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Romanian Language Resources


I never expected to go to Romania. God is busy, however, and He sometimes invites me to go with Him on projects. One of those projects was going to Romania.

As a result of an invitation from Clayton Lorenz of the school in Parscou, I went in June of 2008 and again in October, for several weeks of teaching on the More Abundant Life and Prayer. Prior to my coming
Luminita Silveira translated the More Abundant Life syllabus into Romanian, and prior to my second visit, she translated the Prevailing Prayer syllabus. She also translated for me during the class sessions. So, any blessings gained are as much credit to her as to me. She and her husband Ruy are doing a good work with Clayton to make the school a blessing. The students are also dear and I appreciate their participation, which you will hear from time to time during the course of the teaching sessions. Should you know of a young person in Romania who needs a good foundartion for witnessing, I heartily recommend the school. I want to also say thank you to Unnur and Kristjan who are making the school possible. God is good.

Written Resources

Dan Augsburger

The More Abundant Life (The translated classroom syllabus)

This is the same syllabus I use when doing seminars. I believe it will greatly help you in pursuing your walk with Jesus. This syllabus is being printed in Romania for low cost mass distribution. For further information, contact Emil (emisim@buzau.ro). He also has audio on DVD for use in Romania when people are unable to download it from the internet.

Frank Phillips

Frank Pillips: His Robe Or Mine

This is a Romanian translation of his popular book.

Audio Resources

Dan Augsburger

The More Abundant Life Series Translated into Romanian

These recordings were made in October, 2008 when I was teaching at the Exp. Central de Sanatate New Life, a school were students learn how to give Bible studies and reach people in the community. I am grateful to Luminita who did a fantastic job translating the written materials and my lectures. Because these are the recordings of multiple class sessions, even the MP3 files are quite large.

The Promise of Power: God's Promise of a Christ-like Character

The Peril of Power: Why It Is So Hard To Be A Christian
Portal To Power: God's Gift of Pardon and Christ's Righteousness

The Price of Power: The Need to Dying to Self

The Provision of Power: Receiving the Indwelling Savior

Worship Talks Translated into Romanian:
I gave these morning worship talks to the students over the course of two visits to Romania in 2008. They were given sitting in a living room and therefore have a very informal feeling. I am grateful to Luminita Silveira for her good work translating.

Mimosa mp3

A Bible Study on the Judgment in Romanian:

I occasionally give imprompto Bible studies in the course of lectures, some of which are worth sharing more broadly. Hence it is brief, but I hope helpful.

A Bible Study Being Given in Romanian:

Sometimes I tape Bible studies I give in the community. This was a retelling of a Bible study that I shared with a man of the Orthodox Church. God prompted the verses shared and I came away grateful that God truly supplies what we need in giving Bible studies. More than that, I gained many touching insights in giving the study. God is good!

Sermons in Romanian:

Learn to Speak Romanian
The MP3 sermons on this page can also be used to learn to speak Romanian since there are many hours of translated sessions. I used simple language and the woman translating me, Lumy, did a wonderful job of translating. Please let me know if in listening to these MP3s you find it helps you learn to speak Romanian.