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Christian Witness
& Soul Winning Stories

History abounds with wonderful stories on witnessing.
Many of these stories are very inspiring to say nothing of instructive.

A young person's unusual witnessing ability...
A young person had unusual power to win other souls. When he died, they opened a small box he had kept with other treasures, and found in it a list of forty boys. The first one was his seat mate at the time he went to the pastor and asked for something to do for the Lord, and the last name was Neddie Smith. And every boy on the list was converted. He had taken them one by one in faith and prayer, giving them books to read, showing them texts of Scripture, praying with and for them till the Lord awakened them and the whole forty had been converted through his efforts.” Matilda Andross, Alone with God, p. 101

His Method:
1. He made a list.
2. He prayed for each person on the list on an ongoing basis.
3. He gave them books to read.
4. He shared Bible texts.
5. He continued praying with and for them until they were awakened.
A young adult witnesses on the job:
You may remember that we were going through Steps to Christ at work and had a variety of “religious persuasions” attending. On Thursday when we met, not many showed up. In fact, there were only three of us: my supervisor, a co-worker, and myself. We studied the topic of Repentance. Humanly speaking, we wished that more had showed up, but after all was said and done, it was very clear that once again God knows what is best. My co-worker, who rarely asks questions in a large group, began to ask real questions, for example “how do you repent?”, and “What is the difference between repentance and confession?” What an open door! Please keep us in your prayers. Last week I had another meeting with one of the entities that I do financial statements for. It seems to be intimidating to some when they hear their “accountant” is coming over. I was praying that somehow I might relieve some of this apprehension, and I praise God for the way He answered that prayer. I ended up having lunch with the lady I was working with and asked her about her family, job, etc. She quickly opened up. When I went to leave, she walked me out of the office and then to the front door of the building. She mentioned to me that she appreciated the Bible verse on my emails…it was her Mom’s favorite. Though I can’t quite explain it, I could see God break down barriers and it made me realize again that people are looking for someone to take an interest in their life. Our world is so busy. I wonder how often I’ve passed up an opportunity to really find out how someone is doing…."

Her Method:

1. Participating in a study group
2. Trusting that God knows what He's doing with attendance.
3. Caring about the people around her.
4. Sharing promises of the Bible through her email.