Personal Testimony
The MOST Effective Witness

The most effective, life-changing, witness is ALWAYS our personal testimony. 

Who can deny what has happened in our own life. Without such a testimony, it is hard, if not almost impossible to witness. And sometimes that witness is expressed even before we know much about the Bible.

Someone shared the following insightful story from Pastor H.M.S. Richards:

"We are to be his witnesses. You know people can't deny what is witnessed. When we say "Jesus did this for me, and He will do it for you," they can't successfully oppose that. The greatest infidel on earth can't get around a witness and his testimony.

In Hyde Park, London, anyone is allowed to go and spout his infidelity or his faith. ... One night a man was preaching the gospel there in Hyde Park, and around him were several believers. Among the listeners was a sort of "argufying" skeptic or infidel who tried to interrupt all he could and make trouble for the speaker. One of the believers who had come with the preacher had only recently found Christ. He had been a confirmed drunkard and his family had become destitute because of his drinking. But now Christ had changed everything in his life.

When the infidel couldn't get the preacher tied up in an argument, he went to this man and said, "What do you know about Christianity, anyway?"

He answered, "Not very much sir. I am not an educated man."

Then the skeptic asked, "When was Christ born?"

"I don't know when He was born."

"When did He die?"

"I don't know just when He died."

"Where was He born?"

"I don't know exactly."

"You don't know much about it, do you?" taunted the infidel.

"No," he said "I don't know much about those things, but I know Jesus did something for me. I know that. A few months ago my home was a bedlam, a hell on earth. My children ran and hid when I came home. My poor wife was in rags, weeping all the time. I beat her. I beat the children. I cursed, I swore. I took all the money and drank it up. Life was a hell on earth for them and for me. But Jesus got into my heart. I heard this man's preaching and it changed all my life. Now there is plenty to eat at our house. My wife is happy and sings all the day, and she has good clothes to wear. When I come home, the children run to meet me and throw their arms around me. "Daddy has come home!" they say. Jesus did that for me. I know that."

What could anyone say to a witness like that? What argument is there against it?"

In Pastor Richard's story we are reminded that personal witnessing qualification comes with having an experience with Jesus. And that personal testimony CANNOT be denied!

Happy witnessing!