Testimonies of Answers to Prayer

"They overcame by the power of the lamb and by the word of their testimonies"

Testimonies of Answered Prayer

"I half-heartedly prayed that if it were God’s will, a reunion would take place……… and then I forgot and gave up too. Sometime later there was a boy riding his bike around Australia. Choosing an unlikely inland route, he had the misfortune of a flat tire. This happened right outside my parents place 5 kilometres south of Nanango, Queensland. He almost went unnoticed when he walked into their little wood-working gallery but by chance my sister Karla caught him as he walked back out the door. She drove him into town to have his bike repaired, and as he had to wait overnight he camped in her back yard. The boy was American and for some unknown reason my sister asked him, “Do you know Virgil Nedium Hale?” His surprising response - 'Yes…I do believe he is the minister at my Grandmother’s church in Lebanon, Virginia.'...." (Read the rest of this marvelous testimony...)

Sale of Home in Florida in spite of the subprime problems! 5/2008
" In a moment of need and passion, while praying, my wife laid our problem at Jesus’ feet, asking Him to bring someone to OUR front door, who would offer to sell our home.  This was a significant prayer request because there was no lack of real estate agents who wanted to list houses...."
"Two years ago someone wrote to us telling us any time we wanted to sell they would give us cash, we wouldn't have to do any repairs, etc. My husband kept the letter and contacted the man about a month or six weeks ago. We were shocked when he said he was still interested. When he told us what he would give us for it, we told him we would have to make a trip to KY to see what we could find."

"Our fate seems to be sealed.” On the shores of the island, cannibals were rushing about and lighting fires in great glee. Presently the captain spoke again: “We have done everything that can be done.” “No,” responded the young man, “there is one thing we haven’t done. Four of us on board are Christians. Let each of us retire to his cabin and in agreed prayer ask the Lord to give us a breeze immediately.'...."

Ben is a close friend and prayer partner. Ben has been walking with Jesus ever since he was miraculously healed as a teenager. Over the years he has been healed, provided for financially, led to people that were needed godly attention, etc., in ways that prove without a doubt that God is alive and loves to care for his children.

August Francke was used by God to establish an amazing ministry in Halle Germany in the late 1600s. Before he died he had established an orphanage that cared for 2,000 children, a publishing ministry, multiple schools, and a medical work. He never asked anyone directly for funds, preferring to ask God to send the funds when he prayed. Francke was inspired George Müller to start his orphanage in Bristol England 150 years later.

Testimonies on Overcoming Depression
Depression: Overcoming It  This young adult shares a wonderful secret on overcoming depression!

"It was in those dark trials that God’s love became real in my life.  In my depression I realized that nothing I tried to do would ever break me free from the shadows that held me captive.  Sure, I tried to do it on my own – over and over again – but always found myself further into the darkness than before.  On my own strength I was powerless to change. It was only then that I truly understood my overwhelming need for God."

Self-Injury and BPD: Overcoming It A touching story of how Isaiah 53 brought a miracle.

"Being at rock bottom means different things to different people, but for me it meant being collapsed in a heap on my bathroom floor, a knife in my hand, and my blood splashed on the walls, on the floor, and all over my clothes."
"...my family had cut me off financially, emotionally, I still had my time-bomb (AVM) in my head... I never really let on how terrible things were to most people. From '04-'05 things, well, life was just really a struggle, especially with my sleep. I used to wake up having anxiety attacks, or just waking up and not being able to back to sleep. It would feel like some awful struggle, or what was worse was dreaming I was still awake... ug... only to 'wake' up an hour or so later...."

"In a ceremony performed in my bedroom, I wrote a contract to Satan in my own blood, telling him that I would give him my soul if he would reduce my height. I had four candles burning on a pentagram and I went to sleep without putting them out. Two of the candles burned through to the carpet, setting it on fire, and as my duvet was just about to be set alight, I woke up."
"But during all of those years, all of these things: the parties, the fashion shows, the drinking, the smoking, the night clubbing, money, condo, career, traveling the world—- only gave me temporary happiness, I was still left with a hole in my heart, an emptiness that was never filled with these things. Then one day in December of 2000, my life fell apart. My long term relationship with my boyfriend ended. My life became very, very dark. I felt like my life was over. I felt like giving up."
Testimonies on Overcoming Financial Challenges
"It came time to leave, we prayed for safekeeping, and that my 15-year-old car would not have any problems on the way. I climbed in the car and drove about an hour before filling the tank, which equaled $60, and I would have to do that at least twice each way. Gas was less in Indiana and the farther you drove south the cheaper it was so the news said. The long stretches of road were lonely, but singing along to scripture songs on a tape and praying for wisdom and strength for moving was comforting. It was a very nice drive. I watched the gas gauge, and for the cheapest place to stop for gas, but the gauge hardly moved. I stopped frequently for food and to stretch my legs but not for gas...."
"That Monday I went to the financial office and asked if they knew anything about the person who wanted to sponsor me, for I could not find anything in my school account—it was “zero.” They said they hadn’t heard anything about it either and that I should keep praying because I needed a lot of money. I still attended my classes as if everything was going to be paid, because I knew that God had arranged everything."
Travel Funds Provided
"While I had been working, and with the stability of a regular income, my husband and I planned to visit my father who was being cared for by my brother on my family's Village Island, about a days journey away, which included an expensive ferry ride and highway tolls. All up, the event would cost around $150-$200 dollars. Dates set, leave organised, all was booked. My very busy other brother was looking forward to us staying overnight and spending some time before catching the ferry the next morning even though this was a little out of the way, but its family hey, this is what you do. The week before leaving we had some major car troubles. Later that same week I handed in my resignation. We both felt very low and not much like going away especially now that the car had eaten our saved travel money and my work future was looking bleak. After much prayer and a “looking forward to a break” conversation with my brother who cares for Dad fulltime, we concluded God would have to make the ends meet. GOD MOVES IN MYSTERIOUS WAYS. Unknown to anyone we travelled to my other brother's place to stay overnight with roughly $12 to last us for the rest of the next week, since all of our pay had gone into petrol, ferry etc. Once we arrived we settled in and chatted, ate together and while my brother and his girlfriend were giving us a tour of their place, he stopped and in a cupboard pulled out $150 dollars saying this is for the ferry and other expenses. I looked at him in amazement. Knowing my brother didn’t have a regular income I asked “what’s this?” He said that since he had became Dads executer, Dad now had a savings account and since we were coming over to support Dad and allow my brother to have a break, those monies could be used as caring funds. I told my brother the news about my work situation and how the money was an amazing blessing. I later told my Father in heaven how scared I was to step out, but how happy and thankful I was that I did. He was in control the whole time."—From Australia
Return of Insurance Funds
The Lord’s goodness continues to be poured down upon my husband and I. Sabbath gone my husband received a letter saying he shall receive a cheque in the next ten days. This is for Payment Protection Insurance he’d taken out 5 years earlier when he purchased a car and only finished paying off loan last September. I started seeing an advert on television last year about being Payment Protection Insurance, and was convicted that my husband could get back at least some of all that money he’d paid out. He wasn’t as sure as I, and it took another few months. Finally in July of this year I convinced him to call the number they’d given. The questions he answered was enough to let them know he could be owed money and they’d send a form. There is still more due, because the company dealing with the claim have the final say in the amount my husband shall receive. I praise the Lord from whom ALL blessings flow. If I didn’t have a connection with Him, I’d never have received such conviction, yet alone listened!-from England
"Sunday, my brother called me and I shared with him how the Lord was working. (he didn’t know my fleece, only God did).  He began to share with me that about a week or more before that time, the sum of approximately $1000 had been set aside for my needs.  When I heard him say that I was speechless and ready to cry just seeing how God works miracles.  I then told him my fleece and that God had fulfilled it that moment in my eyes."
"We had been struggling because we really wanted some things for our new home and taking money from the tithe envelope was the easiest place to get it. This was the first time in years that we didn’t tithe. We decided to stop tithing even though we were sure that because of our faithful tithing we were able to buy our first house when, at one point, it seemed we would never be able to. Yet we used all of the tithe money that week. Well on that following Monday my boss told me to start looking for another job because he was having financial difficulties."

Before we were scheduled to leave for South Korea, we still owed $12,000 in student loans! Things were not going as we had expected, but we settled in our hearts to trust in God’s will for our family even if it meant not returning to South Korea. Then our Heavenly Father sent Tamika again. She reminded me of James 2:17, “Even so faith, if it hath not works, is dead, being alone.” This was tough medicine, but as I thought about our situation I realized that we had been so focused on praying and soliciting the prayers of others that we failed to add any works to our faith. But God is so merciful to His children. Monday morning, Brent was impressed to add works to his faith and after breakfast he left the house going to talk to a friend about helping him with his loans. Shortly after Brent left, the Lord told me to start packing and cleaning. This was a strange command, but I obeyed. Around lunchtime there was a knock at the door. It was Tamika and her family. She came by to pray with me, encourage me with promises from the Bible, say farewell, and give me some money for our trip. (Read the entire testimony)
God Provides in Miraculous Way

Preparing for shopping on the Thursday afternoon I calculated what money I would have left after paying tithe, bills etc. I had checked the balance only a few days ago with no job my savings had dwindled to around $30-$40 I knew I had no other funds coming in …or so I thought? After morning worship my husband and I started to go through the accounts. We quickly realized, I had payed an outstanding bill through the week and accidentally not left enough money to pay tithe. This left a big ache in our stomaches and we tried to think of how we could put together around $70 dollars, impossible. GOD MOVES IN MYSTERIOUS WAYS. After we did a little flapping about my husband was checking the balances of all the accounts on the automated phone service and to our surprise and delight there was an unexplainable $200 something in MY account? We floated to church that week, we could pay tithe and eat. I think of that scripture” Your bread and water shall be sure” The mystery was cleared up a week later when I received a pay slip from a locum position I had done some SIX months ago. It was for 5.4 hours of work!!! I sure can't remember that far back. I am so glad my Father in heaven remembers me though. AMEN.—From Australia

Answers to Prayer Regarding Daily Needs

Food Provided at Mission Station
"Get Up, Cook, Eat"

I prayed, ‘Lord, I’m sleeping and I’m so hungry please wake me up to eat.’”

“Why? How did it happen?”

“During my sleep I dreamed. In my dream I saw Jesus waking me up saying,

‘My faithful SULADS servant, GET UP, COOK AND EAT!’ I pinched myself wondering whether this was real. When I was fully awake I went straight to get our rice container. It was heavy and when I opened it
.... (Read all of this story on answered prayer)

Food Provided for Guests

"Good friends from our old church had come to visit us at our new church about an hour away. After the service we naturally got chatting. Oblivious to the others around me I excitedly invited these two folk back home for lunch, to which several faces in the crowd around us started to nod their heads eagerly. All of a sudden the faces became clearer; it was more of our old church members who had decided to come along for the camaraderie of travelling and worshipping together. All the way home I was calculating how much food I had and how in the world could I stretch 12 bread buns, my last cucumber and a tiny bit of cheese to feed eight hungry people six of whom were bachelor men! GOD MOVES IN MYSTERIOUS WAYS. After giving over to the fact that God would provide….. I sent up a little desirous prayer with not much thought. I was hoping I’d have some sort of savoury, be it a can of baked beans or just something hiding away in my bare kitchen. As soon as we parked the car I raced for the door and started to rummage through the freezer and pantry HHHHMMMM nothing? What to do? Just than, one of the male party presented with a flourish a rather large and tasty looking pasta dish. I was SAVED, no less by a self-confessed lunchtime smoocher bachelor. I know God has a sense of humour and He always has a plan and pasta tastes even better when you know God has organized it just for you."—From Australia


Answers Relating to Finding and Keeping Jobs / Work

God Maintains Job
"I had been struggling at work lately, because I seemed to make mistakes all the time. So after attending a prayer seminar I prayed and asked God to help me at work. Later that day I went to work. I did better. The whole day the main manager didn’t come. In the evening he came back and started observing me. He came to me and told me “This is going to be your test order to see how you are doing. I unfortunately made a mistake again. Then God worked on my manager’s mind because he kept observing me and found I did good. The whole day I did well and did not get nervous. At the end of the day something amazing thing happend. A customer called my second manager and said in front of me: “This girl is very good. I am very pleased for her customer service, you should know it and I want you to inform it to your main Manager.” Then he thanked me. I was so glad for that. A few hours later another customer came and called the manager and took him elsewhere to talk. When he came back I asked him: “Did I make a mistake?” He told me: “No, it was a second compliment about you.” My tears came out. It’s really amazing what my living God did for me."—from Canada
Job Qualifications from Seven Years Earlier
"I was being consoled by my friend on the phone about my recent job loss and her career loss and the possible reasons as to why God would put us in these frustrating positions and we were both pouring out our sorrows to one another …not complaining, just a little disappointed and confused about Gods plan for our lives and having that beat up by everybody feeling. In hindsight I was quite pathetic, but than again, I do engage “pathetic” very well. GOD MOVES IN MYSTERIOUS WAYS. As we were rounding off our conclusions, I made quite a flippant remark to my friend “looks like I’ll have to be my own boss again and start doing massage”, I was just about to finish saying “but I have to at least get a part time job and save around $5000 dollars to be qualified” when my wonderful friend than interrupted and reminded me of a massage course I had given her some Seven, YES 7 years ago. For whatever reason…. and there were a few, she had tried to but been able to even start the course. What an answer to prayer, it has been clear for some time now God had wanted me to go in this direction? I just couldn’t imagine that he could bless me in this way. I had written off the course a long time ago, but God knew and so He had it on ice for seven years. Just a footnote, the training company still had all my details and even the exemption letter I had applied for in clinic massage was still valid and waiting, further still, because I have been studying in other related fields for those seven years I can now transfer straight away a lot of the modules in that course and I will be able to fast track this12 months course to around 3 months. Talk about timing."—From Australia

Testimonies on Obtaining Victory and Overcoming Temptation

"So, one night I stood in the middle of my lounge room floor and said to God, “I am so unhappy, but you just don’t care. I plan ways to kill myself,  but have you sent anyone to help me? No! So from tonight I am turning from you to the one being in the world who I know hates me, and I know that it means death, but I don’t care. I want nothing to do with you anymore. I want to become a member of Satan’s kingdom. With that I started two years of occult activity. My house was full of rubbish that would attract demons. Various books on occult, vampires, anything supernatural.   I thought that I was special. I believed that I had something that most people didn’t have, the power of darkness, and I loved it. I was still incredibly unhappy but I didn’t care. At least I was going down with a bang."

Testimonies of Personal Conversion and Revival

"She had returned home convicted that she needed to forgive a man who had molested her when she was 10 or 11. She hated the man. The rest of her family also hated him. In fact, the family had imploded over what had happened. She began praying every morning at 4 AM, begging God to convert her husband and the rest of her family. One day she seemed to see four men standing at the front of her church. She was certain God was telling her that her brothers were all going to be converted. She texted them at 5AM telling them what was coming. They texted back to say “You’re crazy; it's not going to happen.” (Listen to Catherine share her story)

"Like all Buddhist, every day Maypa would go outside to the big tree where she had mounted her spirit house. She believed the spirits lived in her spirit house. The spirit house looked a little like a bird house, and had a big front porch. So every day she went out to the spirit house, took a bottle of pop, and left it there for the spirits. Or she would take a coconut so that the spirits could drink from the coconut. Sometimes she took oranges, bananas, or flowers. She also took her incense and candles. Every day she would say, “Spirits I am sorry for what I have done. Please do not be angry with me. Please help me get better.” Then she returned inside her home."
A Buddhist Conversion Testimony (Da's)

"In the darkness at night I was crying until I have no tear to cry and then I looking for some help from who have all the power in this Universe. I never know about God at all but I believe that some one out there that I can’t see can help me. I say the first pray like this 'Please, help me to go away to somewhere that I don’t have to marry I want to study, please. I believe that you who I can’t see can do the miracle by send someone to take me a way from this situation I’m facing right now. Please!' In the morning that lady that took me to school came and I was following her. I really believe that God has the plan for my life. He is my friend and everything. I can talk with him about everything and he will never tell anyone and he is really answering my first prayer. I do believe that lady at time was the angel from God to help me and answer my pray."

Testimonies on Physical Healing

"For some time Vicky has suffered from chronic pain in her back. Seeking to alleviate the pain, she has visited doctors, physical therapists, occupational therapists and chiropractors. Nothing has worked, unfortunately. She has prayed much and done what she could, but in spite of her many efforts nothing has changed. Then, one day, Vicky attended a prayer meeting in a church other than her own. During the course of that meeting she was approached by a man who told her, “I feel impressed that you need to forgive someone.”         (Read the rest of Vicky's story...)

"... I didn’t even come to the Tuesday meeting with any intention of asking God to heal me but I gained faith listening to you, that he would heal me...." (Read the rest of this person's story...)

"Tears welled up in my eyes, thinking the worst, that the tumor had grown, was inoperable and I was going to die.  By the time this thought raced through my mind, I looked up and my surgeon was at my side.  He said, “there’s been a substantial change in the tumor.” And with a long pause, he said, “the tumor is gone.”  The first words out of my mouth were, “ praise God.”  I started to cry tears of joy..." (read the entire story by clicking on the link)
A mother shares how God miraculously healed her tiny infant who had been born two months ahead of schedule, as she asked another woman to agree with her in prayer at her prayer meeting.

“But can He do such things now? You say He is still the same, and that He fills your heart with joy and peace. Can He heal the sick now, and cast out devils?” With no embarrassment or sense of difficulty, the young woman answered at once: “Why, of course He can! He is the very same as ever. You have only to believe in Him and to ask Him now, like people did long ago. He has the same heart of love; the same touch of power.” (Read the rest of this testimony from Hudson Taylor's daughter in law)

Testimonies of God's Deliverance and Protecting Power
Stuart Holden: Titanic Deliverance
"Several days of leisurely sightseeing were abruptly set aside. It was now essential that the family cross the Atlantic as soon as possible to reach the ailing man’s side. After considerable trouble, caused by the Good Friday closure of the Cunard offices, they were able to make a last-minute booking on the Cunard liner Carmania, which had a Saturday, April 6 departure date...."
"Told the ticket agent, "Carbondale, IL please,"
She handed me the ticket.  I took it and sat down to read a book.
 Part way through it I had a strong impression to recheck the ticket.
I carefully looked at it.  No mistake.  It said, "Carbondale, MO not Carbondale, IL.
   By this time the line snaked across the station.  I dutifully went to the back of it.
The ticket agent apologized for making the mistake.  Handed me the right ticket to Carbondale, IL.
   One of the workers pointed me to the 'right' train.  I hopped on and sat down.
A few minutes later an uneasy feeling crept over me...." Read the rest of the testimony ...

"Our dear sister from the Caribbean finally couldn't take it any longer. I don't know if she was sitting close to the driver and the young man, or called out to young man from where she was sitting, but raising her hand, she admonished, "In the name of Jesus, I command you to show respect to the driver." Then she said, "In the name of Jesus I command  you to back away from the driver." (Read the rest of this testimony...)

"That evening I taped those promises all over my bed, around my bed, on the walls of my room. Then I claimed each one of them, telling God I was confident of His ability to do what was promised in those verses. Then I opened every one of my Bibles to the promises and left them opened through the night. I also opened my favorite Bible to a promise and placed it under my pillow...."

" I drew back and rode behind the marching column. The native preachers had partly over- heard the statement about the affluent being uncrossable. From my countenance as I fell back they gathered that we were in straits; they knew that in an hour it would be sunset; dense clouds even now made it seem growing dark. Already we could hear the occasional fierce, hungry roar of the tigers in the rattan jungle at our right. I said not a word to my assistants, but I spoke to God. As my horse tramped on in the marshy path my heart went up and claimed the promised presence. “Master, was it not for Thy sake that we came here? Did we not covenant with Thee for the journey through? Have we not faithfully preached Thy name the whole long way? Have we shirked any danger, have we quailed before any foe? Didst Thou not promise, ‘I will be with thee’? Now we need Thee; we are in blackest danger for this night. Only Thou canst save us from this jungle, these tigers, this flood. O Master! Master! show me what to do!” An answer came, not audible, but distinct as though spoken in my ear by human voice: “Turn to the left, to the Godavery, and you will find rescue.” (Read the entire story)
Overcoming the Power of Satan  - A Mother's Testimony
An excerpt: "She came again that night to the pastor and his wife for help. After she had been with them for some time she thought they were refusing to help so she bolted out the door and ran downtown. She saw a clock that said, "3 O'clock" and she realized that they had been working with her all night. She felt so bad that she had run from them that she wrapped her arms around a tree and cried out to God, "If there is a God in heaven and if He can help me, please do! ! !" She opened her eyes and looked up in the tree. She saw Jesus as if he were on the cross. He spoke one of His beautiful promises to her--I never did find out what that promise was. She did not see His face. She said there was a light around it that kept her from seeing what He really looks like. But she saw His nail-scarred hands." (Read the entire article)


Church History Testimonies

"I am also learning and depending more upon in my life right now is prayer, and praying for the smallest, smallest things in my life.  Just being totally dependent upon God.  George Müller taught me a lot about the power of prayer and it impacted me a lot to read about his everyday prayer life and answers from God...." (Read more of this student's testimony...)

"Buildings were added, each one marking an epoch in the history of the work. Goodnow Hall came as a gift right out of heaven. It was much needed—the work was being crippled for want of it. When one of the teachers, on leave in America, wrote, "Mr. Goodnow will give the building," and there was great joy over this answered prayer. Faith was sorely put to the test when the news came that the vessel bringing all the woodwork for this building had been wrecked a few miles from Cape Town. And yet they trusted, and God honored the faith of His children; for out of the sea and from the wrecked vessel the building was given back to them, no essential part wanting, and the wood improved in grain and appearance by its immersion in the water; and there was no charge for freight or custom duty." (Read more of the story)

Testimonies on Relational Healing and Reconciliation


I hear many stories of how God is answering the prayers of students taking exams at schools and universities. Reading about these answers to prayer should encourage you to believe that God will answer your requests.

Answers to Prayer on Exams and Tests
This school year has been full of blessings: from assigned patients during clinical who were hungering and thirsting for Christ, to a 100% in a Statistics class comprehensive final that I had not been expecting (I know for certain that I DID NOT get all the questions correct!), to having the privilege being the speaker in a class vespers. I believe that God has continued to bless me not only because of His boundless mercy, but because I have committed quality time to Him each morning throughout the school year. God is good, no, awesome—always! (There are more stories on this page)
I felt I did really well for the 1st time, but I had to wait for the next class to find out. When I finished writing the quiz I kept smiling to myself during the lecture because I knew God had heard and helped. It was so different from the last quiz, which I had felt so bad about that afterwards I could hardly concentrate the rest of the class. (This is an exciting testimony!)
"I prepared as best I could and submitted the exam to God. At the exam I opened the exam paper and was shocked to discover that the exam questions were different from what I had prepared for. Glancing through the paper, I realized I was unable to answer even one question in the way I wanted. I did what I could for two hours, but only three sheets of answer papers were filled out, and tears began rolling down my face..."

Immigration Issues Overcome
Bridget's Testimony on God's "Same Day" Intervention
"I boldly said, if you were to ask me, I would say, “Lord, I want to walk out of there with a visa stamp on Kenny’s passport.” He responded, “That’s too extreme, we know they have misplaced so many of my documents, therefore there is no way they can approve it just like that tomorrow; that would be impossible!” I told him, “The word ‘impossible’ doesn’t exist in God’s vocabulary; all things are possible when it comes to my God.” (Read the rest of the testimony.)

God is answering prayers every day. Sometimes visitors to path2prayer.com share their testimonies with me, or I hear testimonies as I am conducting seminars. Realizing that testimonies are wonderfully encouraging, I will be adding testimonies from time to time. Needless to say, as God works in your life, and you feel His work in your life could encourage another visitor to this site, I hope you will send it to me for possible inclusion on this path2prayer.com web site. Write me here.
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