Bircher Muesli

called “B Stuff" by my friends)

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Some History: It was originally developed by Dr. Maximilian Brenner-Bircher (beershair) at his diet clinic/sanitarium in Switzerland in 1887 and named 'Bircher Muesli' in 1924. The original recipe called for oats and grated apples. Bircher-Benner himself referred to the dish simply as "d'Spys" (Swiss German for "the dish", in German "die Speise").

Dan's Bircher Muesli Recipe
1. Make the Oat/Milk Mix

1C soy milk (I use Vanilla Silk; some use fruit juice) / ½ C of rolled oats / person eating.

Add one to two containers of yogurt(I use soy red raspberry) to the above (adds creaminess and texture)
Add some sweetener (your choice…sugar, honey, etc.).

2. Soak Ahead of Time

Let this mixture soak for a couple of hours ahead of time in the refrigerator so that the oats can soften in the soy milk (some people say to let it soak over night) 

3. Add Fruit

Add fruit at least ½ hour ahead of time so that the flavors can combine some.

Favorites fruits include: strawberries, red raspberries, black raspberries, black berries, blue berries, apples (cut up small), peaches, etc..  Often, since these come in frozen form, they are added slightly frozen or at least cold yet.

I prefer to cut up the apple in small pieces regardless off the original directions to grate the apple.

Some people also add nuts figs, etc..

It nice to have bananas on the table since some people like to add bananas, but don’t add them ahead off time since they will turn brown pretty quickly which isn’t so nice if there are leftovers.

Some Additional Notes
How it is served

Bircher Muesli is served cold. Many will add somewhat thawed berries close to the time that it is served so that that the fruit will still have a slightly crunchy texture.

Why Bircher Muesli is so popular

In addition to tasting delicious, Bircher Muesli can be easily made ahead of time, you can make  small quanities or large quantities with equal time and effort, and your guests will love it. This is what you do when your kids have invited all their friends home for a meal after church, and they all decided to stay for supper too.

The Results

This was a favorite food in my house growing up and was served as a supper (as they do in Switzerland at my relatives' homes). For a time, when a small group was meeting in my home, I made "B stuff" every week, and in massive quantities, and it was completely finished every time. In fact, when I failed to make sufficient quantities, there was a collective sense of disappointment that lingered throughout the meal. On one occasion I invited an older couple over and served them Bircher Muesli. The wife warned me that her husband was a very picky eater and probably wouldn't eat it. Well, not only was he was willing to try a little, soon was eating down bowl after bowl of it.


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