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A Simple, but Life-Changing Small Group
A Testimonial Regarding the Method

Blair and I began our small group about 18 months ago, when we realized that with 3 little children we couldn’t get out of our house for many church programs and even worse, our ability to concentrate during church was limited at best! I’m sure you have seen us going in and out like yo-yo’s with our 3 little terrors! We really felt a spiritual void and a yearning for some more ‘meat’ in our lives. 

The dynamic of our life group changed over time with people coming and going but the revolution really happened for us when we adopted the principles suggested by Dan Augsburger. 

Keeping it simple and using only the Bible and accompanying Holy Spirit as our teacher made a huge difference.  It meant that everyone attending could participate – it wasn’t just a competition for ‘who knows the most’.  It stopped being boring and high brow, and became rich and meaningful.  We would simply read one chapter per week of the chosen book and then discuss it, verse by verse. No one had to be ‘God Junior’ (to use Dan’s terminology) and everyone in the group could facilitate.  

Our group members came closer and closer together as we shared how God was speaking to us individually through those verses.  We prayed together, cried together, laughed together and ate together!  We developed a strong and lasting friendship with each other too.  Another suggestion from Dan was to pray for the empty chairs, which we diligently did…… for a while!  When we gave up, God took over and he filled that chair with Ileana.  She came to our group with an intense interest in spiritual subjects and challenged our paradigms, throwing in lots of curly questions that made us think and ultimately increased our faith.  For Ileana, the impact was also profound.  She started praying before her meetings and was astounded at the results that followed.  She was really blessed, knowing that God was real and responding to her burgeoning interest.  I know it has had other impacts in her life too.

Blair and I have been so incredibly blessed by the people who have passed through our home to join in our group, and we look forward to starting something similar up in Canada.  I truly believe that small groups are the life blood of the church.  You will connect with the church family (not just say the polite ‘hello’ each week), you will make friends and most importantly, you WILL grow in Jesus.

We are so thankful to God for allowing us to be a part of this.  Why don’t you try it too?