My Angel Overcomes Temptation: A Testimony

(This meaningful testimony was shared
by a website visitor and is very helpful!)

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I view temptations as actual battles.

I was a soldier for six years, spending one of those years in Afghanistan fighting against the Anti-Coalition Militia (ACM). This experience led me to greater insight into our spiritual battles, and to how they might be won.

First I learned that it was important for me to study how I had fallen in the past, noting particularly what steps I had taken and what thoughts I had been thinking just prior to me falling. I realized that until I did this, I would continue to fall into the same traps for the same reasons, because until I learned from history, I was bound to repeat its mistakes.

This conscious effort to list out where I had fallen in the past allowed me to clearly recognize my own weaknesses, and to identify specific temptations that I was prone to. I called the temptations and the circumstances that led me to fall to them my "battlefields." Having identified battlefields from my past, it became easy to recognize them the next time Satan brought them along.

When confronting the temptation this time, however, I pictured my angel of light beside me, and the tempting angel in front of me. I declined to fight for myself, knowing that I had lost every battle I had tried to fight in my own power (if I had even fought at all) in the past. Yet I determined that I would overcome the temptation by allying myself with God's power. To that end, I mentally pointed to my angel of light and told the tempting angel "By God's power, and in Jesus' name, this one will fight for me..." I knew that my angel would never lose, and will always fight for me when I reach out to our Father for help with such spiritual battles. It worked. Time and time again, through God's power, I overcame where before I had fallen.

It got even simpler after that. The moment I realized Satan was inviting me to an old battlefield, I simply refused to go there. "Old battlefield" I would tell myself, "with God's power I already overcame that temptation; I refuse to contest a battle that I've already won."

By treating the temptations as they should be, as real battles, and by claiming the promises of God that Satan will flee and that there is always a way to escape every temptation (1 Cor 10:13), by God's power Satan is defeated every time.

Shared by "Joseph"