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Practical Christianity (Practical answers on many subjects) 10/4/2009: faith
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PDF Resources for Printing and Sharing 12/31/2007
Christian Ministry Resources 8/1/2009
Pastor Resources 2/13/2011 (2 new resources from Meyer and Murray)
Children's Ministry Resources 6/22/2008
    Children's Stories 8/22/2009
    Children's Bible Studies 8/22/2009
Contemporary Issues 5/14/2008
Testimonies of Answered Prayer & Victory 8/25/2010 (Financial miracles)

Small Group Scripts /4/2009
Christian Witnessing Works (Witnessing Tips) 1/2/2010/2009: Witnessing to Buddhists
All Books & Sermons (Directory of many of the books found on this site) 2/19/2009
Famous Christians: Their Books and Sermons (Lists many authors cited on site) 8/15/2011

Biographies (Some biographies worth reading) 7/20/2010
Prayer Meetings Resources (Resources to print and use with prayer meeting) 3/5/2010
Spanish Language Resources (Volunteers are translating resources from path2prayer.com)

Path2Prayer Image Gallery (Pictures taken during the course of our travels as well as at home)
CHIS Class Resources (This page is only accessible to my students at the Seminary)
Three Angels' Message and Present Truth

Foreign Language Resources
Ressources de langue française (French Language Resources)

Jamocha Almond Fudge Ice Cream (6/5/2011)
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Online Audio Sermons Collections
Tim Jones: Countdown to Eternity
This was a full series of meetings on Bible Prophecy held in Kalamazoo, MI

Dan Augsburger: Plymouth Like Jesus 2015
This was a mini series that really only did some initial consideration of wha it means to be like Jesus.

Dan Augsburger: Burbank, IL Revival Now! 2015
This is the audio from the meetings recently concluded in Burbank, IL. I believe my sharing in this presentation goes beyond what I have done in other presentations.

Ron Kelly: Village "SDA Family S.O.S."
Here you will find audio sermons of Pastor Ron Kelly, the Senior Pastor of the Village SDA Church in Berrien Springs, MI. This series considered the state of the family and the remedies found in Scripture.

Dan Augsburger: La Grange (IL) Revival Now! 2014
Find the audio and booklet for this multi-part revival series. The Spirit was present and many began making changes in their home and lifestyle.

Dan Augsburger: Kalamazoo (MI) Prayer Seminar 2014
In this series we followed the theme suggested by 2 Chronicles 7:14.

Dan Augsburger: Village Week of Prayer 2014
Here you will find edited audio of most of the sessions of this much blessed series on prayer.

Mauritius Audio Resources
Rose and I are spending three months holding meetings in the French-speaking countries of the South Indian Ocean. I am posting sermons as I am able from these meetings. In some of them I am being interpreted from English to French, and in some of them from English to Creole. The first time I was interpreted I did not realize I was being translated into Creole since it is made of broken French. At this point there are around 17 sermons uploaded, including one session for pastors. Find the sermons at this link.

Fairplain Witnessing Series

In this multi-part series, Rose and I share the secrets we have learned about witnessing. Rose was working as a Bible Worker in North Carolina for the four years prior to our becoming married, and helped a church grow from 20 members to almost 60 members during that time. She learned witnessing is more than dropping off Bible lessons and correcting answers, it includes a lot of holy hard work. We will also share about the witnessing lifestyle. Over time all of the presentations in this series will be shared on this web site.
The Fruitful Fig Tree
In this segment I speak of the "fruitful" witnesses that God intends us to be. In the course of the presentation I share an "impressive" dream that is so illustrative of many excuses that people hide behind to not witness.

Village Prevailing Prayer
This series was given at the Village Church in Berrien Springs, MI in 2014. God greatly blessed the time spent considering the subject matter and many lives were impacted. On the final Sabbath, I spoke on Daniel and recognizing God's providential and blessed leadings in our lives. Find the Prevailing Prayer presentation on Daniel and "Thanksliving" here.

Dan Augsburger: Revive1-Like Jesus—Counting the Cost
Read the related quotations to "Counting the Cost."
This is the first of a two-part series given at the Revive Vespers, given on the campus of Andrews University in Berrien Springs, MI. This series is on what it means to be like Jesus. This presentation considered what it cost Jesus to become our redeemer in the early part of His life. The next part will look at what Jesus meant when He said to take up His yoke.  Read the quotations shared in "Counting the Cost." Find the second Revive2-Like Jesus—Taking Up the Yoke presentation here.

Dan Augsburger: Revive2-Like Jesus—Taking Up the Yoke
This is the second of the two part series on being like Jesus shared at the Revive Vespers in 2014. I especially considered Jesus' call to take up the "yoke" in Matt. 11:28-30, and what it means on a practical basis. We learned that the yoke represents submitting to God's will, and service. The yoke is also to be worn in meekness. The first part of the series is Revive1-Like Jesus—Counting the Cost

Dan Augsburger: Picking Fruit
     Rose and I both shared in the presentation made in Grand Haven, Michigan. Based on an illustrative dream and practical applications, I think you will find this most instructive and convicting.

Dan Augsburger: The "No Limit" Christian

Dan Augsburger: Revival Now Benton Harbor, MI

Dan Augsburger: Mongolian Language Resources
     These messages come from a two week time spent in Mongolia at Starting Point Life University in October/November 2013. The messages were translated into Mongolian as I was speaking.

Dan Augsburger: Rockingham More Abundant Life
     This updated eleven part series was givien in Rockingham, NC in November, 2012. This is one of the better and more complete series I've ever done on this subject.

Dan Augsburger: What it Means to Follow Jesus: Korean Living Springs, MP3 4/9/2011
      I think you will find this most helpful in your Christian walk.
Honduras Recordings (includes translation into Spanish
Witnessing Classes (Honduras)
     More Sermons from Honduras are being edited.
Dan Augsburger Prevailng Prayer: Columbus Georgia
     This is a condensed version with excellent audio.

Dan Augsburger
Prevailing Prayer: Calgary 3/23/2010
      This is the audio from a much blessed week of prayer in Calgary Canada. Choose to listen to this series if at all possible. The syllabus is also on the page for download so that you can follow the quotations.

Dan Augsburger: Servant Disciples 10/23/2010
     This is two parts of a five part series given in Toronto Canada on what it means to be a servatn disciple of Jesus. I especially focus on what Jesus meant when He said to follow Him. I unfortunately failed to record all the sessions. The entire series was video taped and and will be availabe as streaming video eventually on the Shining Bright web site.

Dan Augsburger:
The Need and Baptism of the Holy Spirit 10/2010
      This is the audio from a series given on the Holy Spirit in Tasmania.

Dan Augsburger: Live Like Me (like Jesus) Series 10/2010
     This audio series comes from a series given in Hamilton, NZ. It was one of the most Christ-centered series I've ever given.

Church Group (Fiji): My Lord Knows the Way
     This is one of my favorite songs. Here it is sung for me in Suva Fiji where I heard it for the first time.

Television: Dan was interviewed on the HOPE channel while in the UK summer/2010

A Friend: His Prayer 8/5/2010
     This simple prayer touched my heart recently. I wish all prayers came from the heart!
Ben Lippert: Testimonies of Answers to Prayer 6/12/2010
     Ben's personal stories will convince  you that God answers prayer!
Dan Augsburger: Witnessing in the Marketplace 4/25/2010

     This is a very practical, example-filled, seminar on how to develop an intentional witnessing lifestyle.
Dan Augsburger
Prevailing Prayer: Calgary 3/23/2010
      This is the audio from a much blessed week of prayer in Calgary Canada.
Dan Augsburger: Campus 2009 Audio 1/3/2010
     This page has five talks given while I was teaching the CAMPUS missionaries.
Uncle Dan and Aunt Sue:
Naughty Heart, Clean Heart audio book 12/21/2009
     Parents, this is a wonderful book read by Uncle Dan of Your Story Hour.
Dan Augsburger: Two sessions on prayer (Recorded in Calgary, AB Canada) 12/2009
     What is Possible Through Prayer (MP3)
     What Hinders Answers to Prayer (MP3)
Dan Augsburger Prevailing Prayer (Video of Melbourne Series) 8/14/2009
    Part 1: Stop Limiting God (Video)
    Part 2: Wielding The Weapon of Prayer (Video)
    Part 3: Removing the Stumbling Blocks (Video)
    Part 4: Removing the Stumbling Blocks (Video)
Jesse Kruger: Striving to be Nobody 6/14/2009 (Excellent on dying to self)
Dan Augsburger: Obadiah 6/12/2009
Catherine's ASANZ Testimony: Forgiveness 5/24/2009

Dan Augsburger: Prevailing Prayer (5 part series; follows syllabus) 1/27/2009
Dan Augsburger: No Room in Bethlehem 12/28/2008
Dan's Sermons: The Wellington Revival Series 12/12/2008
L. E. Maxwell: Sermons and Resources Page 11/26/2008
William Burns: Pressing Into the Kingdom (read by Dan) pdf 11/25/2008
Dan's Sermons:
Chiswick More Abundant Life
Dan's Sermons: Romanian Language Resources 11/1/2008
Dan's Sermons:
Jamestown NY: Prevailing Intercessory Prayer MP3 9/10/2008
Dan's and Other Sermons: 
NZ June July 2008 Sermons 7/13/2008
Dan's Sermons: Toronto Maranatha The Fundamentals of Prevailing Prayer

Dan's Sermons: Prevailing Prayer (7 Part series)
Ian Thomas: 9-Part Prairie Audio Series Directory
Ian Thomas: Available to God
Frank Phillips Branch and the Vine
Frank Phillips: Righteousness By Faith, Salem

Frank Phillips: Justified Walk (9 Sermon Series)
Helen Roseveare: Stir Me Series
Dan's Sermons: Fiji "Revival in Nehemiah"


Bible Study

One Time Additions

Hudson Taylor: Bid Me Come
     An instructive chapter from The Growth of a Soul on his seeking to know God's will for going to China.
E. White: Healing in Him
    Short but helpful article on how to find healing in Jesus.
E. White: Saving Faith
     Wonderful short article on what it means to trust in Jesus.
Dan Augsburger: Some Questions on Marriage and Divorce Answered (a compilation)
     Here are Bible verses and other quotes on marriage and divorce.
Anonymous: Full Trust 10/5/2014
     Wonderful short exposition on Philippians 4:6-7 and what it means to be anxious for nothing.

Blessings Come When We Trust and Obey French MP3  English MP3
     Hear a short and inspiring testimony that came when Rodney chose to trust and obey God in a greater way!

Marie Claude: A Soul-Winner's Experiences With God MP3
     Marvelous lengthy testimony on witnessing in Mauritius.

Rose Augsburger Women's Day-1: Be a Light For Jesus
     Rose was the main speaker for Women's Day in Rose Hill Mauritius.

Dan Augsburger "Sanctify Yourself Today" 6/7/2014
     This sermon was given at the "northern" 100 Year Celebration of the SDA Church in Mauritius.
Dan Augsburger:
The Fruitful Fig Tree 4/13/2014  
     This is the first of a multi-part series on witnessing shared at the Fairplain Church in Benton Harbor, MI. A few of the later segments are shared by my wife Rose on the things she learned as she worked for several years as a Bible Worker.
Dan Augsburger:
Try Thanksgiving 4/7/2014
     This is the final presentation of a series on prevailing prayer at the Village Church in Berrien Springs, MI in 2014.

E. White: Parents, Train Your Children 2/5/2014
     A brief but excellent article on the responsibility of parents to train their children.

E. White: Resting Faith 2/3/2014
     The devil believes and trembles. Our faith must be something different!
E. White: Noah, An Example of Saving Faith 2/3/2014
     Noah is a wonderful example of what it means to have saving faith. Saving Faith causes us to get out of our comfort zones into the center of God's will!
James White: Saving Faith 2/3/2014
     Excellent sermon showing that saving faith meant something different at various times. My heart was warmed reading the sermon.
Charles Spurgeon: Pray Without Ceasing 2/3/2014
     Wonderful on praying without ceasing!
Dan Augsburger: Revival Now 1/16/2014
     This revival series was given in Benton Harbor Michigan in January, 2014.
John Welch: A Friar Comes Calling 1/30/2012
     This brief story tells about the conversion of a friar who spent the night at Welch's home.
John Welch: Biography 1/30/2012
     Here is a brief biography on John Welch.
John Welch: Mighty Man of Prayer 1/30/2012
     This is the main page on John Welch who prayed seven to eight hours per day.
SALUD Project:
Get up; Cook; Eat 1/30/2012

     Delightful story on how God provided provided food to a mission station.
Gerhard Tersteegen: Heavy Stones Moved Away 1 8/2012
     He shares how the gospel removes the hindrances of assurance and victory.
Learn to Pray 1/7/2012

     This helpful articles provides some of the abcs of prayer.
A. T. Pierson:
The Lost Art of Apostolic Praying 1/4/2011

     Wonderful on supporting missions through prayer.
Jonathan Edwards: True Religion in the Life of David Brainerd 12/23/2011

     Edwards lists four key spiritual indicators that were manifested in Brainerd's life.
Duncan Campbell: Resource Page 12/17/2022
     New page of Campbell's resources.
Barbara Hill: God's Levers 12/11/2011

     Testimonial on God's ongoing intervention in life.
James McClure:
For Whom Should We Intercede? 12/6/2011
     Excellent on who we should be interceding for.
John Mecredy: Letter from the Ulster Revival 12/2/2011

     Highly instructive letter on how to experience revival.
H. M. S. Richards: Victory Through Prayer 10/6/2011
     Richards shows how to prevail with God in prayer. Wonderful!
Gerhard Tersteegen: To A Noble Lady 9/5/2011

     Marvelous letter on how God uses bitter experiences for our good.
Hudson Taylor: The Missionary's Qualifications 8/28/2011

     The best reading on necessary qualifications for missionary service!
J. N. Andrews: Time for Commencing the Sabbath 8/26/2011

     Clear information on when the Bible Sabbath begins.
John Newton: Letter on Guidance 8/15/2011
     Helpful letter looking at all the spurious ways people seek God's guidance.
George Müller: God Removed Fog in Answer to Prayer 8/10/2011
     First-person account of famous story of George Müller.
W. W. Prescott: Abiding in Christ; Walking in Christ A 7/23/2011
     Excellent on what it means to abide in Christ.
W. w. Prescott: Abiding in Christ; Walking in Christ B 7/23/2011
     More on Abiding.
W. W. Prescott: 
Sermons in Stones A 7/23/2011
     How to receive the power of God in your life.
W. W. Prescott: 
Sermons in Stones B 7/23/2011
     Where the law fits in when it comes to victory.
W. W. Prescott: 
The Word Became Flesh A 7/23/2011
     The incarnation.
W. W. Prescott: 
The Word Became Flesh B 7/23/2011
      How we receive Christ's character.
W. W. Prescott: 
The Faith of Jesus; the Commandments of God A 7/23/2011
     Explains what it means to have the faith of Jesus.
M. Rhodes: Sources of Power 7/23/2011

     A helpful sermon highlighting the role of prayer and the Holy Spirit.
W. W. Prescott:
Christ and the Sabbath 7/19/2011

     The MOST Christ-Centered study of the Sabbath. Must read material!
E. White: Modern Revivals 7/19/2011
     Clear teaching on how to identify a genuine Holy Spirit-led revival!
W. W. Prescott: Word Became Flesh, Sermon 1 7/11/2011
     Amazing sermon! First of many from a series in Armadale Australia
W. W. Prescott: Power For Christian Living 7/9/2011
    This is a marvelous sermon on the power of God!
Dan Augsburger
Longing For Heaven 7/2/2011
     The first of a series of blogs on the Exodus experience of the children of Israel.
Meade MacGuire: Ten Essentials on Prayer 7/2/2011
     Practice these ten essentials and you WILL get answers to prayer!
Griffith John:
Prayer the Source of Power 7/2/2011 
     Excellent chapter on why Christians can pray with confidence.
Walter Marshall/Andrew Murray: Gospel Mystery of Sanctification (Abridged)

     This is Murray's abridgement of Walter Marshall's history-changing book. Marshall was a Puritan and was among the first to realize that sanctification was as much a work of faith as justification..
Griffith John: The Ideal Life 6/25/2011
    Another stirring message from Griffith John on the vibrant Christian life!
Griffith John:
The Message  6/25/2011

     Note: "Jesus Christ is a full Saviour, and I preach a full salvation. Jesus Christ, by His revelation of God the Holy Ghost, as the sanctifier and helper, meets the need of the soul. The Holy Spirit not only convinces men of sin, He breaks the power of sin, and casts it out. He cleanses the heart and fills it with love—love to God, love to man. This casting out of sin, and the enthroning of love, brings rest to the soul."

Bible Study: The Voice of Scripture on Witnessing 6/25/2011
     Short but excellent Bible study on why we should witness.
A. T. Jones: Consecration 6/25/2011

     A short but excellent article on why we should consecrate (give fully) ourselves to God.
Duncan Campbell:
The Nature of a God-Sent Revival 6/21/2011
     Not only speaks of a revival, but also Campbell's personal conversion. Very Helpful!
Hudson Taylor:
The Source of Power 6/20/2011
     Marvelous sermon on God as the source of our supernatural power!
Griffeth John: The Supreme Motive in Missions 6/19/2011
     John points out that the GREAT motive of the Christian is the love of Christ.
Griffeth John: A Page dedicated to his books and sermons 6/19/2011
     John was a marvelous speaker. You will be blessed reading these resources!
Compilation: Experiencing God 1:
Surrender 6/13/2011
     This is the first of a seven part series of compilations that I put together in 2002 to support a small group that was studying the book Experiencing God.
Compilation: Experiencing God 2: Ordinary People; Extraordinary Results 6/13/2011
Compilation: Experiencing God 3: Surrendering to God's Plan 6/13/2011
Compilation: Experiencing God 4: Waiting On God 6/13/2011
Compilation: Experiencing God 5: Hearing God's Voice 6/13/2011
Compilation: Experiencing God 6:Breathe on Me Breath of God 6/13/2011

Dan Augsburger: Baptism of the Holy Spirit 6/12/2011
     This is the second of a 3 part series on the Holy Spirit. Excellent I think.
Dan Augsburger:
Need, Personality and Work of the Holy Spirit 6/12/2011
     This is an indepth study on the Holy Spirit.
Jeremiah Lanphier:
Prayer Revival of 1857 4/30/2011
     Provides a helpful description of the prayer revival of 1857.
Great Christians: Resources on George Müller: 4/27/2011
     Many resources on George Müller have been added to the page with his resources.
Communion with God in Prayer 4/23/2011
     A short article on the importance of daily communion with God.
John Newton:
True Love 4/21/2011
     A few paragraphs on the source of true love from the writer of Amazing Grace.
A. T. Pierson:
The Lost Art of Prayer 4/17/2011
    A sermon shared at a student missionary volunteer conference in Liverpool.
E White: Trust in God
     Find out why Christians can always be cheerful no matter what is going on.
George Müller:
Visit Aux Orphelinats de George Müller 4/11/2011
     A French description of a visit to Müller's Bristol establishment.
New Foreign Language Page: French 4/11/2011
     I am beginning to add resources in French. Check three journals of the 1870s that are excellent!
Author Unknown: Comment Demeurer En Christ? 4/11/2011

     This is wonderful on what it means to abide in Christ (but in French)
Samuel Chadwick
pdf of Way to Pentecost 4/6/2011
     pdf of Call to Christian Perfection 4/6/2011
     pdf of Path to Prayer 4/6/2011
    Chadwick's book on the Holy Spirit is my favorite on receiving the Holy Spirit. I would give a copy of this book to every pastor if I could. There are many resources from Chadwick on the Samuel Chadwick resources page.
Witnessing Classes (Honduras)
     Introducciones y Nicodemo - Introductions and Nicodemus
     El Llamado de Pedro - Calling Peter
     La Mujer Samaritana - Woman at the Well
     These are recordings of translated lectures given in Honduras on witnessing.
Dan Augsburger: Evaluación de un posible cónyuge (Evaluating a Marriage Partner)
     This is a Spanish translation of my essay on evaluating a marriage partner.
Dan Augsburger Prayer: Are  You Serious When You Pray? 4/5/2011
     Refusing God's choice when praying greatly delays answers!
Sarah Reiswig: Because You Now Have My Heart 4/2/2011
     A list of things a young adult learned on her trip to Kenya.
John Wesley: Serious Theologian; Delightful Human Being 3/29/2011
     A wonderful sketch of Wesley in the context of relationship.
Charles Finney: Revival at Evans' Mills 2/22/2011
     This delightful recounting of a revival is full of practical instruction.
Bible Prophecy 1: God Has a Timetable; Care Enough to Pray 2/21/2011
     I seek to share a bit about Bible prophecy and revival (a continuing series)
Meade Macguire: Christian Victory Now
     The English version; a Spanish version of the same comes next.
Meade MacGuire
: La Vida Victoriosa y Cómo Obtenerla 2/16/2011
     Excellent article in Spanish on how to obtain the victorious life.
Titus Coan: Missionary to Hawaii 2/14/2011
     Titus Coan was one of the greatest missionaries who ever lived. Be inspired reading the resources gathered on him.
Titus Coan: Quotations 2/14/2011
     Here is a rich collection of quotes from Titus Coan.
Titus Coan: Volcano Adventures 2/14/2011
     The Moana Loa Volcano erupted while he was working in Hilo. He went walking all around the volcano while it was erupting and provided first-hand knowledge of what was going on.
Titus Coan: Great Preacher 2/14/2011
     He combined power and love, and won thousands.
Titus Coan: Revival in Hawaii 2/14/2011
     This is A.T. Pierson's account of the revival that swept through Coan's district.
Titus Coan: Adventures in Patagonia 2/14/2011
     A short biography of Coan's life is found here.
F. B. Meyer: Holy Spirit as Essential to Gospel Preaching 2/13/2011
     Meyer wonderfully portrays why the Holy Spirit is essential to effective preaching!
A. T. Pierson: The Power of Keswick Preaching 2/13/2011
     This article points out that the power of Keswick preaching comes from the authentic Spirit-filled experience of the man preaching.
D. L. Moody:
HowTo Promote Revival 1/28/2011
     In this helpful article, Moody points to several key things people can do to bring revival.
John Wesley: Persecution at Cork 1/22/2011
    Read about some of the persecution that Wesley endured.
John Wesley: Crossing Over on the Simmonds 1/22/2011
     Read of the life-changing journey on the Simmonds when Wesley came to admire the Peter Bohler and the Moravians.
Great Christians Page: Susanna Wesley 1/22/2011
     Find several important documents about Susanna Wesley at this page.
Susanna Wesley: "I am a Woman" letter 1/22/2011
     Susannah sent this letter to her husband when he objected to her reading sermons to her family and the help.
Susanna Wesley: Rules for Raising Children 1/22/2011
     This is a letter Susannah sent to John where she shares out she raise the children in the family.
Susanna Wesley: A Brief biography on her life 1/22/2011
     Susannah raised amazing children in spite of adverse circumstances. Read about them in this biography.
A Variety of Authors: The Sabbath Page 1/8/2011
     Here are some excellent easy to understand resources on God's special day.
Dan Augsburger: Spanish Language Resources 1/6/2011
     Thanks to volunteers some of my work is being translated into Spanish.
Helen Dyer: Revival in India 12/12/2010
     Read here about the wonderful Sialkot Revival Conventions in India
Austin Phelps:
Continuance in Prayer 12/11/2010
     Phelps addresses the need to continue praying.
Austin Phelps:
Temperment of Prayer 12/11/2010
     Phelps points out that certain temperments should be cultivated to suceed in  prayer.
Oberlin Evangelist: Pray for Revival 11/3/2010

     This is a wonderful article by the need to pray for revival, and keep praying until we get the answer.
Dan Augsburger:
The Sabbath, A Statement Against Evolution
     Keeping the Creator's Sabbath serves as an ongoing affirmation of a literal six day creation!
Amy Carmichael: Three Objections 11/30/2010
     She addresses three main objections to working in India where the work is so slow.
John Nelson: His Marital Relationship (Some Journal entries) 11/14/2010
     Be encouraged that life could be worse in reading about John Nelson and his wife.
William Sprague:
Treatment Due Young Believers 11/14/2010
     Fantastic chapter on instructions that should be given to new believers.
Alvan Hyde
: One Church's History of Revival 11/14/2010
     Hyde's letter details the history of revival in his church in this wonderfully instructive letter that was initailly sent to William Sprague.
Sir Thomas Fowell Buxton: Some Thoughts on Prayer 11/11/2010
     Wow... this many had great faith in God!
Francis Ridley Havergal: A Biography (focuses on her literary accomplishments) 11/11/2010
     Learn more about Francis Ridley Havergal in this short biography from the Chautauquan.
Austin Phelps: Specific and Intense Prayer 11/11/2010
     Wonderfully helpful on the need to be earnest and specific when praying.
Austin Phelps:
Faith in Prayer 11/11/2010
     This is a marvelous chapter on what it means to exercise faith when praying.
John Muir: President [Charles] Finney of Oberlin 11/4/2010
     This short biography provides helpful information on the greatest revivalist who ever lived in the modern age. This is the first of many resources being gathered on Charles Finney.
Austin Phelps: The Still Hour -
Unhallowed Prayer 10/27/2010
     Striking words on what the absence of prayer means to the Christian.
Dan Augsburger: Much More 10/27/2010
     Nathan identified David as the man. But the context was "much more"!
Dan Augsburger:
Spiritual Thirst = Spiritual Vulnerability 10/27/2010
     Joab first took the water supply of Rabbah for a good reason. a spiritual lesson too!
Dan Augsburger: Servant Disciples Mp3 10/23/2010

     Two of five parts done in Toronto Canada.
Austin Phelps: The Still Hour - "Absence of God in Prayer" 10/23/2010
     First chapter from Phelps' wonderful book. More chapters to be added.
Louis Harms: Launching of the Candace 10/23/2010
     A chapter on the launching of Harms' missionary boat.
Dan Augsburger: Job Search Seminar (Andrews School of Business) 10/17/2010
     I help the business students prepare resumes and learn about interviews yearly.
Dan Augsburger: Live Like Me (Hamilton Audio Series) 10/17/2010
     I spent a week on what it means to "live like Jesus." Christ-centered!
Dan Augsburger: The Need and Baptism of the Holy Spirit (Tassie Audio) 10/17/2010
     I spent a day studying about the Holy Spirit with a group of pastors.
Dan Augsburger: The Lord Preserved David 10/12/2010
     Serious spiritual growth always includes the elements mentioned here!
Theodore Harms: Life Work of Louis Harms 10/10/2010
     This is the definitive biography of Louis Harms.
Famous Christians: George Müller Page 10/8/2010
     Müller is one of my favorite heroes. I have gathered a few quotes and stories.
Dan Augsburger: Hanging Out with the Enemy 10/7/2010
     David had a problem with hanging out with the enemies of God for a time. It cause heartbreak for him. Learn how God delivered him.
Samuel Prime: Fulton Street Answers to Prayer 10/6/2010
     Here is an instructive story on believing prayer.
Louis Harms: Nobleman with the Sick Son 10/2/2010
     Harms shows that True Faith not only seeks, but FINDS ALL in, Jesus!
Louis Harms: Quotations and Other Resources 10/2/2010
     Find meaingful quotes from Harms on this page.
Louis Harms: Pastor and Founder of Hermannsburg Mission 10/2/2010
     Harms is another amazing pastor. You will be humbled in reading about him!
John Wesley: Scriptural Christianity 10/2/2010
     Read what true Christianity should be in our day!
John Wesley: Methodist Founder and Holiness Hero 10/1/2010
     I have started compiling information on Wesley on this page.
James Fraser: Praying Missionary 9/30/2010
     Fraser served with Hudson Taylor. You learn abour prayer in reading on his life.
Charles Spurgeon: Personality of the Holy Spirit 9/26/2010
     An excellent sermon on why the Spirit is a person!
Orson Parker: Fasting For Our Friends 9/15/2010
     A short, but compelling article on advising individuals we are fasting for them.
A. T. Pierson: What Hinders Revival 9/15/2010
     A short but helpful article on what is hindering revival in churches.
A. T. Pierson: Intercessory Prayer 9/14/2010
     This is a marvelous article on the need of prayer. A MUST READ!
Dan Augsburger: Testimonies on Answers to Prayer 8/25/2010
     I have added several testimonies that have come my way.
Gerhard Tersteegen:
Inward Prayer 8/13/2010
     Here Tersteegen shares his views on the prayers that come when one realizes God wants a closer relationship with a person.
E. White: A Good Prayer Meeting 8/10/2010
     A few helpful thoughts on having a good prayer meeting.
John Newton: Resources Page 8/8/2010
     I will be adding resources to this page from the pen of JohnNewton who wrote Amazing Grace.
Gerhard Tersteegen: Views on Christian Marriage 8/8/2010 
     Noting that all marriages are made in heaven, he gives gentle admonition on marriage.
John Newton: Divine Guidance 8/7/2010
     Marvelous letter on how to properly seek to know God's will.
J. R. Miller: Blessings of Quietness 8/7/2010
   Gain a new appreciation for quietness, reading this short excerpt.
Stuart Holden: Titanic Deliverance 8/2/2010
     Read how God prevented some pastors from taking the Titanic!
Various Authors: Quotations on Dying to Self 7/29/2010
     I added many quotes on dying to self at this page. You will blessed!
Henry Wright:
Secret Prayer A Great Reality 7/29/2010
     A highly regarded booklet on prayer from the late 1800s!
Dan Augsburger:
That You Bring Forth Fruit 7/28/2010
     Touching thoughts on our being chosen and ordained to bear fruit.
A. T. Pierson:
The Holy Spirit in His Relations to Missions 7/26/2010
      Reveals careful activity of the Spirit was key to the success of early church.
James Smetham: Thoughts on Trials 7/26/2010
     Touching thoughts on trials.
Samuel Chadwick:
On Reaching Outsiders 7/26/2010
     Practical advice on reaching secular people.
Samuel Chadwick
life: Things 7/26/2010
     Short but wonderful comparing the world's pagan values to those of the Christian.
E. White:
Need and Promise of the Holy Spirit (Various Quotes) 7/26/2010
     Quotes from a variety of sources on the Holy Spirit.
Griffith John:
Prayer: the Source of Power
     This is one of the best "logical" sermons I've read on the need to keep praying!
A. J. Gordon, Ministry of the Spirit: The Embodying of the Spirit 7/19/2010
     Learn about when the Church became the new body of Christ.
A. J. Gordon, Ministry of the Spirit: The Enduement of the Spirit 7/19/2010
     In this chapter Gordon explains the sealing, filling and anointing of the Spirit.
Griffith John: Our Need: A Baptism of Power 7/19/2010

     Short, but powerful on the apostles' pursuit of power.
Theodore Monod: Fruitfulness 7/19/2010
     This is wonderful on the kind of fruit that emanates from the branch.
Andrew Murray: The Might of Satan 7/19/2010
     Short but clear description of how Satan gains power over human beings.
E. White: The Necessity of Receiving the Holy Spirit 7/17/2010
     Dying to self is necessary to receive the Holy Spirit!
Multiple Language Translations: Frank Phillips, His Robe Or Mine 7/15/2010
     I hear more people testify that this book changed their life than any other when I travel.
Dan Augsburger: Resurse in Limba Romana 7/15/2010
     Here you will find several of my seminars translated into Romanian. I suspect this would be a good resource for learning theological terms in Romanian as well—if there is the need, since the translation was excellent and there are also written resources that follow these presentations.
A.B. Simpson: "Be Filled With the Spirit" 7/15/2010
     This is a marvelous, easy to understand, chapter on the result of being "filled" with the Spirit.
F. B. Meyer: Where is Abel Your Brother? 7/15/2010
     Meyer suggests God is more concerned about our relationships than our prayers!
A. T. Pierson:
Jesus The Ideal Evangelist 7/14/2010
     This is a marvelous portrayal of Jesus as the ideal evangelist.
Samuel Chadwick: The Meaning of the Cross 7/12/2010
     The first two parts of a four part series on the Cross and the Modern Mind.
Samuel Chadwick: Christian Perfection 7/11/2010
     Wonderfully clear teaching on a complicated subject!
Anonymous: Holiness: A Possible Experience 7/10/2010
     Brief article provides clear understandings of a complicated subject.
Samuel Chadwick: Will to Do 7/10/2010
     Chadwick shows the importance of "doing" to know!
Samuel Chadwick: Effective Preaching 7/10/2010
     Chadwick was a master preacher and shares some of his secrets in this article.
Samuel Chadwick: Resources Page 7/10/2010
     Find quotes and other resources on this great man of the Spirit and prayer.
John Nelson: Persecuted for his Faith 7/8/2010
     Nelson suffered great persecution in the early days of Methodism. Encouraging!
John Nelson: Brief Biography 7/8/2010
     Nelson was one of the foremost Methodist Circuit Riding Pastors in England.
Anonymous: Four Things to Seek from the Spirit When Praying 7/7/2010
     Suggests seeking the Spirit's help with four things when praying.
August Francke:
Tips on Preaching 7/3/2010
     Francke shares 16 tips on preaching.
August Francke:
How to Pray 7/3/2010
     Francke shares one of the most important tips on praying.
August Francke: Understanding the Bible 7/3/2010
     Francke provides easy to understand guidelines for studying the Bible.
August Francke: Answers to Prayer 7/3/2010
     Here you will find exciting stories on how God provided for 2,000 orphans in the late 1600s.
August Francke: Pioneer Educator, Orphanage Founder 7/3/2010
     This page includes many resources on Francke, the man who inspired George Müller to start his orphanage for God. Included are wonderful stories of answers to prayer.
William Bramwell: Revivalist Methodist Preacher 7/1/2010
     God achieved amazing results through Bramwell. Read and be blessed.
John Smith: Spirit-Filled Methodist Circuit Rider 6/30/2010
     John Smith was greatly blessed by God to reach hundreds of people. His life is instructive.
Anonymous: Turn Your Life Over to God 6/30/2010
     Here is the instructive testimony of a person who yielded to God by surrendering his life.
Jonathan Edwards: His Dedication to God 6/30/2010
     His dedication is wonderfully instructive on what it means to completely surrender to God.
Dan Augsburger: Connecting With Other Christians 6/21/2010
     Some thoughts on spending a blessed afternoon with a praying saint.
Ben Lippert: Testimonies of Answers to Prayer 6/12/2010
     Ben's personal stories will convince  you that God answers prayer!

Geraldin Guinness: Healing in China (6/11/2010)
     A testimony of God using physical healing to further the gospel in China.
Benjamin Davis: Necessity of Fasting (5/26/2010)
     Makes a compelling case for fasting in our day! Wonderful.
John Wesley: A Compelling Case for Fasting 5/24/2010
     This is one of the best sermons I've read on fasting. He makes a compelling case!
Robert Murray M'Cheyne: Journal Entries on Prayer and Fasting 5/24/2010
     M'Cheyne was known for his deep spirituality. One cannot but feel inspired to pray and fast more in reading of his experience.
Andrew Bonar: Journal Entries on Prayer and Fasting 5/24/2010
     Bonar frequently resorted to fasting in seeking to konw God's blessings.
Reginald Radcliffe: Fasting Brings Flood-tides of Blessing 5/24/2010
     This article was recommended by Hudson Taylor to the editor of a Chinese Missionary Journal. Makes a great case for fasting for extraordinary blessings.

David Brainerd: Dying Thoughts (including fasting) 5/22/2010
     David Brainerd lived to pray and fast. Note his timely advice!
Henry Martyn: Journal Entries on Fasting 5/22/2010
     Learn what fasting meant to Martyn through his journal entries.
Joseph Milner: Duty and Use of Fasting 5/22/2010
     Wonderful sermon on what it means to fast in a godly way.
Anonymous Author: Poor Richard 5/14/2010
     This is the tract that led to Hudson Taylor's conversion. Read about his conversion, read some of the tract, notice the note from his mom about God's using the tract for Hudson.
Charles Spurgeon: Healing Prayer 5/9/2010
     Learn about Spurgeon's healing ministry here.
Dan Augsburger: Presumption and Healing Prayer 5/9/2010
     I comment a bit on the hindering effect of presumptuous praying.
Andrew Murray: Divine Healing 5/9/2010
     This is Murray's excellent book on healing. Among the best to be read!
Andrew Murray: His Testimony on Healing Prayer 5/9/2010
     He spent three weeks preparing for prayer. Read and learn why.
E. White: Prayer for the Sick 5/9/2010
     This is a wonderful chapter on preparing your heart for healing prayer.
William Patton: Conditions of Success in Prayer 4/26/2010
     He lists 13 conditions as being necessary to obtaining answers, but asserts at the conclusion that these 13 are but indicators of a heart that is right with God.
Dan Augsburger: Witnessing in the Marketplace 4/25/2010

     This is a very practical, example-filled, seminar on how to develop an intentional witnessing lifestyle.
E. White: Family Worship 4/22/2010
     Short article that gives specific suggestions on family worship and the need for prayer.
H.C.G. Moule: Christ and Sanctification Page 4/17/2010
     This is a marvelous "must read" book on sanctification.
James McClure Mighty Ministry of Intercession 4/17/2010
     McClure provides clear teaching on the people we should be interceding for.
James McClure The Talent of Intercessory Prayer 4/17/2010
     To what degree are you using the talent of intercessory prayer in your life? McClure points out that God has used intercessory prayer to bring about great results in the past and wants to still do so in our day.
F B Meyer: Power and Prayer 4/17/2010)
     Speaks to the need of the Holy Spirit for answers to prayer.
Charles Finney:
Prayer of Faith  4/10/2010
     This is one of the clearest explanations of the prayer of faith. Must read material!
Dwight L. Moody: The Prayer of Faith 4/5/2010
      He responds to the question: is the prayer of faith always answered?
Howard Philip: Working With Boys 4/4/2010
     This consists of three chapters on how to work with boys, witness to them, and teach them how to witness to their friends. This is the first chapter of three.
Andrew Murray: Introduction, Ministry of Intercession 4/3/2010
     Fascinating comparison of With Christ in the School of Prayer with Ministry of Intercession.
Andrew Murray: The Prayer of Faith (Abide in Christ) 4/3/2010
      Chapter reveals why abiding in Christ brings prayers that prevail with God.
Octavius Winslow: The Prayer of Faith 4/3/2010
     Brief words from Winslow on how to pray the prayer of faith.
Wesley Duewel: The Prayer of Faith 4/3/2010
     An outline developed based on Duewel's book Mighty Prevailing Prayer.
Andrew Murray: The Morning Watch 4/3/2010
     Excellent tips on how to have a life-changing devotional life.
William Patton: The Prayer of Faith 4/2/2010
     This is an excellent AND balanced chapter on the subject.
George Müller: Strengthening Faith 3/31/2010
     Wonderful on how to have more faith when praying!
J. C. Harrison
: What Hinders Revival 3/28/2010
     Clear teaching on to encourage revival.
John Newton: Spiritual Growth 3/28/2010
     Simple, but profound words on how to grow spiritually!
E. White: Gift of the Holy Spirit 3/28/2010
     This is a wonderful chapter.
Dan Augsburger
Prevaling Prayer: Calgary 3/23/2010
    This is a much blessed series in Calgary Canada.
Daniel Whittle: Motives in Prayer 3/6/2010
      This is an excellent chapter on having the right motives when we pray.
Dan Augsburger: Collective Conversational Prayer 3/5/2010
     This link details a way to pray in groups.
George Müller: On Choosing the Text 3/5/2010
     Helpful paragraphs from George Müller on how to choose a text for a sermon. Find more pastor resources at the Pastor Resources Link.
Thomas Watson: Read the Word 2/28/2010

     Many reasons for reading the Bible from Watson's Taking Heaven By Storm.
Charles Spurgeon:
Power of United Prayer and the Pleasure of Praise 2/25/2010
     Be inspired to pray for your pastor in reading this wonderful sermon!
John Bunyan: Finds Victory 2/14/2010

     A few paragraphs from John Bunyan on the secret of victory in his life.
George Whitefield:
Early Piety 2/14/2010
     This is a famous and wonderful sermon of George Whitefield.
E. White:
True Sanctification 2/9/2010
     Clear teaching on why sanctification is the work of a lifetime.
Samuel Rutherford:
My Prison Hath Neither Lock Nor Door 2/8/2010
     This comes from a persecuted Scottish Puritan who found Christ sweet in his banishment.
Gerhard Tersteegen: Enduring Difficulties 2/8/2010
     Find encouragement for your trials from this Pietist saint.
E. M. Bounds:
The Wonders of Answered Prayer 2/7/2010
     Marvelously simple words on the wonders of answered prayer. Must read!
Hudson Taylor: Experiencing God's Peace 1/30/2010

     Hudson Taylor felt it was necessary to constantly trust God to have peace.
Mary Lyon: Her Methods 1/27/2010
     Mary Lyon did a marvelous educational work for God in 1839!
Unknown: Cashew Pimento Sauce (1/14/2010)
     Tried this at Timber Ridge Camp in Indiana and loved it!
Dan Augsburger: Facilitated Conversational Prayer 1/14/2010
     Learn a new way of praying that groups are adopting the world over.
John Newton: Jesus the Great Physician 1/13/2010
    Newton's reflecting on Jesus as his personal physician.
Toni Doswell: I Just Want To Make It Home 1/13/2010
     Poetry on longing for heaven. Very meaningful!
Andrew Murray: Testimony on Victory 1/7/2009
     A short testimony from Murray on how he found victory.
Andrew Murray: Daily Fellowship With God 1/7/2009

    Practical thoughts on communing with God
Gerhard Tersteegen: Spiritual Admonition 1/7/2010
     Samples of letters from Govan's book.
Frances Ridley Havergal: Morning Bells 1/6/2010
     This is her wonderful devotional for children.
Dan Augsburger: CAMPUS Audio 2009 12/30/2009
     Several classes that I taught in Ann Arbor, MI along with handouts.
J. Hudson Taylor: Hudson Taylor Resources Page 1/4/2010
     Here are resources collected on one page.
Charles Trumbull: Charles Trumbull Resources Page 1/4/2010
     Trumbull wrote many helpful things on victory and witnessing.
Andrew Murray: Andrew Murray Resources Page 1/4/2010
     Much information; links on 25 of his books.
Frances Ridley Havergal: Frances Havergal Resources Page 1/4/2010
     Here are collected resources from all this site on Havergal. Plenty to read!
J. C. Ryle: J. C. Ryle Resources Page 1/4/2010
     His book on Holiness is the best. Here are collected the resources from this site.
Mary Lyon: Mary Lyon Resources Page 1/4/2010
     Mary Lyon did an amazing work for God as a pioneer educator. Must Read material!
E. Toni Doswell:  New Year Resolutions 1/2/2010
     A good resolution to remember. Christian poetry from a friend.
Charles Trumbull: Hints to Class Leaders 1/2/2010
     This is the first chapter from his marveous book on soul-winning, Taking Men Alive. In this chapter he gives many suggestions on effectively leading a class. Well worth reading!
E White: How to Gain Success in Christian Witnessing 1/2/2010
     Focuses on the need for prayer and Bible study as key to success.
Charles Finney: How to Overcome Sin (12/29/2009)
     Another helpful chapter from Charles Finney on overcoming sin.
Fenelon: On Dying to Self 12/29/2009
     Fenelon's summary of what he understood, from letter to Madam Guyon.
James Ash, Mission Guyana: Preparing for the Holy Spirit 12/22/2009
     Repairing a water tank brings clarity to the "prepare for the Holy Spirit" question.
Uncle Dan: Naughty Heart, Clean Heart audio Book 12/21/2009
   This is a wonderful to share with your children.
Dan Augsburger: Calgary Two Session Series on Prayer 12/21/2009
     MP3s of two evenings at the Central Church.
Gerhard Tersteegen: On Learning 12/21/2009
     Tersteegen is one of my favorite poets. Enjoy
Roger Morneau: Overcoming Demon Harassment 12/20/2009
     Morneau speaks from considerable experience with the dark side.
Dan Augsburger: Praying Boldly 12/13/2009
     Considers what it means to come to God's throne of favor.
Thomas Boston: Reading and Searching the Scriptures 12/8/2009
     Simple suggestions for studying the Bible.
J. C. Ryle: How to Study the Bible 12/8/2009
     Ryle's take on studying the Bible.
Steps to Christ: The Sinner's Need of Christ 12/4/2009
      Practical information on our need of Christ.
Steps to Christ: God's Love for Man 12/4/2009
      Learn more about God's love for humankind.
Anonymous: Honest John Maynard 12/4/2009
      Honest John perished at the helm to save the other passengers.
Anonymous: Consider the Gospel Invitation 12/4/2009
      A touching story speaking to the need to say "yes" now.
George Müller: Hints on Prayer 12/4/2009
      Müller's insights on prevailing intercession.
Frances Ridley Havergal Jesus' Intercessory Prayers 11/21/2009
     A short but encouraging reminder of Jesus' prayers for us.
Author Page: Frances Ridley Havergal (11/19/2009)
    There are many new resources of Frances Ridley Havergal here.
Frances Ridley Havergal: Surrendering ALL to Jesus (11/19/2009)
    Frances encouraged a young adult to surrender EVERYTHING to Jesus.
Frances Ridley Havergal: Serving Jesus Exclusively (11/19/2009)
    Frances wrote on her inability to serve any other sovereign than Jesus.
Unknown Author: All For Jesus (11/19/2009)
    This is the tiny booklet that changed her life in December of 1873
Frances Ridley Havergal: (Sickness: Blessings in Disguise (11/19/2009)
    Her words on sickness as blessings in disguise should be pondered.
Frances Ridley Havergal: Christ For Us (11/19/2009)
    This the last chapter of Kept for the Master's Use.
Frances Ridley Havergal:
The Privilege of Intercessory Prayer (11/19/2009
    Wonderful chapter on intercessory prayer from Royal Commandments.

Dan Augsburger Overcoming Discouragement 11/17/2009
    Helpful thoughts on this important topic.
 Pumpkin Pie (updated) 11/17/2009
    This vegan recipe tastes like the real thing; has no tofu!
Mary: "Raise Him Up" 11/11/2009
    This is a mother's testimony of God's healing power.
Selected: Prayer Meeting 11/11/2009
    Read this marvelous series of quotes on prayer meetings and united prayer.
Hudson Taylor: Ribband of Blue 11/7/2009
    Wonderful sermon based on Numbers 15
William Crosbie: A Call To United Prayer 10/28/2009
    Marvelous call to united prayer. Read it!
A Mother's Testimony: Overcoming the Power of Satan 10/28/2009
    Touching testimony on how one family overcame the power of Satan.
F. B. Meyer: Soul's Wrestle With Doubt - Faith's Reckoning 10/12/2009
    This is two chapters on victory from of a wonderful, little known book from Meyer.
Hannah Whitall Smith: Discouragement 10/7/2009
    Marvelous chapter on the causes and overcoming of discouragement.
E. White: Help in Daily Living 10/6/2009
    This is wonderful on courageous daily living.
George Müller: Developing Faith 10/5/2009
    Müller lists four things that help us develop our faith. Excellent reading!
H. W. Webb-Peploe: Trust 10/4/2009
    This is the BEST sermon I have read on what it means to have faith in God!
Hudson Taylor: Spiritual Science 9/29/2009
    This is wonderful on the way that God works. Very thought-provoking!
Theodore Monod: Guidance 9/28/2009
    Monod was a much loved French revivalist who shared this in 1874 at Oxford.
Lucille: God Protects from Train Wreck 9/26/2009
    A series of divine interventions protects from train wreck; proves God is working!
Roy Hession: Calvary Road pdf 9/26/2009
    This excellent book speaks to what it means to live in godly relationship with other people)
Hudson Taylor: Spiritual Preparation of the Missionary Volunteer 9/26/2009
    This is must reading material on preparing to work for God.
Hudson Taylor Retrospect 9/25/2009
    This is one of my favorite books on preparing for missionary service. Unforgettable.
Frank Gunsaulus:
Bible versus Secularism 9/17/2009
    This wonderful sermon compares the claims of gospel with those of secular society)
Jan: Jan's Miracle of Healing 8/23/2009
    Imagine lying on the operating room gurney with all the IVs hooked up, waiting for the anesthesia that will put you under while they operate on a brain tumor. Imagine your feelings if your surgeon were to suddenly bend over and announce, "Your tumor is gone!" Be blessed in reading and sharing this story.
James McConkey: Prayer 
"The Great Promise" 8/22/2009
    This chapter from McConkey's book will encourage you to pray.
Charles Spurgeon:
The Golden Key of Prayer 8/22/2009
    This marvelous sermon is based on Jeremiah 33:3. Read it!
Dan Augsburger:
Bible Studies (8/22/2009
    These are Bible studies that I am putting together, for a variety of age groups.
Jacob Chamberlain:
Does God Answer Prayer in the Tiger Jungle? 8/22/2009
    This is a great story on answered prayer. Read it to your kids.
James Fraser:
Overcoming Satan's Attacks  8/20/2009
    Read about how Satan attacks us and how we can resist.
Canon Battersby:
The Rest of Faith 8/16/2009
    He shares how victory came when he began "resting" (trusting) in Jesus.
George Müller:
Second Conversion 8/16/2009
    Müller shares how he experienced a second conversion when he began to make the Bible his primary study and looked to the Holy Spirit to teach him.
Dan Augsburger Prevailing Prayer (Video of Melbourne Series) 8/14/2009
    This is video from a series held at the Gateway Church in Melbourne.

Charles Spurgeon Throne of Grace Sermon 8/13/2009
    This is a wonderful sermon on what it means to come to God's "Throne of Grace." This is the first of several sermons I will add by Spurgeon on prayer.

Bridget God's "Same Day" Immigration Intervention 8/13/2009
    Wonderful testimony on how prayer changed an immigration status.
L. E. Maxwell
Faith Versus Feelings 8/12/2009
    This is excellent on the balance between "no fire" and "wild fire," as he puts it.
E White: Thoughts to Ponder on Teaching Sabbath School Class 8/1/2009
    Thought-provoking words on teaching a Bible class.
Dan Augsburger: Teaching a Bible Class 8/1/2009
    Here are some tips I put together when preparing to teach a class on the subject.
Hudson Taylor: Praying Down the Wind 6/30/2009
    Hudson Taylor's experience of praying for wind when he was traveling to China
Emilyn Carty: Experience Joy
    Sent to me, and shares why joy is key to our happiness as Christians.
Gerhard Tersteegen: Persevering Prayer for the Holy Spirit
    Enter the Holy Place with Tersteegen in these thoughts on prayer.
Jesse Kruger: Striving to be Nobody 6/14/2009
    Excellent, from-the-heart sermon on dying to self.

Lance Landall: Believe in Yourself 6/13/2009
H. C. G. Moule: Christ and Sanctification 5/30/2009
    Moule is wonderful!!! Must reading.
Dan Augsburger: Dan's Suggestions on Memorizing Scripture 5/29/2009
    These thoughts may help you in your memorizing.
Kevin Petrie: Kevin's Tips on Memorizing the Bible 5/28/2009
    Kevin has been memorizing a long time and offers good insights.
S. D. Gordon: "Not My Crutches" 5/24/2009
    A touching story on giving for children.
Anika Chrishon: Overcoming more than $12,000 Debt 5/24/2009
    This story will inspire you that God is still doing the impossible.
Octavius Winslow:
The Lord is My Shepherd 5/22/2009
Octavius Winslow: The Lord is My Burden-Bearer 5/22/2009
Octavius Winslow: The Lord is My Example 5/22/2009
Lance Landall: I Forgive You, Dad 5/9/2009
Dan Augsburger:
Jephthah: The Vows that Bind Us 4/4/2009

    This is a small group script on Jephthah and his vow to sacrifice his daughter. I used to write such scripts on a weekly basis and perhaps should write more.
Hannah Whithall Smith: The Problem With Feelings 4/3/2009
    Feelings should NEVER be used to gauge one's walk with God!
Hannah Whithall Smith:
Lovely Will of God 4/2/2009
    Must reading on why God's will is ALWAYS blessed!
Hannah Whithall Smith: Helping Her Daughter Overcome 4/2/2009
    This would be a great conversation starter with children.
Hannah Whithall Smith: Discovering Victory
    A clear testimony on how she discovered victory. Excellent!
Theodore Monod: Our Perils; Our Duties; Our Hopes 4/1/2009
    Clear direction for our spiritual sickness!
E. M. Bounds: Prayer the Secret of ALL Successful Ministry 4/1/2009
    Share with your pastor!
George Müller: Debt and Being Surety 3/30/2009
    Müller was opposed to any debt and any signing of surety. Timely reading!
George Müller: Travel Tips  3/30/2009
    Müller traveled extensively during the last twenty years of his life. He had strong opinions on sleep while traveling.
Dan Augsburger: Interview Primer 3/26/2009
    I used to find employees for large companies. Here are some tips I learned over time. There are other tips in the career resources section.
Anthony Norris Groves: Christian Devotedness
    This little tract was life-changing to George Müller and may be the MOST prayer-provoking document on this entire web site. Read and seek to know God's will here.
Jamoca Almond Fudge Ice Cream (3/22/2009)
    This is a delicious vegan/vegetarian alternative!)
Octavius Winslow: The Lord is My Servant 3/13/2009
    On Jesus in the role of "our" servant.
Octavius Winslow:
The Lord is My Teacher 3/13/2009
    Secrets on how God teaches us!
George Müller: The Secret of His Power in Prayer 3/8/2009
    Taken from his Narratives. Wonderful; must reading!
F. J. Huegel Bone of His bone Chapter 3 3/4/2009
    Explains what it means to renounce the self life.
Legh Richmond (
Raising the Christian Family) 2/28/2009
    This is marvelously practical on raising families.
Dan Augsburger: Family Life quotations 2/28/2009
    I often run across excellent quotes on family life, that are worth sharing!
Octavius Winslow:
The Lord is My Healer 2/27/2009
    Excellent on the many ways Jesus heals us.
Octavius Winslow:
The Lord is My Deliverer 2/27/2009
    Considers the three ways Jesus delivers us.
Octavius Winslow:
The Lord is My Master 2/27/2009
    An obligation, yes, but especially a privilege!
Edward Bickersteth
: Successful Christian Parenting 2/27/2009
    This is a wonderful article on what it takes to successfully raise our children for Jesus.
Dan Augsburger: Dan's Reading Notes 2/25/2009
    On this page I share gems from my ongoing reading.

Hastings: Intercessory Prayer for Four Generations 12/21/2009
    Here is a wonderful idea for praying for our families.
Octavius Winslow:
The Lord is My Helper 12/21/2009
    Discovering our helplessness is an important step in spiritual growth. Learn why.
Octavius Winslow:
The Lord is My Refiner 12/21/2009
    All our refining trials are shaped by God for a blessed purpose. It helps to know this ahead of time.
Hastings: Prevailing Prayer Brings a Change of Weather 2/20/2009
    I am starting to add sample prayers for instructional purposes.
Octavius Winslow:
The Lord is My Brother 2/20/2009
Octavius Winslow: The Lord is My Hope 2/20/2009
    Both of these readings of Winslow are wonderful and highly recommended.
Dan Augsburger:
Understanding the Buddhist World View 2/20/2009
    I share what I learned about Buddhism in preparing for speaking in Cambodia.
Octavius Winslow: The Lord is My Husband Ch. 2 2/19/2009
    This the second chapter of his book The Lord is My Portion on what it means to have God as one's husband.
Octavius Winslow: The Lord is My Portion Ch 1 2/19/2009
    The is the first of many chapters on what it means to have the Lord as one's portion.
Clay Trumbull:
Teaching Children to Joyfully Observe the Sabbath 2/2/2009
    Excellent on helping children develop a love for honoring God on His day.
Susanna Wesley:
Principles for Raising Children.pdf 2/2/2009
    Learn how she successfully raised the Wesley brothers.
Andre Bonar
Conversion of Children 2/2/2009
    Can children be genuinely converted? Bonar was a champion of God in his day.
Dan Augsburger:
Prevailing Prayer (5 part series) 1/27/2009
    This excellent series was given in Nashville; follows syllabus.
Testimony: Promises Bring Deliverance; Restore Sleep 1/29/2009
    Learn how deliverance and sweet sleep were gained by claiming promises.
Arthur Pink: Beauty of Holiness 1/24/2009
    This is a short, but wonderful description of Holiness
George Müller: Secret of Success & Care of His Soul 1/14/2009
    Find Müller's secret of success in this letter I found in England.
Unknown Christian: Intercession Brings Revival 1/14/2009
    A true story from Korea
Margie Mitchell: Miracle Gas Mileage 1/7/2009
    Margie shares how she drove an amazing distance on little gas.
Dan Augsburger:
God's Voice and Determining God's Will 1/5/2009
    Hearing God's voice is confusing. Get helpful information in this article
A Testimony: God Honors the Paying of Faithful Tithe 1/1/2009
    Paying a faithful tithe turns a financial situation around!
T. Austin-Sparks: 
Christ Our Life 12/30/2008
    Christ must be everything to us!
T. Austin-Sparks: Faith Operating in a Dark Day 12/30/2008
    Wonderful reminder of our need to trust God regardless of appearances!
Dan Augsburger: No Room in Bethlehem 12/28/2008

Dan Augsburger | Wellington Series 12/12/2008:
Blind Bartimaeus: The Man Who Refused to Be Quiet
An Encounter in Samaria: She Discovered the Gift and the One Offering the Gift
Healing at the Pool of Bethesda: The Man Who Wanted to be Healed
Feeding 5,000: You Have No Need to Send Them Away
Fishing With Jesus: Peter's Experience
A Father's Faith: What the Tiniest Faith Could Do
Dan Augsburger: Father's Faith MP3 12/12/2008
Dan Augsburger:
Determining God's Will for Witnessing 12/9/2008
Ernest Pickering: Music That Honors God 12/2/2008
Various Authors: More Resources on Christian Music 12/2/2008
Dan Augsburger: Faith Versus Presumption 12/2/2008
William Secker: Avoid Every Kind of Temptation
Dan Augsburger: More Abundant Life Series (Romanian Translation) 11/26/2008
Steps to Christ:
Faith & Acceptance 11/26/2008
L. E. Maxwell: Secret of Victory Over Sin 11/26/2008
L. E. Maxwell: Fact, Faith, Feeling mp3 11/26/2008
F. B. Meyer: Fact, Faith, Feeling 11/26/2008
William Burns: Pressing Into the Kingdom (read by Dan) pdf 11/25/2008

Dan Augsburger: Evaluating a Potential Marriage Partner 11/25/2008
Dan Augsburger: Living Out Our Prayers 11/22/2008
Dan Augsburger: More on Honest Commendation 11/22/2008
Dan's Sermons: Romanian Language Resources 11/1/2008
Dan Augsburger (Romanian) How to Know the Will of God mp3 11/1/2008
Dan Augsburger (Romanian): Mimosa mp3 11/1/2008
Dan Augsburger (Romanian): The Call by the Sea mp3 11/1/2008
Dan Augsburger (Romanian): Witnessing mp3 11/1/2008
Dan Augsburger (Romanian): The Father's Faith mp3 11/1/2008
Dan Augsburger (Romanian):
The Investigative Judgment mp3 11/1/2008
John Newton: On Finding A Godly Wife 11/1/2008
John Newton: On Enduring Trials 11/1/2008
Dan Augsburger: Chiswick More Abundant Life 10/11/2008
Romanian Resources: Viata Din Belsug (More Abundant Life) 10/11/2008
Ian Thomas Major Ian Thomas' Testimony 10/10/2008
Les and Dana: Youth Ministry in Yeovil 10/10/2008
Ian Thomas: Available to God MP3 10/10/2008
A Testimony: Faith Brings Healing 10/7/2008
A Testimony:
Life-Changing Reading Assignments 10/7/2008
Maypa's Story:
Maypa's Conversion from Buddhism to Christianity 9/10/2008
D. L. Moody: Prevailing Intercessory Prayer 9/7/2008 
A Letter: When Witnessing Fails 8/25/2008
Dan Augsburger
William Grimshaw: A Great Pastor 8/20/2008
A Testimony: In The Name of Jesus 8/20/2008
Forgiveness Brings Physical Healing: Vicky's Story 8/16/2008
Cherie Jackson: 
Miraculous Discovery of Long-Lost Grandfather 8/9/2008
Dan Augsburger Personal Testimony: The MOST Effective Witness 8/6/2008
Dan Augsburger: Victory (Dying to Self and Receiving Jesus) Session 3 MP3 8/4/2008  
Various Authors: The Reliability of the Bible 8/3/2008
Lance and Merita Cutts: Long-term Witness in Samoa 7/31/2008
Daniel Rowlands: All Things Work for Our Good 7/29/2008
Henry Venn Thoughts on a Weak Faith 7/27/2008
J. C. Ryle: Assurance (From Holiness) 7/27/2008
Unknown Christian & Charles Trumbull: Dangers of the Victorious Life 7/27/2008
E. M. Bounds: Obedience and Prayer 7/27/2008
Witnessing: A Buddhist Conversion Testimony 7/27/2008
American Tract Society: The Christian and the Theater 7/27/2008
Charles Finney: Memoire (revival) 7/27/2008
Daniel Bourdeau: Holiness 7/27/2008
Dan Augsburger: 4 Lepers MP3 7/27/2008

Johnny Wong: Session 2 MP3 Daniel 727/2008
Johnny Wong: Session 3 MP3 Fishing 7/27/2008

J. C. Ryle: Christ is All 7/14/2008
Sermons: NZ June July 2008 Sermons 7/13/2008
Johnny Wong: Session 1 MP3 7/13/2008

Johnny Wong: His Testimony MP3 7/13/2008 (Wonderful ASANZ Testimony!!!!)
Farai Manjengwa: Enoch Walked With God MP3 7/13/2008 (Wonderful ASANZ Sermon!!!!)
Farai Manjengwa: Preach The Word MP3 7/13/2008 (Wonderful ASANZ Sermon!!!!)
ASANZ Testimony: Forgiveness MP3 7/13/2008 (Moving ASANZ Testimony on Forgiveness)
Charles Trumbull: Taking Men Alive 7/8/2008
Dan Augsburger: Relationships MP3 7/8/2008 (ASANZ Sermon)
Farai Manjengwa: The Prodigal Son MP3 7/8/2008 (Wonderful ASANZ Sermon!!!!)
Dan Augsburger:
Children's Ministry Resources 6/22/2008
Harriet Beecher Stowe: How To Live On Christ 6/21/2008
Pastor Resources: Loving Words 6/19/2008
Gospel Workers: Secret Prayer for Pastors 6/18/2008
Octavius Winslow: Healing For the Sick-Sick Soul 6/9/2008

E. M. Bounds: Obedience and Prayer 6/9/2008
These two chapters by Bounds should be required reading for all prayer warriors!
Andrew Murray: The qualifications for Intercessory Prayer 6/1/2008
John R. Mott: Intercessory Prayer and Missions 6/1/2008
William Law: Early Morning Prayer 5/26/2008
Various Website Visitors Testimonies of Answered Prayer & Victory 5/15/2007
Andrew Murray Meditation (Studying the Bible) 5/11/2008
A new page on Studying the Bible 5/11/2008
A series of readings on spiritual growth: Readings on Spiritual Growth
Mead MacGuire: Laws of Growth and Sanctification 5/4/2008
Gerhard Tersteegen Experiencing the Holy Spirit 5/4/2008
E. White: Growing Up Into Christ 5/4/2008
E. White: Spiritual Growth In Grace 5/4/2008
J. C. Ryle: Spiritual Growth 5/4/2008
Gerhard Tersteegen: Praying for the Holy Spirit 5/2/2008
J. C. Ryle: "Sin" From Holiness 5/2/2008
Various: Introductory Thoughts on Dying to Self 5/1/2008
Rosalind Goforth: Healing Prayer 4/25/2008
Charles Trumbull: Taking Men Alive (pdf) 4/16/2008
F B Meyer: Hints to Lay Pastors A (Ch. 1 and 2) 4/10//2008
Various: Resources for Pastors 4/9/2008  
Charles Finney: Preaching So As To Convert Nobody 4/5/2008
Charles Finney: Prevailing Prayer (1847 Series) Part A
Charles Finney: Prevailing Prayer (1847 Series) Part B 4/4/2008
Charles Finney: Prevailing Prayer (1847 Series) Part C 4/4/2008
J. C. Ryle: How To Attain Holiness 4/2/2008
Dan Augsburger: Hudson Taylor 2 | Surrender Brings the Call 3/19/2008
E. White: Consecration 3/17/2008
Dan Augsburger: Hudson Taylor 1 | Pressing Forward 3/16/2008
Dan Augsburger: Feeding the 5,000 (MP3 Sermon) 3/16/2008
Amber Landall:
Feeling Down and Lonely 3/11/2008
Clay Trumbull: Hints on Child-Training "Will Training" 3/10/2008

This is one of the BEST books I've ever read on raising children!

E. White: The Power of Prevailing Prayer 3/10/2008
Dan Augsburger: Almost Flour-Free Sprouted Wheat Bread 3/6/2008
August Francke: Faith the Means to Happiness 3/6/2008
Hannah Whithall Smith: Is God in Everything 3/2/2008
Thomas Watson: Final Prayer (First of many Famous Prayers) 3/1/2008
Octavius Winslow: Understanding the Bible 2/26/2008
Walter Marshall: Gospel Mystery of Sanctification (Ch. 12) 2/20/2008
Rosaline Goforth:
Surrenders Her Children 1/25/2008
Rosalind Goforth: Goforth Discovers Finney
Charles Finney: Prevailing Prayer Recollections 1/25/2008
Dan Augsburger:
Living In A "Sola Scriptura" Bubble 1/24/2008
Octavius Winslow: My Life is in God's Hands 1/24/2008
Samuel Clarke:
Promises Relating to... Trouble 1/23/2008
Various Authors: Experiencing God: Waiting On Him 1/23/2008
James Fraser: Prevailing Prayer of Faith 1/17/2007

John Bunyan: Prevailing Praying in the Spirit 1/16/2007
James Fraser: Prevailing Intercessory Prayer 1/8/007
Thomas Brooks: Thoughts on Trials and Difficulties 1/6/2008
Samuel Clarke: Precious Promises of God
Plenty 1/2/2008
Samuel Clarke: Precious Promises of God Having Children 1/2/2008
Samuel Clarke: Precious Promises of God Believer's All 1/2/2008
Samuel Clarke: Precious Promises of God Believer's Children 1/2/2008

Samuel Clarke: Precious Promises of God Believer's Family 1/2/2008
Dan Augsburger: Witnessing and Limitations 12/6/2007
Melissa: Overcoming Depression 12/27/2007
PDF Resources for Printing and Sharing 12/26/2007
These resources are configured as half folds for easy sharing and are on the subjects of prayer and overcoming depression for now. Here is a letter sized sample on depression:
Overcoming Cutting

F. J. Huegel: Christ's Victory Our Victory 12/26/2007
Ruth Paxson: Christ in You
J C Ryle:
Duties of Parents   12/25/2007
Dan Augsburger:
Witnessing In Our Not So Brave New World 12/23/2007
Willa: Witnessing In a Psych Hospital (a touching testimony) 12/21/2007
Dan Augsburger:
Our Witnessing Tools 12/21/2007
Dan Augsburger: Witnessing In Hopeless Situations 12/19/2007
Dan Augsburger: Witnessing and Misleading Appearances 12/17/2007
Various: Quotations on Prayer and Need of Unity 12/16/2007
Dan Augsburger: 
Sympathetic Knowledge 12/16/2007
Dan Augsburger: Fear of Making a Mistake 12/15/2007
Dan Augsburger: Fear of Feeling Unqualified 12/14/2007
Dan Augsburger: Fear of Knowing What to Say Part 2 12/13/2007
Samuel Clarke: Precious Promises of God: Prosperity 12/12/2007
Dan Augsburger:
Fear of Knowing What to Say 12/12/2007
Dan Augsburger: Fear of Looking Ridiculous 12/11/2007
Dan Augsburger: Fear of Man Issues and Witnessing 12/10/2007
Dan Augsburger: Personal Invitations and Witnessing 12/9/2007
Dan Augsburger: Witnessing and Group Prayer 12/7/2007
Dan Augsburger: Witnessing and Limitations 12/6/2007
Dan Augsburger: Prayer and the Witnessing Lifestyle 12/5/2007
Dan Augsburger: Responding to God's Call (12/4/2007)
Dan Augsburger: Promoting a Witnessing Lifestyle (12/3/2007)
Unknown Christian: The Victorious Life 12/7/2007
Samuel Clarke: Precious Promises of God
Health 12/6/2007
Samuel Clarke: Precious Promises of God Safety 12/6/2007
Samuel Clarke: Precious Promises of God Peace 12/6/2007
Samuel Clarke: Precious Promises of God Direction 12/6/2007
Dan Augsburger: Witnessing and Limitations 12/6/2007
Dan Augsburger: Prayer and the Witnessing Lifestyle 12/5/2007)
Dan Augsburger: Witnessing-Responding to the Call (12/4/2007)
Dan Augsburger: Witnessing-Promoting a Witnessing Lifestyle (12/3/2007)
Samuel Clarke: Precious Bible Promises Daily Life 12/3/2007
Samuel Clarke: Precious Bible Promises: General 12/3/2007
Charlene Luzuk: Charlene's Travel Tips 11/30/2007
J. C. Ryle: Holiness, "Thirst Relieved" 11/30/2007
Thomas Watson: Temptations Work for Good  11/29/2007

Anonymous: Prayer Brings Sale of Home 11/29/2007
A. T. Pierson: Hints to Intercessors 11/23/2007
C. H. Spurgeon: Intercessory prayer 11/21/2007
Casa, Y: Engaging The Spirits; Deliverance Ministries 11/15/2007
Andrew Murray: With Christ in the School of Prayer download pdf 11/14/2007
A. T. Pierson: George Mueller of Bristol pdf 11/14/2007
Gregory Mantle: Better Things From Above: "Better Discipline" 11/9/2007
Andrew Murray: On Knowing God's Will 11/6/2007
James McConkey: Going In to God, and Out to Men 11/5/2007
Gregory Mantle: Beyond Humiliation 21: "The Cross Day by Day" 10/31/2007
Gregory Mantle: Beyond Humiliation 20: "Step by Step" 10/29/2007
Gregory Mantle: Beyond Humiliation 19: "The Tests of Obedience" 10/27/2007
Gregory Mantle: Beyond Humiliation 18 "School of Obedience" 10/24/2007

Articles on Confession:
E. White: "The Duty of Confession" 10/21/2007
Jonathan Goforth: By My Spirit "Appropriate True Confession" 10/21/2007
Charles Finney: "On Confession and Being Cleansed From Sin"
Andrew Murray: The New Life "Confession of Sin" 10/21/2007
J. C. Ryle "Do You Confess" 10/21/2007
E. White: Steps to Christ "True Confession" 10/21/2007
E. White:
"Erroneous Ideas of Confession" 10/21/2007

Gregory Mantle: Beyond Humiliation "Reckoning at the Cross" (Ch. 17) 10/20/2007
James McConkey: The God Planned Life 10/16/2007
James McConkey: Holy Ground 10/15/2007
Gregory Mantle: Beyond Humiliation "Not I, But Christ" (Ch. 16) 10/14/2007
Dan Augsburger: Sharing Videos 10/12/2007
Gregory Mantle: Beyond Humiliation "Married to Another" (Ch. 15) 10/10/2007

"The vocation of every believer is this: to be a revelator of the love of Christ. The believer is an epistle of Christ — an epistle of His love.” So that what was impossible by a constraining principle from without, is delightfully possible by an impelling power from within. The second Husband therefore supplies a new motive as well as a new model, and to every call, His beloved may make answer: “The love of Christ constraineth me.” She serves now not in the oldness of the letter which is Sinai, but in the newness of the Spirit, which is Pentecost...."

Dan Augsburger: Comparing Modern Philosophy and Christianity 10/9/2007

"Nietzche, though born of a pastor’s family-in fairness we must acknowledge his dad died when he was ï¬ï¿½ve I believe-decided God was dead and therefore we were on our own. He also had an aristocratic view towards life, and believed that a superman could take over and create the ideal conditions for the world. He hated Christianity, socialism and democracy, because all of them stood in the way of a certain class of super people having their own way. One of his students was Adolf Hitler, who followed what he wrote to its ultimate outcome, and brought on WWII and the holocaust. Nietzche had a mental breakdown at the end of his life. In his mind the strong are better than the weak (which included women, for him), and the strong should enjoy exploiting the weak for its own ends. He also thought morality was a hindrance to the development of new and better customs; that it made one stupid. Needless to say, a philosophy that willingly sacrifices millions of people, that sets up one group of people as a super race that can do whatever it needs to gain its own ends, is hardly a philosophy that I would want to buy in to." Taken from a letter to a young adult.

Rick Wade: Confident Belief 10/8/2007


This is the first of a series of articles that will hopeful appear on witnessing to postmoderns. A sample: "This is the heart of postmodern thought, and it surrounds us today. We cannot know the truth about reality; we only know our own constructions of it. We can hope to convince others to join us in our beliefs, but there is no room for rational argumentation, because one’s views about the world are no better or worse than any others. As Stanley Grenz says, “all human interpretations-including the Christian worldview-are equally valid because all are equally invalid.”
Gregory Mantle: Beyond Humiliation "The Risen Life" (Ch. 14) 10/8/2008
James McConkey: The Ministry of Suffering 10/7/2007
James McConkey The Omnipotent Power of Prevailing Prayer 10/6/2007
Gregory Mantle: Beyond Humiliation "The Dying Life" (Ch. 13) 10/05/2007
Gregory Mantle: Beyond Humiliation: "Beauty For Ashes" (Ch. 12) 10/3/2007
H. M. S. Richards Sr.: The World is Ripe for Revival 10/2/2007

J. Edwin Orr: Revival and Prayer 10/1/2007
Gregory Mantle: Beyond Humiliation: "The Gains of the Cross" (Ch. 11) 9/30/2007
Gregory Mantle: Beyond Humiliation: "The Fruit of the Cross" (Ch. 10) 9/29/2007
Gregory Mantle: Beyond Humiliation: "The Gate of the Cross" (Chapter 9) 9/27/2007
Gregory Mantle: Beyond Humiliation: "The World and the Cross" (Chapter 8) 9/26/2007
Gregory Mantle: Beyond Humiliation: "The Victims of the Cross" (Chapter 7) 9/25/2007
Gregory Mantle: Beyond Humiliation: "The Inward Cross" (Chapter 6) 9/24/2007
Gregory Mantle:
Beyond Humiliation: "Self and Sin" (Chapter 5) 9/22/2007
Gregory Mantle: Beyond Humiliation: "The Idol Self" (Chapter 4) 9/20/2007
Gregory Mantle: Beyond Humiliation: "The Light of the Cross" (Chapter 3) 9/18/2007
Gregory Mantle: Beyond Humiliation: "A Mixed Life" (Chapter 2) 9/18/2007
Gregory Mantle: Beyond Humiliation: "All Methodical God" (Chapter 1) 9/16/2007
E. White:
Jesus Blessing the Children 9/11/2007
Thomas Watson: Evaluating Our Love For God 9/10/2007
The Folly of Unbelief 9/9/2007
Andrew Murray: With Christ in the School of Prayer (appendix on Müller) 9/8//2007
Small Group Testimonial 9/7/2007
Andrew Murray: With Christ in the School of Prayer (31st Chapter) 9/6/2007
Andrew Murray: With Christ in the School of Prayer (30th Chapter) 9/6/2007
Pictures from Dan's trip to Switzerland and France
Thomas Watson: Danger of Cherishing One Sin 8/31/2007
Andrew Murray: With Christ in the School of Prayer (29th Chapter) 8/27/2007
Andrew Murray: With Christ in the School of Prayer (28th Chapter) 8/26/2007

Andrew Murray: With Christ in the School of Prayer (27th Chapter) 8/26/2007
Andrew Murray: With Christ in the School of Prayer (24th Chapter) 8/25/2007

Andrew Murray: With Christ in the School of Prayer (25th Chapter) 8/25/2007
Andrew Murray: With Christ in the School of Prayer (26th Chapter) 8/25/2007
Dan Augsburger: My Experience Running and Tips on Running (requested) 8/22/2007
Mead MacGuire: Maintaining the Walk (from the Life of Victory) 8/7/2007
Charles Finney: Conditions to Prevailing Prayer and the Holy Spirit 8/6/2007
Henry Law: "Holiness," Christ is All 7/29/2007
A. T. Pierson: George Müller of Bristol 7/29/2007
Striking Examples of Prevailing Prayer 7/29/2007
Andrew Murray: With Christ in the School of Prayer (23rd Chapter) 7/28/2007
F. B. Meyer: On Falling In Love 7/28/2007
Samuel Jackson: The Life and Character of Gerhard Tersteegen pdf (7/26/2007
Hannah Whithall Smith: The Christian's Secret of a Happy Life pdf (7/26/2007)
Gerhard Tersteegen:
Spiritual Crumbs from the Master's Table pdf (7/26/2007)
Hannah Whithall Smith: Is God In Everything? (7/26/2007)
Henry Law:
Thronging the Mercy Seat (7/22/2007)
Duncan Campbell: Repairing the Wall MP3 Revival Sermon (7/20/2007)
Duncan Campbell: God's Answer to the Cry of Unbelief MP3 Revival Sermon (7/20/2007)
Dan Augsburger: Jacob's Transformation MP3
Dan Augsburger: Leah-Hope For Needy Hearts MP3 (7/18/2007)
Dan Augsburger: Lot-Understanding the Wandering Heart MP3 (7/18/2007)
Ian Thomas: 9-Part Prairie Audio Sermon Series

Charles Trumbull: The Perils of the Victorious Life 7/2/2007
Charles Spurgeon: Prayers Answered; Love Nourished 6/29/2007
Andrew Murray: With Christ in the School of Prayer (22nd Chapter) 6/27/2007
Andrew Murray: With Christ in the School of Prayer (21st Chapter) 6/26/2007
Andrew Murray: With Christ in the School of Prayer (20th Chapter) 6/26/2007
Andrew Murray: With Christ in the School of Prayer (19th Chapter) 6/17/2007
Andrew Murray: With Christ in the School of Prayer (18th Chapter) 6/15/2007
Andrew Murray: With Christ in the School of Prayer (17th Chapter) 6/13/2007
Andrew Murray: With Christ in the School of Prayer (16th Chapter) 6/12/2007
Andrew Murray: With Christ in the School of Prayer (15th Chapter) 6/7/2007
Andrew Murray: With Christ in the School of Prayer (14th Chapter) 6/1/2007
A Testimony: Prevailing Prayer Brings Sale of House 5/31/2007
Andrew Murray: With Chrsit in the School of Prayer (13th Chapter) 5/31/2007
Andrew Murray: With Christ in the School of Prayer (12th Chapter) 5/29/2007
Andrew Murray: With Christ in the School of Prayer (11th Chapter) 5/28/2007
Andrew Murray: With Christ in the School of Prayer (10th Chapter) 5/27/2007
George Whitefield: Intercessory Prayer Every Christian's Duty (5/25/2007
Andrew Murray: With Christ in the School of Prayer (9th Chapter) 5/23/2007
Andrew Murray: With Christ in the School of Prayer (8th Chapter) 5/22/2007
John Greenfield: Power From On High (Downloadable PDF) 5/22/2007
Andrew Murray: With Christ in the School of Prayer (7th Chapter) 5/21/2007
John Greenfield Power From On High: 1. A Modern Pentecost
John Greenfield Power From On High: 2. When the Spirit Came
John Greenfield Power From On High: 3. The Spirit's Witness
John Greenfield Power From On High: 4. Witnesses Unto Me
John Greenfield Power From On High: 5. A New Song
John Greenfield Power From On High: 6. Fruit That Abides
John Greenfield Power From On High: 7. Renew Our Days
Helen Roseveare: Stir Me (5/18/2007)
Andrew Murray: With Christ in the School of Prayer (6th chapter) 5/14/2007

Charles Finney: Prevailing Prayer (Lectures 1-3) 5/9/2007

Andrew Murray: With Christ in the School of Prayer (5th chapter) 5/11/2007
Andrew Murray: With Christ in the School of Prayer (4th chapter) 5/8/2007

Andrew Murray: With Christ in the School of Prayer (3rd chapter) 5/6/2007
Andrew Murray: With Christ in the School of Prayer (2nd chapter) 5/6/2007
Andrew Murray: With Christ in the School of Prayer  (1st chapter) 5/5/2007
A 6'8 Women's Testimony: Overcoming Low Self-Esteem Issues 5/2/2007
New Blog (look at left side bar) 5/1/2007
Keep Holiness (S L Brengle) 5/1/2007

Speaking Appointments (New appointment)
Justified Walk Sermon Series (Frank Phillips) 4/29/2007)
Prevailing Prayer (Charles Finney) 4/25/2007
Why So Few Revivals (Charles Finney) 4/25/2007

Daily Revival Quotations 4/25/2007
Christian Entertainment (Addison Raws) 4/24/2007
Struggling Christian (Practical answers for struggling Christians) 4/24/2007
Overcoming Self-Injury and BPD (A young adult testimony) 4/24/2007
Branch and the Vine (Frank Phillips) 6 sermons 4/23/2007
Reworking of Revival Page 4/22/2007

The Instruments of Revival (Duncan Campbell) 4/22/2007
Power From On High
(John Greenfield) A  Marvelous history of the Moravian Revival 4/22/2007
Christian Witness (A new section on path2prayer) 4/20/2007

Christian Witness Stories (A collection of stories on witnessing)
Gerhard Tersteegen (A general page on him) 4/20/2007
The Believer, The Temple of the Holy Ghost (Gerhard Tersteegen) 4/20/2007

Small Group Resources Small group lessons (4/18/2007)
Quiet Talks on Power (S D Gordon) 4/18/2007 -
Fresh Supplies of Power
Quiet Talks on Power (S D Gordon) 4/17/2007 - Flood-Tide of Power
Quiet Talks on Power (S D Gordon) 4/16/2007 - Making and Breaking Connections

Warning Admonition Against Temptation (Gerhard Tersteegen) 4/14/2007
Fasting and Praying for Wisdom (A Student's Testimony) 4/13/2007
Asking In Christ's Name 4/13/2007
Victory in Christ (Charles Trumbull) 4/2/2007

Toronto Maranatha Series  (Repaired links) 4/1/2007
Path2Prayer Newsletters 3/29/2007

Getting Answers to Prayer (Short list on getting answers) 3/28/2007
Fact Faith Feeling (F B Meyer) 3/28/2007
Toronto Maranatha Series




Fundamentals of Prayer
Intercessory Prayer
Healing Prayer


Fundamentals of Prevailing Prayer
Intercessory Prayer
Healing Prayer

The More Abundant Life (Reorganized) 3/27/2007
Victory & Temptation Page (Reorganizing it) 3/27/2007
Gerhard Tersteegen
True Godliness (This is the BEST on godliness) 3/27/2007

F B Meyer: Intercessory Prayer 3/26/2007
Prayer Books & Sermons (New, more convenient listing) 3/26/2007
Dan Augsburger: The Fundamentals of Prevailing Prayer 3/25/2007
Andrew Murray: Abide in Christ, Power in Prayer 3/25/2007

Daily Victory & Overcoming Temptation Quotes 3/22/2007
Conditions of Prevailing Prayer 3/22/2007
Daily Christian Devotions Quote 3/22/2007
Daily Prayer Quote 3/20/2007

A Young Adult Testimony:
Overcoming a Financial Obstacle 3/18/2007
Various: Prayer, Authority & Overcoming Satan 3/18/2007
Overcoming the Darkness: A Testimony 3/18/2007
Theodore Monod "Life More Abundant" 3/18/2007

Various: Prevailing Prayer and Learning to Pray 3/14/2007

January, 2007 NZ & Fiji Materials
Dan Augsburger: Hebrews 12 "Surrounded by Witnesses!"
Dan Augsburger: Fiji "Revival in Nehemiah"
J. E. Orr: Repentance & Revival

Dan Augsburger: Prevailing Prayer
Hudson Taylor: The Exchanged Life
Andrew Murray: With Christ in the School of Prayer
Rosalind Goforth: How I know God Answers Prayer

The Meaning of Trials
Healing & Fasting
Dan Augsburger: Small Group Primer

Bamboo School: Miracle Answers to Prayer
Pictorial Journal and blog for current trip to NZ and Fiji

J. C. Ryle: Ruler of the Waves
J. C. Ryle: Moses, An Example
MP3 - Dan Augsburger: Lot Understanding the Wandering Heart
MP3 - Dan Augsburger Christmas: Mary, "According To Your Word"
Rosalind Goforth: Finds Victory
Hannah Whitall Smith: Her Conversion Story
My Angel Overcomes Temptation

A Young Adult: Overcoming Depression
Dan Augsburger Overcoming Temptation
Francois Fenelon: Temptation
S. D. Gordon: Prayer Changes Things
F J Huegel: The Cross & Prayer


Mumbai Resources