Prayer Group ABCs

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Prayer is never so meaningful as when exercised in a small group.  As one young adult recently shared:

“Starting a small group is easy.  Find some people and set a time when you can all get together and pray.  If you try it, you WILL see results.  It makes your days go so much better. It gives a peace that has so much satisfaction.”

•  Keep it small
A group can be two or more people.  Three to four is ideal.

•  Keep it convenient
A convenient location can include a dorm room, a lounge, a quiet corner in a restaurant, or an alcove at work.  In short, any place qualifies.

•  Keep it simple
Less is more when it comes to small groups.  Start by briefly considering a Bible story, verse, or promise; rejoice over answers; share significant needs; then pray.

•  Keep it on prayer
It may sound extreme, but most of the time should be spent praying. Some groups choose not to discuss requests ahead of time, preferring to learn about requests during the course of the prayers. Needless to say, other group members will occasionally take notes during the prayer time to jot down specific requests.

•  Keep it flexible
Starting time, location, and duration can vary.  Some group members may only stay briefly due to other conflicts.  Whether you pray for 10 minutes or 60, it will be meaningful.  Agree on a quitting time at the beginning.  Try not to exceed 60 minutes.

•  Keep it going
Meet as often as group members find convenient; every day is best!

•  Minimize leadership
The group that isn’t dependent on any one person will thrive regardless of schedule and participant changes.  Make Jesus your leader!

•  Keep looking to Jesus
Successful prayer looks to Jesus for everything: righteousness, justification, sanctification, wisdom, peace, repentance, courage, forgiveness, the emptying of self, and strength.  Instead of looking to group members, look to Jesus!  1 Cor 1:30
•  Keep it affirming
Be passionate about your own obedience, be generous with praise, and affirm other group members, other Christians, members of other cultures, and leaders.  Don’t judge!  Life change takes place in affirming environments.

•  Keep it safe
Maintain a caring and appropriately confidential culture.  Gender-based is safest.

•  Keep it “other” centered
Pray for others; reach out to others; care about others.  Nothing is so meaningful as seeing specific prayers answered in someone else’s life, or being part of the answer!

•Keep a list
Maintaining a list of specific requests will allow review and rejoicing for the answers that will most certain come! A medium sized loose leaf notebook seems to work well since it allows for pages being easily added or removed, as well as having sections dedicated to certain kinds of requests.

Written by Dan Augsburger


What has worked for you?

2008-03-17 12:00 AM

Forming prayer changs is what has worked for me, by letter, phone, or letter. Asking to be lifted up in prayer and praying that you will be continuesly blessed,amen!