: The Paradox of Power

Graveyard Religion: The Price of Power

Christians Are Born Not Made: The Prerequisite of Power

From Justification To What: The Patois of Power

Ladders Are For Climbing: The Personality of Power

Love Unlimited: The Pinnacle of Power

Was Jesus Tempted Like We Are: The Pedigree of Power

Follow Me: The Prerogatives of Power

Abide in Me: The Proliferation of Power

The following materials go along with some of the materials. They are worth reading and will bless you greatly.

A Reading: Taking Jesus In His Fullness - Edith Fox Nortan (helpful on taking Christ as our own; goes with Christians Are Born, Not Made study guide.)

A Reading: Taking God At His Word - A vespers talk given in 1915 at the Victory in Christ Conferences at Princeton, NJ; goes with Follow Me study guide.