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Feeling Down and Lonely
Amber Landall
I get so down and lonely
I get so discouraged,
I long for others round me
Someone to encourage.

I feel so trapped and empty
Things keep on closing in,
I try to find my way out
But it seems never ending.

I’m swimming against the tide
The waves are crashing on me,
I feel myself going under
The darkness choking me.

Things get so difficult
It completely enevelopes me,
I long for help and answers
I wish I had the key.

I know a light will appear
I know things work out in the end,
I know we have these trials
And good things are around the bend.

So, I will keep on going
And soon, it’ll all be done,
The road will soon straighten
And I will see God’s Son.

Despite everything thats happened
I know He’s always there,
Holding my hand in His
He’s forever near.

He feels my every heartache
But He’s there to soothe the way,
His love is ever present
No matter what I say.

When my eyes are full of tears
He surrounds me in His arms,
He comforts me with His love
He soothes me with His Psalms.

This is why I love Him
He’s never left my side,
And I know He never will
Whatever may betide.

—Amber Landall, 10th March 2008
(Amber is one of my young adult friends in New Zealand)