Prevailing Prayer Brings Sale of House

Our house was becoming way too small. What had served us well as a newly married couple, now had to accommodate our two boys (4 and 1) as well. On top of this, our love for having church family over for meals and gatherings was tempered by the practical limitations of such a small home (72square metres, 3 bedrooms!).

We began to pray about this. If God could use a larger house for his glory, we would love for him to lead the way.

We shared our thoughts with Christia’s parents, who agreed to pray about it. In time they shared with us that they would be able to contribute a certain amount. We estimated what we might be able to get for our current house, and the search for our ministry home began. After some weeks, I remember Christia coming home ready to despair. “I just cant find what we’re looking for in our price range!” A friend at church introduced us to Jack, their local real estate agent, who in the coming days showed Christia through a lovely place that fitted our needs perfectly. Christia came home and told me “I think I’ve found our house!!”. At it’s first open home we put our offer in. We hadn’t even listed our current house, but felt so strongly that this new house was the one, that we put in an offer, believing that there was little or no chance of us winning it. A few phone calls later and a small alteration to our original offer and the vendor accepted our offer. Our real estate agent later told us that we bought at a VERY good price.

Speaking with our vendor after the sale, she said to me, “Jack told us that you are a church pastor - can I ask which church?” I told her I pastored an Adventist church. “You mean a Seventh-day Adventist church?” “Yes, that’s right.” I said. “You wont believe this,” she went on, “I have been praying with my best friend for the right people to buy our family home, and she is also a Seventh-day Adventist!” How wonderfully he leads!

Our prayers were now in earnest for the sale of our little home! We knew what we had bought for, we knew what we could expect from our parents, which left us with an exact dollar figure that we would rely on for the sale of our home. We asked our prayer leader at the church to join us in asking God if He would sell our house for this amount. We needed no more, and we needed no less.

We put our house on trademe (the NZ equivalent to e-bay) and waited. Our first few open homes passed without much interest. We were becoming weary and anxious, and found ourselves needing to confront our own faith in God. We finally surrendered our house to God and asked that He take over. We agreed not to worry, only to trust. The very next open home was literally crawling with interested people. At one point there were eight couples inside our house at the same time and others even told us they would come back when it wasn’t so busy!

Within days we had a young couple make an offer. As we talked with them, we agreed on a price that we were all happy with - it was the exact amount we had prayed for! They told us they were Christians too, and after signing the paperwork, we paused to pray together and asked God to bless ‘their’ new home.

As if that wasn’t enough, another offer came in just a few days later for the same amount! I should add that Jack was extremely pleased for us, and the amount we got for the house. We shared with him a little of our story with God. I pray that he was encouraged to believe.

Our new home is now a ministry home - it is put to good use every week with small groups, lunches, meetings, and prayer gatherings. We praise God for His abundant provision and pray that He will continue to involve us in what HE is doing. Not for us, but for Him.

Russell in NZ


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