Conditions: Their Importance
"Ye receive not..."
Compliance Brings Answers
When it comes to getting answers, understanding the "science of prayer" is vitally important. The Scriptures are clear: answers come when we pray according to the conditions outlined in the Bible.

Some of these conditions are positive: praying in Jesus name; praying with faith; praying according to God's will, etc..

Some of these conditions refer to hindering factors: sin; lack of love and unity, etc..

Great Christians consistently agree that failure to pray according to the conditions outlined in the Bible keeps prayers from being answered. Note what Andrew Murray said on the subject:
"(God) would tell us that we are not to rest without an answer because it is the will of God, the rule in the Father’s family: every childlike believing petition is granted. If no answer comes, we are not to sit down in the sloth that calls itself resignation, and suppose that it is not God’s will to give an answer. There must be something in the prayer that is not as God would have it...; we must seek for grace to pray so that the answer may come. It is far easier to the flesh to submit without the answer than to yield itself to be searched and purified by the Spirit, until it has learnt to pray the prayer of faith.” Andrew Murray, With Christ in the School of Prayer Page 34

In my own experience, I did not obtain answers until I took ALL of the conditions seriously. Until then, my prayers often went unanswered. After taking the conditions seriously, many previously unanswered prayers were answered!

I have since shared my experience with others and have encouraged them to take the conditions seriously. Sadly, in too many cases, the individuals listening have responded "God doesn't expect us to follow all the conditions listed—particularly the one about making things right with others." My experience suggests otherwise, and I am confident you will only get answers when you take all the conditions seriously.

The Bible is clear on the subject and I share specific texts and quotations on each condtion on this web site.