New Zealand Sermons
June/July 2008

ASANZ 2008 Convention (Wellington)

Farai Mangengwa: Farai is a Spirit-filled young man from Zimbabwe. His sermons are wonderful! Though you may not have heard of him up to now, you won't forget him after you listen to his sermons. A friend of mine says he is the best after C. D. Brooks. I don't know about that, but I do know his sermon on the Prodigal Son was the best I've ever heard on the subject.

Farai Manjengwa | Preach The Word MP3
Farai Manjengwa | Enoch Walked With God MP3
Farai Manjengwa | The Prodigal Son MP3

Testimony: Every ASANZ convention brings suprises. This testimony was easily the most special surprise. At our convention last year, C sought our prayers on behalf of her husband and family who had no interest in Christianity. This year she returned with her husband, multiple brothers baptized, another one preparing for baptism, and her parents reunited after a seven year separation and rebaptized.

ASANZ Testimony: Forgiveness MP3

Johnny Wong: Johnny used to run the Asia Pacific division of Oracle Software, commuting weekly from Melburne Australia to Singapore. But God called him to work as a tentmaker in Australia, raising up churches in university settings. He was blessed his efforts at Oracle, and continues to bless his efforts in Australia. Hear his testimony and some of the sessions he gave at ASANZ.

Johnny Wong | His Testimony MP3
Johnny Wong | Session 1 MP3 Life-Changing Small Groups
Johnny Wong | Session 2 MP3 Daniel
Johnny Wong | Session 3 MP3 Fishing

Dan Augsburger: This is the third time I have returned to ASANZ. I enjoy going and am blessed! This year I spoke a few times and led three seminars on victory. Unfortunately only the first and the last session on victory turned out.

Dan Augsburger | Relationships MP3
Dan Augsburger | 4 Lepers MP3
Dan Augsburger | Victory (Dying to Self and Receiving Jesus) Session 3 MP3   

Dan Augsburger | Father's Faith MP3

Recommended Resources:
Here are additional resources recommended or used at the ASANZ convention.

Charles Trumbull | Taking Men Alive 7/8/2008

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