The Blessings of Church History

I was really inspired reading the two books on George Müller: Delighted in God (Roger Steer) and George Müller of Bristol (A. T. Pierson).  Since I have been going through certain life-experiences myself this past year I could draw many precious lessons from George Müller about trusting completely in the Lord. 

In fact this is exactly where I am in my religious walk right now. I am learning to trust solely in the Lord.  But I am also learning to recognize God´s marvelous blessings.  So many times we reject God´s blessings, not recognizing that they are from Him.  And what I am also learning and depending more upon in my life right now is prayer, and praying for the smallest things in my life--just being totally dependent upon God.  George Müller taught me a lot about the power of prayer and it impacted me a lot to read about his everyday prayer life and answers from God.

Through praying more fervently than ever this semester, I have found myself praying for people I have resented over the years and through this semester I have found a relief in forgiving things I had put off forgiving for such a long time.  And also another thing has happened through a more devoted prayer life, God has been able to show me things from my past that I must forgive myself for, and I have asked the Lord for forgiveness and then given Him my burden.

Before coming to the Seminary in May 2007 my family and me had to take a step of faith by coming here and in a way we had to make many sacrifices.  We had to sell our house which we had built ourselves and enjoyed very much, to be able to come to the seminary. We decided to do this because we felt the Lord was calling us to come to study and thus grow more in the Word of God.  Reading about George Müller´s faith I identified with his life experience in trusting the Lord
in so many ways.  For some people it might not be difficult to sell a house and sacrifice everything to come to a new country, but for me and my family it was one of our greatest faith experiences.

Coming to America has not been easy. Having to study in a different language and our three boys learning English from scratch has not been easy. For the first months here in the US our three boys had a hard time.  But we started praying together as a family more than ever, and we have all experienced God´s hand leading us in wonderful ways.

This course in the History of Spirituality has helped me obtain many answers. Reading about the various spiritual experiences of the authors assigned was a wonderful blessing.

People are dying without knowing God every day, and there is so much we can teach them about trusting in God and having real experiences with Him. I feel more equipped and ready to share my personal experience with others after having read about the many people who fully trusted in the Lord. In fact I feel more encouraged than ever before, and that courage comes from trusting in the Lord like never before.

Here are the most important concepts I have learned from class discussions and from our reading assignments:

1)    Trust in the Lord and no one else.
2)    Ask God for even the smallest of things because He really cares about everything in my life.
3)    Lean on prayer more than ever
4)    See myself in a process where God is in control and forgiving myself for the things that I have not yet learned.