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Witnessing and
Feeling Unqualified

Abstract: Many hesitate to witness because they don't feel qualified. How does one become qualified? Apparently the most important qualification is a personal encounter with Jesus (note the story of the woman at the well and her witness following that encounter).

Feeling Unqualified

The next fear that comes to mind is the feeling of being unqualified for the task, in terms of communication skills, Bible knowledge, or knowing the science of witnessing.

Welcome to the club; most of us feel unqualified, and if not unqualified, under qualified--some even disqualified!

As I think of the people God used in a great way, past and present, I don’t find that he limited himself to people that had particular schooling or circumstances that seemed conducive to successful witnessing. Rather he took real people, gave them a personal testimony, and worked wonders through them.

Some of them, for example the woman at the well (John 4) and the demoniacs of the Gadarene country (Mark 5), were anything but qualified--they seemed disqualified, but their coming into relationship with Jesus meant that God could use them, and He did!

Now, remember they were not able to share lengthy Bible studies, all they could share was what they had personally experienced: they had once been lost--speaking rhetorically—but now were found!

Then they did the best thing, as we find in the words of the woman: “Come and see…!” (John 4:29).

Their witness was all about Jesus, and leading people to Him, which allowed Him to draw them the rest of the way into relationship with Him.

Now it isn’t hard inviting people to see someone important is it? If you knew a famous, much loved person was going to be at your house, would you have difficulty inviting others to see him or her? Of course not. Well it should be the same in witnessing for Jesus.

Though we sometimes forget it, witnessing isn’t about YOUR witnessing performance, it isn’t about your enthusiasm, it isn't about your ability to know where every text is in the Bible--these are good things, but they are not what give success.

Success is about your gently leading another person to know Jesus—It is about HIM.

Jesus said, “If I be lifted up, I will drawer all men unto myself!” (John 12:32) He didn’t give any qualifiers, just told us, lift me up, and I will do the drawing.

Here is what one young adult wrote me on the subject:

“I wanted to share that my Bible study today as well as a dinner I had with a non-church friend was simply amazing as I truly realized for the first time, that it was not MY smile, MY enthusiasm, or MY words that could make a difference in a person's heart. Rather, it is Christ and Christ alone, (Who only lends me these) Who lives in and through me to these souls, Who guides and directs my every motion.”

I have friends who became awesome witnesses for Jesus even though they hadn’t spent a day in any of our schools, and hardly knew where to find anything in their Bibles. No one had told them they weren’t qualified, and they just shared the best they could—in their case they used videos to make up for the knowledge deficit initially. And God blessed their efforts, and continues to bless their efforts (though now they know so much more!)

So don’t let the fear of being unqualified, under qualified, or disqualified, hold you back.

Remember what Paul said, “I can do ALL things through Christ who strengthens me!” (Phil 4:13) Just make yourself available, look for ways to affirm and value the people around you, allow God to bring the conversation to Himself, and invite them to see Jesus for themselves.

And, remember it will be easier if you have some literature to share with them with contact info. If they see Him, they will also want to know the truth about Him.

I like this kind of witnessing.

Have a happy and blessed witnessing day!


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