Hindering Factors

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Hindering factors are a big deal with God. The Bible clearly teaches that certain things hinder God answer prayer, including cherished sins—things we have been convicted are wrong but choose to pursue anyway, and unresolved differences—the "aught" mentioned in Matthew 5:23. For many individuals the reason their prayers are not being answered is due to difficulties in this area.

I have prayed for many years and obtained sufficient answers to feel comfortable with my prayer life. But a time of great need came when I desperately needed to obtain answers. So I prayed; prayed often; prayed with GREAT ferver. But to no avail. I was getting no where. this went on for quite some time. Nothing was happening and I became desperate. About that time I read of the need to take the Bible conditions for answers to prayer seriously. I did. The next morning I woke up and began writing letters to people with whom there were unresolved differences. What a difference it made in my prayer life. Immediately answers were coming. In fact they came every day. If I have learned anything, I have learned that what the Bible teaches on the conditions to answered prayer is to be taken seriously! Dan A.

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