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Pumpkin Soup
(Winter Squash Soup)

This recipe comes from New Zealand, a country where they make wonderful soup. Though it is called "Pumpkin" soup, it is actually made from what we call squash in North America. I've tried it here in Michigan with the squash I find around here, and it is wonderful. It is easy to make as well.

Fry a large onion in a large pot. Some people also add celery.

In a separate pot, cook up a pumpkin (we would call it winter squash--or related squash--in North America).

When it is cooked up, scoop out the flesh and add it to the onion.

Optionally, some people add potatoes that have been cut into small pieces.

When it is all cooked, put through the food processor (Keep the water to add if necessary)

Some people add Parsley or Mint at this time as well.

Salt to taste.

Add curry powder (enough to give a little flavour) or mock chicken stock.

Add a tin of coconut cream at the end.

Then heat through.