Joel Fuhrman: Eat To Live

Fuhrman's book "Eat To Live" was the first book that really convinced me about desirability of a vegan diet. Being raised an "ovo-lacto" vegetarian I thought I was doing really well, but he shared well documented evidence that the ideal diet is one that shuns animal-based products where possible. Where many books provide much anecdotal proof, Joel Fuhrman's book cited real scientific evidence.

A Reader's Testimony

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Important points:

    1. If you want to lose weight, the most important foods to avoid are processed foods (condiments, candy, snacks and baked goods (fat-free has nothing to do with  it).

    2. Soil Depletion isn't the problem, our food choices are!

    3. Fat is an appetite stimulant: the more you eat, the more you want to eat.  If food could be scientifically engineered to create an obese society, it would have fat, such as butter, mixed with sugar and flour.

    4. Oils are 100% fat and is deposited and is quickly deposited on our bodies as fat.

    5. For best results, include huge amounts of raw foods.

    6. Include many high fiber foods.

    7. Cancer is easier to prevent than to cure.

 8. The largest animals (elephants, gorillas, rhinoceroses, hippopotamuses, and giraffes) all eat predominantley green vegetation, and apparently gain sufficient protein from a vegetarian diet to thrive.

    9. Making good food choices is more important than weighing food and taking small food portions.

    10. Following a strict vegetarian diet is not as important as eating a diet rich in fruits and vegetables.

    11. He offers surprising thoughts on what is causing osteoporosis!

    12. Why most weight loss plans are a waste of your money.

    13. A three-part diet: a. eat unlimited amounts of these foods; b. eat limited amounts of these foods; avoid these foods (dairy and animal products, snacks, fruit juice and dried fruit).

Theses are only a few of the fascinating findings of Joel Fuhrman relative to enjoying good health. The best part of the book is the diet that actually allows you to eat unlimited quantitites of some foods (which I choose not to provide specific detail on).  Now that's my kind of diet! I urge you to read his important book.

Here is the testimony of one person who followed his recommendations.

It has been a life changing experience for me. I have tried other diets in the past, but none ever addressed what to do if you are vegetarian. I had only recently begun investigating 'vegan' recipes and this book did it for me. I had been walking 2 mi / day for 5 days / week, mainly because my blood work wasn't the best. What should have been high was low and vice versa. The walking was helping with the blood work, but I wasn't losing weight (probably toning up some, but no visible changes). Then I picked up the Eat to Live book. I lost 15 pounds in the first 3 weeks, then maintained for about 6 weeks and have just recently begun to lose again. After 4 weeks of a new lifestyle (sounds better than 'dieting'), I no longer needed Prevacid for acid-reflux. This was monumental for me. I had been on daily medication for about 8 months! I feel better, look better and am very anxious to see the results of my next blood test. I have also noticed that I no longer get up at night to go to the bathroom and I have had no 'sleepless nights' either (something we pre-menopausal women felt we had to live with). I have never gone hungry, my appetite is always satisfied and ending my meal with fruit has cured my sweet tooth. Have I strayed off, well I've had cake & ice cream a few times at special events, but have made it a practice to avoid at all costs having 'treats' in the house. And I have had no complaints about the food I serve at the dinner table. That includes my 13 yr old son & a somewhat fussy husband. This is not a temporary change for us, something we do until we've reached goal, but a lifestyle change. A plant-based diet is great!   


I hope you try his book and enjoy better health as a result.

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