Pumpkin Pancakes

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Dry ingredients
2 ¼ C Flour
3 TBS Baking Powder
1.5 tsp Salt
2 TBS Soy Supreme (this is a powder)
2 TBS Sugar
½ tsp All Spice
2 tsp of Cinnamon

Liquid ingredients
2 tsp Vanilla
6 TBS Oil
2 C Silk Creamer + Soy Silk (some have added as much as 4 C with good success)
1 15 oz Can Pumpkin
1 tsp Molasses (unsulfered…not Black Strap)

1. Combine dry ingredients in mixing bowl.
2. Comgine wet ingredients.
3. Combine the two with a whisk.
4. Spoon on to hot griddle and bake until golden brown.

  • Will be thicker than normal pancake batter.
  • Serve with Maple Syrup and dollop of Thai Coconut Cream that has been taken out of the can, and cooled and hardened in the refrigerator.