Testimony: Home Sale
A Direct Answer to Prayer
May 2008

1 Thess 5:16-17 “Rejoice always, pray without ceasing….”

We were living in Florida and working long hours, and my wife and I felt the need to increase the time we could spend with our family and with God. We also felt it wouldn’t be a bad idea to get away from “hurricane central” and move closer to the mountains. So I began searching for a new job in January of 2008.

By late February I had found and accepted a new position in Georgia.  We believed this was the result of the many prayers of our family and other loved ones who joined us in earnestly seeking God’s help.   

Obtaining the new position was an answer to prayer and made it possible for us to move. However, the failing economy that was affecting so much of the country, including Florida, was going to make it hard to sell our home, and created an even greater challenge than my finding a job.

We first attempted to sell our home “For Sale By Owner” at a very reasonable price. Even so, in the first month we only had one phone call, and that call came from someone who fed off the misfortunes of people like us and sought to buy homes at a fraction of the asking price. 

Days passed without any calls. Coming to realize more prayer was needed for God to clear up this problem for us, we intensified our prayers. 

We praised God for my new job, but sometimes found it difficult to KEEP praising God when we thought about the sale of the house that didn’t seem to be making any progress. 

In a moment of need and passion, while praying, my wife laid our problem at Jesus’ feet, asking Him to bring someone to OUR front door, who would offer to sell our home.  This was a significant prayer request because there was no lack of real estate agents who wanted to list houses, but none could guarantee a sale right away. Listing the house would mean contractually binding ourselves to work with one agent for as long as the contract lasted, perhaps as long as a year, regardless of how successful or active the realtor might prove to be. We didn't know who to choose, because no real estate agents in our area were having much success because of the bad economy. 

As a result of my wife’s prayer God began working—as the following, shared by the real estate agent we eventually listed with, indicates.

A few days after my wife asked God to send a real estate agent to our door, a female agent and her mother drove through our neighborhood. Her mother was in Florida on vacation, and was accompanying her daughter that day viewing properties. Her mother caught a glimpse of our "For Sale By Owner" sign, and told her daughter to stop, come to the door, and ask for the listing!  Now it wasn’t the practice of this agent to knock on a potential client’s door, and she initially refused, explaining to her mother that she always started by mailing a card to the individual. But that wasn't good enough for her mother, and so, parking the car in front of the house, she came and rang the doorbell.

My wife answered the door, and discovered the real estate agent AT OUR DOOR, who offered to sell our home!  That was a miracle! As my wife stood there, she was reminded of her prayer, “God please send someone to our door who will offer to sell our home.” As a result, she gladly invited the real estate woman in to view the interior. The agent was very pleased with what she found and happily reiterated her offer to sell it.  Even before the agent left, my wife called, informing me of what had happened, and I agreed, sight unseen, to have this woman sell our home.

In just a few weeks the house was sold to a cash customer, which was SOONER than we asked for in prayer. We were happy to have cash buyers because they enabled us to avoid bank issues which would have extended closing for a month or so longer.  That allowed the sale to occur just when we needed it. To make things even better, the buyers agreed to allow our family to stay in the house until school was out, which was amazing, since it perfectly coincided with the precise date we had previously scheduled with the moving company

Coming out of this, we are stronger prayer warriors than we have ever been before.  And as Jehoshaphat had a choir go before him when overcoming his obstacles, we were reminded that we need to constantly sing praises in our day for God to easily conquer our obstacles!

Praise God!

The Manestar Family
1 Thes. 5:16-17 one of our favorites!
“Rejoice always, pray without ceasing….”