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Henry Law
Thronging the Mercy Seat

“They blessed the Lord.” Lev. 9:23

“The true believer labours in the open day. In busy haunts of busy men he strains the toiling nerve. The world is the wide field. There are the precious souls, which need the wholesome warning and the faithful word. There sin abounds; and misery dwells; and ignorance spreads it blinding veil. There Satan rules with deathful sway. In this wild waste the good seed must be cast. In graceless crowds grace must be manfully displayed. But private hours gain strength for public zeal. When all is still the opening heavens pour down their dew.

“In quietude the soul draws nearer to Christ’s arms. Then tender whispers testify of love. Then truth unfolds the wondrous page; and promises assume substantial form; and distant prospects brighten to the view. It is apart from men that grace takes deeper root; temptations wither; the world’s false glitter fades; the inner man is strengthened to resist; and loins are girded for the battle field. The soldier of the cross goes forth from solitude to fight his fight. He, who seeks God alone, has gone in public by his side.

Moses and Aaron soon return. But they come not with empty hands-they are enriched with the best gifts. Here is sweet evidence of gainful commerce with the Lord. Laden with good, they haste to scatter good around. Their souls are redolent of heaven. ‘They blessed the people.’ Lev. 9:23

The blessed of the Lord bless earth. And they are the most blessed, who most throng the mercy seat. The wise, the rich, the learned, and the strong, are tools employed by God to move the world’s machine. But it is PIETY, which strews real weal (blessings) on men. they, who descend from Zion’s heights, are, as the clouds, wich drop refreshing rain.”

Taken from Christ is All: Leviticus by Henry Law