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and Limitations

Abstract: Often limitations are blessings when it comes to God preparing us to be his witnessing instruments.

One of William Carey’s biographers, F. Dealville Walker wrote: "He, with a few contemporaries, was almost single-handed in conquering the prevailing indifference and hostility to missionary effort; Carey developed a plan for missions, and printed his amazing Enquiry; he influenced timid and hesitating men to take steps to the evangelizing of the world."

This is rather amazing for a person who began his witnessing life repairing shoes.

But he was not only repairing his shoes, he was also reading the journals of Captain Cook, gaining a burden for the lost,  praying for people in other countries, and doing what he could while he was working.

Part of God’s amazing work in Carey was the problem he had with his eyes. He COULDN’T handle sunlight and therefore had to choose inside work. This was one of God’s “rough package” blessings, for the confinement forced him to be in one place, gave him time to reflect and pray, and allowed him to prepare for the witnessing plans that God had in mind for him.

It is interesting that after Carey got to India, his problem with being in the sun disappeared.

Perhaps today you find your circumstances challenging. Perhaps you find yourself hedged in by some physical limitation, some financial straight, or by some other confining situation that would get in the way of God witnessing through you. Don’t let the difficulty dissuade you from adopting a witnessing lifestyle. Don’t let the difficulty keep you from believing that God WILL witness through you. Don’t let the difficulty keep you from dreaming big for God.

In Isaiah 49:11 it says, “I will make ALL My mountains a way, and My highways shall be exalted.

Notice that God speaks of HIS mountains. Do you see your challenges as God’s mountains in your life? The sooner you do, the sooner you will become a happy, community impacting, Christian.

Notice also that He can do a a good work with ALL His mountains, not just some of them.

Notice as well that He is making HIS mountains a way. Many of the things that seem so difficult to us, are actually the very things that God is using to prepare and empower us to be His Instruments. Sometimes HIS mountains are the very means that He brings us to the people He wants to communicate to through us. Are you able to see God’s hand in all that is going on in your life?

It also speaks of God’s highway. There is a way and it is called the highway of God’s will. Our walking along the pathway of God’s will, and God’s ability to witness through us are closely linked. How is it with you?

Now, you may be saying, Dan there is stuff in my life that can’t be from God. What am I suppose to do about that? I’m not minimizing that we bring mischief into our lives, and resolving mischief is certainly part of the preparation for witnessing. But IF we have asked God to make us His witnesses, IF we are asking Him to bring us into contact with people that He can witness to through us, then we have to see His gracious hand in the things going on. And, frankly, most of our mischief is so complicated, we don’t begin to know how to straighten it out—though God does!

The medical “mountain” in Carey’s life not only didn’t get in his way, it became a blessed way, for he eventually went to India, and translated the Bible into over 40 languages.

For now, ask God to witness through you today! Ask Him to take over your life and bring all into conformity to His will. And if certain mountains persist, thank Him for the blessing—granted a rough package blessing--that is most certainly being delivered by way of that mountain.

Happy and blessed witnessing!