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Very Vegen Cheese Chowder
(Contributed by Dot in Auckland, NZ)
Pot #1

Dice and saut in a little olive oil or water in large pan. 1 large onion

Add and steam until tender:
2 C Water
5 Medium peeled potatoes diced
4 Large or 6 medium peeled carrots sliced

Pot #2

4 C Broccoli diced in small bit-sized pieces Or
4 C Cauliflower diced


1 C Raw Cashews with of the above ingredients, including the liquid, except for the broccoli. You will have to add water to bring about a smooth consistency.

Add Seasonings
3T of Yeast flakes
2T Chicken-like seasoning
2 tsp Salt or Vege-salt or to taste

Stir well and simmer
(do not boil)

A recent comment: "I made this today and it was yummy.  My husband really loved it.  It's a winner!"