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"I was blessed with parents who cared about health and encouraged me to pursue a healthful lifestyle. As a result I was raised as a lacto-ovo vegetarian* and never developed a taste for many things that others struggle over. However, having plenty of Swiss blood flowing through my veins, dairy products were in constant use.

In the course of presenting seminars on the more abundant life and victory, God convicted me that I needed to trust Him more with my health and to allow Him to make changes in my diet.

Oh, I'd been concerned about what I ate in the past, but mainly to maintain my weight and improve my running stamina. As a result I was eating lots of protein, shunning carbohydrates, and eating other healthful things which resulted in less weight. There were menu choices, however, that I was unwilling to surrender.

About that time I visited a family who knew how to make delicious food without animal products and I realized healthful food could also be delicious. That family also gave me the book "Eat to Live" by Joel Furhman, which I read as I returned home. Reading about how the largest mammals are vegan, realizing that the amount of protein supposedly needed is greatly overstated, and realizing for the first time that it is possible to build muscle bulk, without eating dairy or meat, not only convinced me that change was needed, but possible AND beneficial.

I am pleased to report the Lord began working in me, and took away my desires for the things that I was so weak to, and gave me new tastes and desires, and I have been happily following a better diet for some time.

I don't feel I am better than anyone else for choosing this diet, but I believe my health is better, and am pleased to report that in recent extended travels to other parts of the world I have not contracted any sickness in spite of the many people and varied lifestyles encountered. I freely acknowledge that good health has been one of God's blessings during my travels, but I've played a role as well.

I don't feel called  to go around throwing stones at other people and point my finger at their dietary practices, but I do feel called to encouarge improvements in gentle and helpful ways. Accordingly I share suggestions, recipes and other helpful resources.

I am vegan in my own home, however, on the road I choose to be a low maintenance traveler, and therefore try to fit in with my hosts so far as dairy goes. I am grateful for the people who try to accommodate my vegan leanings. I also appreciate the fact that not eveyone knows how to cook that way and I also appreciate their efforts. However, I strongly encourage giving a more healthful diet a try. For further encouragment, read T. Colin Campbell's "The China Study" book.

Over time I hope to feature many easy, delicious recipes that can help you transition to a better diet if you are so inclined and convicted.

* A lacto-ovo vegetarian is a person who is a vegetarian, but does consume the animal products of eggs (ovo) and milk (lacto). It's as simple as that. A strict vegetarian is called a vegan. Vegans eat no animal products, no meat, fish or poultry, no eggs or dairy. They also avoid foods with animal products such as baked products made with butter. There are other classes of vegetarians, and more are arising all the time as people continue to modify their diets towards a lessening reliance on meats.

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