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The small group studies include introductory thoughts, ice-breaker connecting activities, Bible study and an application-oriented conclusion. You will find a formated pdf document at the head of each study.

These studies are designed to print at the widest margin possible. In many cases the document can then be cut in half, with the first portion of study on one side of the document, and the second portion on the other side of sheet. Please email me feedback on these lessons at path2prayer@yahoo.com.

Small Group Lessons
Dan Augsburger

Jephthah: The Vows that Bind Us

This small group lessons examines conscious and subconscious vows that we have adopted over time that continue to either bless or afflict us in our Christian walk.

(The Woman at the Well)

Have you ever wondered why the woman met Jesus in the middle of the day? Might it be that she was avoiding the stares and whispers of the people in her community? And when she finally responded to Jesus, she pretended that everything was well. She was wearing a mask, like so many do in our day. This study will consider the subject of self esteem in the context of her story.

Spiritual 'Opportunity' Costs (The Rich Young Ruler)    
pdf of script (print front/back, divide)

When the rich young rule came to Jesus wondering what he lacked to inherit eternal life, he didn't realize that Jesus was going to ask him to sell everything he had, give the proceeds to the poor and then follow Him. The cost was too high, and he turned away sorrowing. Have you considered the cost of becoming a Christian? This small group lesson examines the costs of becoming a Christian.

Small Group Resources

Small Group Primers

Leading a Small Group

For many years I have participated in small groups. During that time I learned some important core values that make or break a small group. Some time back I was asked to share these ideas at a SEEDS conference in Michigan. Now I'm being asked to speak on small groups again and thought it might be a good idea to share the document on a broader scale. Read a testimonial on this kind of group.

Prayer Group ABCs

I've also participated in small prayer groups over the years. Learn some of the secrets of keeping prayer groups in this prayer group primer.