Prayer Changes Things

S. D. Gordon


"What Then?"
I.  Prayer Changes Things
II.  New Spelling For The Word "Ask"
III.  Pitching Tent On Olivet

"What Then?"*

Bessie Porter Head.

"He is counting on you."
He has need of your life
In the thick of the strife;
For that weak one may fall
If you fail at His call.
He is counting on you,
If you fail Him — What then?

"He is counting on you."
On your silver and gold,
On that treasure you hold;
On that treasure still kept,
Though the doubt o'er you swept.
"Is this gold not all mine?"
"Lord, I knew it was Thine."
He is counting on you,
If you fail Him — What then?

"He is counting on you."
On a love that will share
In His burden of prayer;
For the souls He has bought
With His life-blood; and sought
Through His sorrow and pain
To win "Home" yet again.
He is counting on you,
If you fail Him — What then?

"He is counting on you."
On life, money and prayer;
And "the day shall declare"
If you let Him have all
In response to His call;
Or if He in that day,
To your sorrow must say,
"I had counted on you,
But you failed Me" — What then?

"He is counting on you."
Oh! the wonder and grace,
To look Christ in the face
And not be ashamed;
For you gave what He claimed,
And you laid down your all
For His sake — at His call.
He had counted on you,
And you failed not — What then?”

These three Addresses were given at the Annual Meeting of the South African General Mission April l0th 1910, in King's Hall, Halborn, London.

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2006-08-02 12:00 AM

This prayer is just saying it all its true, what then if we dont follow his will? but as we all know that nothing we could do about it but to strive to what God has longed for us to do...

Dan Augsburger
2012-01-24 9:02 AM

Seeking God's will and praying for it is fundamental to obtaining the answer. Notice what Frances Havergal said: When what we ask is founded on a promise or any written evidence of what the will of the Lord is, this is comfortingly clear. But what about petitions which may or may not be according to His will? Surely, then, the condition can only be fulfilled by a complete blending of our own will with His; by His so taking our will, so undertaking it and influencing it for us, that we are led to desire and ask the very thing He is purposing to give. Then, of course, our prayer is answered, and the very pressure of spirit to pray becomes the pledge and earnest of the answer, for it is the working of His will in us. See more on conditions on this web site.