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J. Gregory Mantle


J. Gregory Mantle (1853 - 1925) served as a pastor in England and America, was a popular speaker at deeper life gatherings including Keswick, and spent the last 12 years of his life in America where his work included teaching at the Missionary Institute at Nyack-on-Hudson. He was a friend of A. B. Simpson and was affiliated with the Christian and Missionary Alliance. Gregory Mantle wrote a variety of books, including Beyond Humiliation: The Way of the Cross, The Counterfeit Christian, According to the Pattern, and Better Things from Above.

His Books

Beyond Humiliation: The Way of the Cross

Beyond Humiliation: The Way of the Cross was first published in 1896. A second edition was published one year later. It was a very popular and helpful book as noted in Mantle's preface to the second edition:

"The cordial reception given to the first edition of this book, and the constant demand for it now that it is out of print, is sufficient to warrant the issue of a second edition. I gratefully acknowledge the welcome given to the book by the reviewers, who have represented nearly every section of the Christian Church. Dr. Elder Cumming ventures to express the hope “that the ranks may now be closed of those who teach the same truth, in varying words and forms.” If I were able to contribute in the smallest degree to the fulfillment of this hope, my rejoicing would be great indeed. Many testimonies have reached me from far and near of definite blessing received through pondering these pages. To God alone be all the glory. This edition has been carefully revised, and is sent forth with prayer and hope on what I trust may prove a mission of still greater usefulness."