A Buddhist Conversion Testimony

I was growing up as a Buddhism family. My grandfather was very strict with our culture and Buddhism way of living. Our family members never go to the hospital neither did I. When we sick our grandparents got the root from some kind of tree to heal us and in the same time our grandfather was put his hand on our head and say some sentence in Bali Sunsagrid words. We never understand what it meant. It was not long after that our fever or sickness was getting better. My grandfather not only can heal us but he also help the children in the village as well. That was my religion background.

I grew up in a very poor family. But I love to do what the poor people should not do is study. I love to have the high education as my dream. I want to be a teacher. I always play the teacher role when I was young. My parents were separated when I was 8 year old. The one who took care of me and my two younger sisters were my grandparents and my father’s sister and bother.

My dream came true because of a lady came to my village from SDA “Mission College” just for visit. She knew my father. She want to see what he told her was true so she decided for visited our family. She has no idea that I will follow her because I wanted to go away from the very hard situation in my life. My family was forcing me to marry with a man who is older than me so many years. I was 14 year old and he was 25 years old and I never speak with him before. I was decided to follow her and she sent me to the Adventist school that was far from my province. I have to work for my study and came home for one a year or one after two years. I was working and study there to complete my dream. In the same time I found God there.

At the school we stay in the dormitory we have the worship every day morning evening and go to church on Sabbath as well. I first not really like it and I promise myself that I will not change my belief to be came a Christian until we have a week of pray that happen twice a year. I remember that evening very well when that pastor spoke I felt like he spoke to me directly. He said “if you pray to him he always listen. God have all the power to help each one of us, nobody know our weakness or our past, nobody understand the situation like our friend Jesus, You are here today is not accident but is the God plan for your life” I was thinking back the situation back home when I say the first pray to gods or who ever have all the power to help me from the situation that I have to marry with some body I don’t know. I remember that night very well.

In the darkness at night I was crying until I have no tear to cry and then I looking for some help from who have all the power in this Universe. I never know about God at all but I believe that some one out there that I can’t see can help me. I say the first pray like this “Please, help me to go away to somewhere that I don’t have to marry I want to study, please. I believe that you who I can’t see can do the miracle by send someone to take me a way from this situation I’m facing right now. Please!”

In the morning that lady that took me to school came and I was following her. I really believe that God has the plan for my life. He is my friend and everything. I can talk with him about everything and he will never tell anyone and he is really answering my first prayer. I do believe that lady at time was the angel from God to help me and answer my pray. And that angel became my step mom and she was an SDA pastor in Thailand. This is my life as the testimony. I believe that God is real and he is the best way for me.

From that week of pray I was decided to give my life to Jesus. I was finishing my high school and finish my college at Mission college and almost complete my master as well and I marry with a pastor. You will not believe how good our life can be.

Da (From Thailand)