The China Study
by T. Colin Campbell

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This wonderful book is a must read! In my own intentional journey towards better health, this book was recommended and proved very helpful. Where many books are a collection of anecdotal assertions that don't hold much water when investigated, his book cites hundreds of studies to establish the superior health benefits of a plant-based diet.

I shared this book with one of the members of my small group who was an avowed lover of all things "dairy." She returned the next week to inform me that I had ruined her delight in some of her favorite "dairy-based" food.

Discovering and analyzing a research study considering a high incidence of liver cancer in Pilipino children in wealthy families—as a result of what is now known as a "western " diet, another study of a group of rats in India who were given a 20 percent animal-based diet—our western diet, developed precancerous lesions, and the China-wide study of life-style factors and the potential impact on the incidence of cancer in China, Campbell studied the effects of an animal protein-based diet and found strong evidence that such a diet is not only a primary activator of the dormant cancer that seems to lurk in each of us, but also a significant factor in many other deseases. The suggestion is made that the easiest way to avoid cancer is to maintain a plant-based diet.

Read the book and draw your own conclusions. You will find it hard to put down and will be sharing the findings with your friends.