Frank Phillips His Robe Or Mine
His Robe Or Mine, The Study Guide

The Longer His Robe Or Mine Study Guide

The longer, 94 page, chapter-by-chapter study guide, includes several hundred quotations that do not appear in Frank Phillips' book, and provides a small group activity, Bible study on the subject, and additional quotations for each chapter.

His Robe Or Mine Study Guide (The Longer Study Guide)
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A Testimony

The difference that book makes in the lives of those who receive the concepts is that they become teachable and willing to learn from God as He works all things together for good in their lives. Read more testimonies

The Shorter His Robe Or Mine Study Guide

The condensed chapter-by-chapter study guides, are intended for use in midweek services. Each chapter is two pages long—a few are a bit longer, and include an introductory exercise, text, key thoughts from Pastor Phillips' book and additional quotations.

His Robe Or Mine Study Guide (The Shorter Study Guide)

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These study guides are made available via the www at no cost, but donations to support the continuing work of this ministry are needed and will be greatly appreciated. The name on the account is Dan Augsburger Associates, the name of my executive search firm in earlier days.

Printed copies of the longer study guide are available for purchase by calling 269 471 5760 or contacting us via path2prayer: Buy from P2P

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