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Contemporary Issues

On this page I will list links and articles that are revelant to what is going on in this world. These come from many sources so read with discretion!

At present the "hottest" issue is Oprah's "New Earth" seminar which some two million people are participating in. I have received communication from at least two Christians who seemed quite taken by it until I pointed out that it was New Age (or Old Age since nothing is new, particularly when it comes to spirituality). There are many reasons why so many Christians fall for this kind of thing--apparent truth since there are references to the Bible in the class, promised relief from personal stresses, the lure of the crowd, and of course star appeal, but the main reason is that many Christians don't know their Bibles, and haven't for a long time. Over time I want to consider issues that have been "accepted" but hardly proven, and were strongly resisted when they were first suggested. Paul's admonition "Prove all things" has always been needed, but it is ESPECIALLY needed in our day!

Oprah's New Earth Spirituality

Oprah's New Earth study group on the web is New Age from beginning to end. Though Scripture is sometimes referred to, Jesus is NOT the center of these studies! It is all about a somewhat Gnostic view towards life. If you want to know life and how to overcome, find the real thing in the Bible. There are many articles on overcoming on this web site.

Probe Ministry Study


A significant issue facing churches in our day is externalism, the problem of substituting form for piety, be it in structures or ceremony. In the 1800s J. C. Ryle wrote a thought-provoking article on this subject that is worth reading in our day.

J. C. Ryle: Externalism: The Worst Cloud