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God Brings Sale of Home

Never dreamed that we would be moving this Christmas. It all came up so suddenly. Our Insurance and Taxes went "out the roof." Because of the hurricanes, they say. We haven't had one for two years and we ourselves have never had a claim.  We did not think we could get a buyer for our house since so many are up for sale but are having to go into foreclosure. A lot of people can't sell and they can't even rent their houses. So we did not put up a "For Sale" sign.
Two years ago someone wrote to us telling us any time we wanted to sell they would give us cash, we wouldn't have to do any repairs, etc. My husband kept the letter and contacted the man about a month or six weeks ago. We were shocked when he said he was still interested. When he told us what he would give us for it, we told him we would have to make a trip to KY to see what we could find.
The second day we were there, the Lord led us to the right place. A cute little house in the country with one acre of beautiful trees all around us. The house is like new. There won't be a thing we will have to do. The owners have fixed it up like new and added on. The outside looks like shingles, but it is a kind of cement that will not burn. The floors are beautiful hardwood floors. There are three bedrooms, two baths, a handy kitchen, a large laundry room and a great room--dining room and living room combined. As soon as you come in the door you can see through the house to the back woods through the double glass doors.
The closing on our house here should go through sometime this week. The movers said they could come either this week or the first of Dec. My husband and I are staying until after Dec. 16 to sing in the Messiah whenever the movers come. Our son is the conducting in two churches. We wouldn't want to miss that! We should be in our house before Christmas.
We have enjoyed living close to our son these past seven years. We enjoyed living close to our daughter when we were in California. Now we will enjoy living within 10 miles of our other daughter. And we will be much closer to the other daughter, too. That will be nice. Now we will have to travel to see our son. We feel so fortunate that all of our children want to live near us.
We feel God is getting us in the country for some reason that we aren't aware of right now. I know we are told when the Sunday laws go into effect to leave the large cities preparatory of leaving the smaller ones. (5T 464). Whether that is the reason right now or not only time will tell.