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Dried Fruit Jam
Low (Or No) Added Sugar

Fruit: peach, apricot, prunes, raisins, papaya—just about anything. If it gets too moist make "juice" jam which has to have some thickening added to it.

Liquid: Use either water or juice.

Sweetener: If necessary, use dates to sweeten to it, however not all fruit requires it. Apricot often requires sweetener since they have a bit of a bitter taste.

Thickener: If necessary add dried coconut to it.

Making it

Combine 2 C of dried fruit with water to cover the dried fruit in a pan on the stove.

Simmer it until the fruit softens (or stir if you have less time and turn the stove up higher). Some fruit readily softens; some doesn’t. In the latter the batch will have chunks of fruit after blending.

Drain off the water in a container for later use if necessary.

Blend until it comes to the right consistency which should still be a little chunky—you don't want it too soft.

Evaluate to see if there is sufficient liquid and adjust.



This keeps fine in the refrigerator for the week and is really delicious ("nice" in NZ!).

Dried fruit can be kept for quite a while without difficulty, but do some research to make sure the fruit is properly dried. One would think that freezing it would also work great.

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