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Christian Witnessing Subjects Directory:

Witnessing in the Bible

What the Bible says about Witnessing
The Voice of Scripture on Witnessing (Excellent Bible study on the subject)

In the Life of Christ
A. T. Pierson: Jesus The Ideal Evangelist

"By looking upon the Master and thinking of His great mission and the way in which He waited to be equipped for it; of His conscious certainty of His message and its simplicity; of His divinely unselfish motives, absolute freedom from all mercenary spirit, or love of mere external show or pride of numbers; and of His method; how His whole work was bathed in the atmosphere of unceasing prayer, how He depended upon no mere human witnesses, and would not suffer His own fame to be trumpeted abroad, but appealed to the works that He performed in His Father's name to witness to His divine mission,— by all these reflections may we be fitted, under God, for larger work for Christ and nobler service to humanity!" (Read the rest of Pierson's Sermon on Jesus as the Ideal Evangelist)
Witnessing Classes on Following Jesus' Example (Honduras, English / Spanish)

     Introducciones y Nicodemo - Introductions and Nicodemus
     El Llamado de Pedro - Calling Peter
     La Mujer Samaritana - Woman at the Well
Dan Augsburger: Witnessing in the Marketplace (an audio sermon)


Christian Witnessing Works Essays

We are called to bear a Christian witness on behalf of the Lord Jesus Christ, but many don't know how to witness, or are too afraid to witness. How does a Christian come to witness without fear? How does one become an effective soulwinning witness? This page, currently under construction, will examine how we can be fearless and effective soul winners in our Christian witness for the Lord Jesus.

Key Phrases:

• Christian witnessing: The act of sharing one's faith with another person.
• Witnessing without fear: Witnessing without worrying about what the other person is thinking, or what you are going to say.
• Effective witnessing: Witnessing in such a way that the person desires to personally know Christ.


Christian Witnessing Works
Christian Witnessing Works consists of a set of articles written on witnessing for the Witnessing Works group on facebook. Please join me on facebook to participate in the discussion. Write for more information.

Daily Christian Witnessing Quotes
In my ongoing reading, I am continually coming across inspiring quotations on witnessing. Find some of them here.

Christian Witnessing and Soul Winning Stories
Learn to witness through these stories that not only inspire, but also instruct. Do you have a good witnessing story? Please share it with me via path2prayer@yahoo.com for potential inclusion.


Christian Witnessing One Person To Another Person
Charles Trumbull (Henry Clay Trumbull 1830-1903)
Charles Trumbull adapted a book of his father, Clay Trumbull, in writing Taking Men Alive. The senior Trumbull served as a pastor in the Congregational Church, a Christian lecturer on a wide variety of subjects, served as a chaplain during the Civil War, and wrote many highly books on practical subjects, including Hints on Child Training (one of the best on the subject) and Individual Work for Individuals (which was the book that Charles Trumbull used in writing Taking Men Alive. He also served as the Editor of the Sunday School Times. He is best known, however, for his efforts in personal witnessing.
Charles Trumbull: Taking Men Alive (This adaptation of Clay Trumbull's Individual Work by his son Charles is one of the best books I have read on personal witnessing. Others who have also read it have come to the same conclusion.) You can find more of his books on the Charles Trumbull Page.

Taking Men Alive: Selected Chapters:

Taking Men Alive:
Hints to Class Leaders

This is Trumbull's introductory chapter where he shares suggestions for leading effective classes. Definitely worth reading.

Taking Men Alive, Chapter IV: "Winning From the Start"

Winning from the Start shares the key principle of "Honest Commendation." Understanding and using this principle will help you more with witnessing than anything else. It is "Must Reading" for witnessing!


Christian Witnessing At Home Top

Christian Witnessing In Your Workplace

Johnny Wong: Serving God at Oracle

Johnny used to run one of Oracle's divisions in Asia. He gave it up, to serve God in Australia. Learn about how God brought him to what he is doing today!

Christian Witnessing In Your Secular  Educational Setting


Christian Witnessing in Your Community


Christian Witnessing to Children
Bring Them To Jesus (Spurgeon)

Christian Witnessing to Youth

Working With Boys
There are three chapters to the book written for the Record of Christian Work in 1902, including Working with Boys, Winning Boys to Christ, and Teaching Boys to Win Other Boys to Christ. (link to the main page of Working With Boys)

Taming the Kids in Chicago
"A young shoe salesman went to the superintendent of the Plymouth Congregational Church, and asked if he might teach Sunday School. The superintendent said, ‘I am sorry, young fellow. I have sixteen teachers too many, but I will put you on the waiting list.’ The young man insisted, ‘I want to do something just now.’ ‘Well, start a class,’ said the superintendent. ‘How do I start a class?’ ‘Get some boys off the street but don’t bring them here. Take them out into the country and after a month you will have control of them, so bring them in. They will be your class.’ So the young man took the boys to a beach on Lake Michigan and he taught them Bible verses and Bible games. Then he took them to the Plymouth Congregational Church. The name of that young man was Dwight Lyman Moody, and that was the beginning of a ministry that lasted forty years." From Edwin Orr, Revival and Prayer
A Double Decker Bus Ministry
I recently met Les and Dana in Yeovil England who have an amazing outreach for the youth in their area. They have been working in youth ministry for many years now and have many helpful insights. Read about their bus ministry and some of the other probjects they have been working on.

Youth Ministry in Yeovil


Christian Witnessing Through Foreign Mission Service
Preparing for Mission Service: Various Articles
Here you will find various articles on preparing to serve God in foreign missions.

Witnessing to a Buddhist: A Buddhist Conversion Testimony
"In the darkness at night I was crying until I have no tear to cry and then I looking for some help from who have all the power in this Universe. I never know about God at all but I believe that some one out there that I can’t see can help me. I say the first pray like this 'Please, help me to go away to somewhere that I don’t have to marry I want to study, please. I believe that you who I can’t see can do the miracle by send someone to take me a way from this situation I’m facing right now. Please!' In the morning that lady that took me to school came and I was following her. I really believe that God has the plan for my life. He is my friend and everything. I can talk with him about everything and he will never tell anyone and he is really answering my first prayer. I do believe that lady at time was the angel from God to help me and answer my pray."
Witnessing To Hindus in India

Amy Carmichael: Three Objections

In this chapter Amy Carmichael, the founder of the Dohnavur Orphanage explains why she worked in India where the work was so slow and hard.
Dan Augsburger: Feeding the 5,000 (MP3 Sermon)
"I am certain the disciples were surprised when Jesus told them "You have no need to send them away; you give them something to eat!" How could they do that? They had nothing! The only food they were aware of was the food of a young lad who had the lunch his mother had sent with him. But Jesus said to bring what THEY had. So they did. And He blessed it, and broke it, and distributed it to the disciples so that they could share it with the 5,000 people. And all were filled and all were happy. But there is more to the story! Listen to learn the exciting conclusion to their story!" (Listen to the  Feeding the 5,000 sermon)
Helen Roseveare: Stir Me Series

Dr. Helen Roseveare was an English Christian missionary to the Congo from 1953 to 1973. Helen Roseveare went to the Congo through WEC International and practiced medicine and also trained others in medical work. She stayed through the hostile and dangerous political instability in the early 1960's. In 1964 she was taken prisoner of rebel forces and she remained a prisoner for five months, enduring beatings and being raped. She left the Congo and headed back to England after her release but quickly returned to the Congo in 1966 to assist in the rebuilding of the nation. The stir me series is a four part series given in Canada. She shares many heart-warming stories that you will NEVER forget!
Student Missionary Convention, Detroit, 1894 (featured Hudson Taylor, John Mott among others)
This book contains all the proceedings (the sermons and discussions) of a student missionary convention that took place in Detroit, Michigan in 1894. This is a jewel and contains much information on how to prepare and serve God in foreign lands.

Hudson Taylor

Hudson Taylor was born in London in 1832. Accepting Jesus in his teen years, he began preparing to live a completely dependent life of missionary service in China, through adopting an austere “look only to God” lifestyle similar to George Müller. He served in China for 51 years and was instrumental in 800 missionaries coming to China over 51 years, founding 125 schools, and bringing about the conversion of 18,000 Chinese. Senstive to his Chinese milieu, he adopted the Chinese dress, including wearing a pig tail. He is credited with fostering the widest evangelistic effort since the time of Paul.

"Not many months after my conversion, having a leisure afternoon, I retired to my own chamber to spend it largely in communion with God. Well do I remember that occasion. How in the gladness of my heart I poured out my soul before God; and again and again confessing my grateful love to Him who had done everything for me—who had saved me when I had given up all hope and even desire for salvation—I besought Him to give me some work to do for Him, as an outlet for love and gratitude; some self-denying service, no matter what it might be, however trying or however trivial; something with which He would be pleased, and that I might do for Him who had done so much for me. Well do I remember, as in unreserved consecration I put myself, my life, my friends, my all, upon the altar, the deep solemnity that came over my soul with the assurance that my offering was accepted. The presence of God became unutterably real and blessed; and though but a child under sixteen, I remember stretching myself on the ground, and lying there silent before Him with unspeakable awe and unspeakable joy. For what service I was accepted I knew not; but a deep consciousness that I was no longer my own took possession of me, which has never since been effaced. It has been a very practical consciousness." Read Hudson Taylor's Retrospect...
Sarah took a trip to Kenya that impacted her life. She wrote a list of things she learned there. Some of them were profound and worth sharing to a broader audience. (Read all of Sarah's list)

Charlene Luzuk: Charlene's Travel Tips

Here is a sample tip: "Because you look like a tourist, most locals will triple the price hoping that you’re new to the country and will pay what they ask. When I have no idea how much to pay, I bring it back to half the price and if they refuse, try another one, and then another… if you come to the third one and they say no, you know your asking an unreasonable price so you bring it up to a price you are both happy to pay. Don’t be afraid to smile and say no thanks and find another taxi or whatever you are looking for. The golden rule though, is finding a price which you and the seller are both happy with and that is all that matters."

Lance and Merita Cutts: Long-term Witness in Samoa
"In seeking work, we had placed an ad in the local newspaper a few days earlier, as well putting our Kiwi plumbing sign outside our gate!

 I was doing some work on the bathroom when Merita came excitedly running in about lunchtime, stating that she had received leads on two jobs to look at, and that an old school friend had rung after seeing our sign, and wanted to meet with us.

What a blessed it was to meet Shirley and Sebastian who are Assembly of God pastors. They had been praying for someone to come to Samoa to fill the role of inspector, for the contract they had with the European Union of overseeing the installation of reservoir tanks and pipe work for water mains in the Islands. We had a prayer session together that day in the office and thanked God for being such an amazing God.

From that day the phone kept on ringing with job after job, I had to be a Samoan resident to take up EU job and that came through within one week. We prayed about the sale of our van and through prayer received a $8500 payout which the shipping company did not believe could happen." (Read more about Lance and Merita's story...)

"Like all Buddhist, every day Maypa would go outside to the big tree where she had mounted her spirit house. She believed the spirits lived in her spirit house. The spirit house looked a little like a bird house, and had a big front porch. So every day she went out to the spirit house, took a bottle of pop, and left it there for the spirits. Or she would take a coconut so that the spirits could drink from the coconut. Sometimes she took oranges, bananas, or flowers. She also took her incense and candles. Every day she would say, “Spirits I am sorry for what I have done. Please do not be angry with me. Please help me get better.” Then she returned inside her home." (Read her story...)


Other Mission Web Sites
Here are some web sites on some other missionary organizations worth knowing about:
asapministries.org: This is the group that invited me to Cambodia.
saltmin.org: This is the orphanage where the camp meeting took place.


Christian Witnessing When You Cannot Leave Home


Christian Witnessing to the Secular, Postmodern Mind

Samuel Chadwick: Reaching Outsiders

The real difficulty with the outsider begins at the church door. When the four men of Capernaum got the man sick of the palsy to the house where Christ was, they found the way blocked with the crowd. Some church doors are blocked against the outsider, even where there is no crowd. The church that really wants the outsider gets him, and the church that has not got him does not want him. That is the plain English of the situation. The church that is not prepared to welcome the man it invites had better go on with its pious prosing and let the outsider alone. That outsiders flock to religious services outside churches proves clearly that their objection is not against Christianity, but against the church.”  (Read the rest of his presentation on reaching outsiders)

Rick Wade: Confident Belief

"This is the heart of postmodern thought, and it surrounds us today. We cannot know the truth about reality; we only know our own constructions of it. We can hope to convince others to join us in our beliefs, but there is no room for rational argumentation, because one’s views about the world are no better or worse than any others. As Stanley Grenz says, “all human interpretations-including the Christian worldview-are equally valid because all are equally invalid....” Read the rest of Confident Belief

"Nietzche, though born of a pastor’s family-in fairness we must acknowledge his dad died when he was five I believe-decided God was dead and therefore we were on our own. He also had an aristocratic view towards life, and believed that a superman could take over and create the ideal conditions for the world. He hated Christianity, socialism and democracy, because all of them stood in the way of a certain class of super people having their own way. One of his students was Adolf Hitler, who followed what he wrote to its ultimate outcome, and brought on WWII and the holocaust. Nietzche had a mental breakdown at the end of his life. In his mind the strong are better than the weak (which included women, for him), and the strong should enjoy exploiting the weak for its own ends. He also thought morality was a hindrance to the development of new and better customs; that it made one stupid. Needless to say, a philosophy that willingly sacrifices millions of people, that sets up one group of people as a super race that can do whatever it needs to gain its own ends, is hardly a philosophy that I would want to buy in to." Read the rest of this letter...


Christian Witnessing Tools


Christian Witnessing: Through Sharing Videos

Christian Witnessing Training


Christian Witnessing: In Adverse Circumstances

Christian Witnessing: When It Doesn't Work

"If you cannot show the power of the grace of Christ in your character at home, you will fail to show wisdom in the church, and cannot be entrusted with the care of souls newly come to the faith, who are babes in Christ, who need to be fed with milk, and not with strong meat." (Read the rest of this highly instructive letter...

Try The Love Process

"Success with these souls will be in proportion to their belief in our belief in, and appreciation of, them." (Read more of this)