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Directory of Topics on Basic Christianity
Bible Study and Devotional Life

Bible Memorization 

Career and Finding Work


Church Issues


Confession Issues

Conversion Stories

Depression and Self-esteem Issues

•Borderline Personality and Self Injury
•Overcoming Low Self-Esteem





Experiencing God 

Faith and Growing It




God's Will

God's Guidance

(Stories of people who were healed)

Honoring God (Ways to honor God, to bless more, and be blessed!)




Legal Problems


Mission Service

Music, Christian

Pornography and Christians


Providence and Sovereignty of God Over our Lives


Relationships: Dating and Potential Marriage Partner

Relationships: Marriage, Family and Children

Relationships: Getting Along With Others

Sabbath: Which Day is God's Day, and how should I reverence it?

Salvation: Accepting God's Free Gift of Salvation

Satan: Overcoming the Powers of Darkness

Secularism (dealing with issues in secular society)


Victory and Overcoming Temptation

Wisdom, God's Guidance and Knowing God's Will
Bible Study and Devotional Life

Bible Study (Main Page)

Bible: Foundation of Our Faith (short but wonderful on the role of the Bible)

The Reliability of the Bible (Solid evidence for the reliability of the Bible)

The Devotional Experience (Help me have a more meaningful time with Jesus.)

Maintaining My Walk (I'm struggling to maintain my new walk with Jesus! What can I do?)

Experiencing God's Presence (Here are wonderful quotations on experiencing God's presence.)

Understanding the Bible (Here are a few thoughts from Octavius Winslow)

Care of Soul, a Primary Work (Excerpt from a letter between George Müller and Hudson Taylor)

How to Study the Bible (Wonderful, by George Müller)

Be Still and Know (some thoughts on meditative prayer and the devotional experience)

Holy Spirit, Great Teacher of the Bible (George Müller's second conversion experience)

How to Study the Bible (From J. C. Ryle)

Reading and Searching the Scriptures (Thomas Boston)

Read the Word (Thomas Watson)

The Morning Watch (Andrew Murray)

Family Worship Family Worship (Ellen White)

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Bible Memorization
Dan's Suggestions on Memorizing Scripture (This will help you greatly in memorizing the Bible).

Kevin's Tips on Memorizing the Bible (Kevin has good suggestions for memorizing the Scriptures).

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Career and Finding Work

Career Resources Page

Dan Augsburger: Interview Primer

Church Issues

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Consecration is simply the constant recognition of the fact that we are the Lord's and not our own. He who learns that this is a fact, and lives in the constant living presence and recognition of it as the great fact is consecrated.

A. T. Jones: Consecration  (This is excellent on consecration)

E. White: Consecration (God cannot transform us if we don't completely give ourselves to Him).

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Confession Issues
Confession is an important and necessary part of the Christian life. James said, "Confess your trespasses to one another (James 5:16) ...." Men who God has greatly used down through the Christian ages have noticed that God seems to be hindered in bringing revival when there is an absence of confession. But at the same time, we must recognize that there is an appropriate way to confess, and an appropriate setting. Because there is confusion on this matter, we have added a few articles that have been helpful, from a variety of authors.
The Need of Confession (An article on why confession is important.)

Appropriate Confession (Learn what makes some confession more appropriate.)

True Confession (Learn why "true confession" is always specific in nature.)

Confession and Cleansing From Sin (Connects confession and cleansing)

Confession of Sin (Murray further reinforces the need for confession)

Do You Confess (Ryle is wonderfully is instructive on this!)

Erroneous Ideas of Confession (The dangers of confession are highlighted here)

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Conversion Stories

A Buddhist Conversion Story (Touching!)


It is sometimes suggested that Christians should never struggle with depression, but the truth of the matter is that many do! Unfortunately, depression isn't talked about much, and one rarely hears prayer requests for overcoming depression in open church meetings. It isn't "politically correct" to do so, nor do many of the people listening know how to relate to the depressed person, to say nothing of having the maturity to do so effectively, nor do they know what to say. As a result, many quick, sometimes superficial, answers are served up, for a struggle which is more profound and debilitating than is usually realized. But there is hope! and many are overcoming depression and finding new joy. Accordingly, here are a few testimonies that shed light on the dark passages of life. In both cases, these individuals are again enjoying life. Do you have a testimony on overcoming depression? Please share your testimony for possible inclusion.
Depression: Overcoming It (This practical testimony comes from a young adult)

Self-Injury and BPD: Overcoming It (A young adult's testimony)

Overcoming Self-Esteem Issues related to being 6'8 (A Woman's Testimony)

Overcoming Depression Related to a Lost Relationship (A Career Woman's Testimony)

Depression Overcome Through Prayer (A Young Adult's testimony.

Feeling Down and Lonely (Amber Landall's Poem)

Discouragement (Wonderful chapter from Hannah Whitall Smith)

Overcoming Discouragement (One of Dan Augsburger's Newsletters on the subject)

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Difficulties and Trials
Trials (My life is falling apart! I need help)

Trust in God (No matter what is going on, Christians can be happy)

Purpose of Trials (Why is this happening to me? Where is God?)
Is God in Everything? (I can accept what God sends, but NOT what man sends!)

The Christian's Secret of a Happy Life (Wondeful! from Hannah Whithall Smith)

The Ministry of Suffering (This is clear teaching on the subject from McConkey)

Better Discipline (Gregory Mantle shows God's activity in difficulties; superb!)

Brooks on Trials and Difficulties (A few quotes from Precious Remedies)

My Life is in God's Hands (Wonderful from Octavius Winslow)

Is God In Everything (A wonderful reading from Hannah Whitall Smith)

Consecration (Should be read with Hannah Whitall Smith's reading)

"All Things Work Together for Our Good" (Marvelous from Daniel Rowlands!

On Enduring Trials (from John Newton's letters)

Faith Operating in a Dark Day (A reminder of Jeremiah's courage from T. Austin-Sparks)

Experience Joy(A good reminder that our courage is rooted in joy)

Help in Daily Living (A wonderful chapter on courageous daily living!)

Discouragement (Great chapter on overcoming discouragement)

Newsletter on Discouragement (Thoughts on overcoming discouragement)

Sickness: Blessing in Disguise (From Frances Ridley Havergal and wonderful!)

My Prison Hath Neither Lock Nor Door (From the letters of Samuel Rutherford)

Thoughts on Trials (Letters of James Smetham)

Christ's Way of Overcoming Difficultites (Do you trust God in difficult situations?)

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Entertainment and Christians
Are Christians called to be sober-minded "kill joys" who are happiest when the weather is overcast, they are feeling badly, and when there is something negative to think and talk about? Unequivocally "No!" Though the realities of our day are sobering and we have been called to bring our hope to a world that is going down fast, we are called to be happy Christians. But what does that mean on a practical basis? How should we spend our time? What kinds of activities are most appropriate. Though there are many answers on this subject, and more will be added over time, this first article points out the need to surrender our amusements as the first step in determining God's will regarding them.

Amusements in the Christian Life (A message delivered in 1922 but still relevant today!)

The Christian and the Theater (Thought-provoking article published many years ago!)

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Faith and Growing It
Developing Faith (How can I develop more faith?) The Life of Victory: "Abiding in Christ" (How can I maintain my faith and walk?)

The Folly of Unbelief (God's existance is seen all around us!)

Faith, the Means to Happiness (A touching explanation by Pietist August Francke)

Faith Versus Presumption (Some points to help you steer clear of presumption).

Faith Versus Feelings (A few excellent paragraphs from L. E. Maxwell)

The Rest of Faith (Canon Battersby's testimony)

Trust (H. W. Webb-Peploe's sermon on faith is one of the BEST I have read!)

Developing Faith (This comes from George Müller)

Disouragement (This comes from Hannah Whitall Smith)

Saving Faith (Trust God for salvation no matter what is going on)

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If prayer requests are any indicator, finances are a continuing challenge to many Christians. Many sincere, praying, people have unwittingly entered into financial obligations and debt that were unwise from the beginning, and find themselves struggling to make ends meet from that point on. Some of these obligations came during their college and university years, and come with the same cost as a mortgage. It is to be questioned whether all of this debt was really God's will, for there are some students who ask God to help them through debt free and somehow succeed with the blessing of God. They did so through much prayer, seeking to know and follow God's will, and a patience in allowing God to open the way before them. Every situation is different, and the "one size fits all" mantra doesn't necessarily apply, however, these testimonies are offered to encourage you that God is able to help as His children pray. More helpful information will be added over time.
Praying for School Fees (A testimony on praying for school fees)

Fasting and Praying for Wisdom to Avoid School Debt (Another young adult testimony who graduated from college debt-free; also
appears in wisdom section)

Giving (Practical thoughts from William Wilberforce on giving)

God Honors the Paying of Faithful Tithe (a testimony of God's financial faithfulness)

Debt and Being Surety George Müller

Overcoming Financial Debt (How God removed a $12,000 debt to pave the way for mission service)

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Healing Stories

Honoring God
Honoring God in the Sabbath: Teaching Children to Joyfully Observe the Sabbath

" How to train children to a joyous observance of the Lord's day, to a joyous looking forward to its coming, and to a joyous looking back upon its memories, is a weightier question, with thoughtful and intelligent Christian parents, than how to conform the conduct of children to the traditional ideas of legitimate Sabbath observance. An utter disregard of the Sabbath in the training of children is a great wrong; but even a greater wrong than this is the training of children to count the Lord's day a day of irksome constraint instead of a delight." From Clay Trumbull's chapter on this subject.

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False Ideas of Justification "Christ for our sakes became poor, that we through His poverty might be made rich. And any works that man can render to God will be far less than nothingness. My requests are made acceptable only because they are laid upon Christ’s righteousness. The idea of doing anything to merit the grace of pardon is fallacy from beginning to end. “Lord, in my hand no price I bring, simply to Thy cross I cling.” – {1888 816.2} Read article on False Ideas of Justification By Faith

Legal Problems

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Mission Service
Path2Prayer: Christian Witnessing Mission Section

Charlene Luzuk: Charlene's Travel Tips
George Müller: Travel Tips

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A young person decided to get rid of all of his secular music. Notice what he says at the end of this quotation: "Then of his own decision, he decided to get rid of ALL of his music and other such paraphernalia . He cleared his iPod and his computer, broke his rolling stones clock, we snapped all of his cds, ripped up his band shirts, tore down his posters, shredded his music books, he even got rid of his Christian music. He said, 'this is what led me to the music that almost ruined me. It was first Christian praise music, then Christian rock, then Christian metal, then Christian heavy metal, and then to completely secular stuff.' Music was his entire life, he was shocked he actually did all of this...."
Christian Music Music That Honors God Christian Rock: Christian or Satanic Why People are Returning to Christian Hymns

What's in a Song

Thoughtful Please (Poem by Lance Landall on boisterous Church Music)

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Prevailing Prayer Brings Sale of House (Learn how God intervened in amazing ways) Prayer (I'm not getting answers to my prayers!)

Learning to Pray (Great ideas on how to prevail with God)

Conditions of Prevailing Prayer (What does the Bible teach on praying and getting answers?)

Hints on Prevailing—getting answers—in Prayer (Hints on the many reasons answers to prayers are either delayed or not granted)

Prayer Brings Sale of Home (A wonderful on God's ability even in our difficult housing market)

Claiming God's Promises  (Ryle's wonderful encouragement to claim God's promises)

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Providence and Sovereignty of God Over Our Lives

God's Levers (testimonial of Barbara J. Hill on the presence of God in her life)

The Blessings of Quietness (Wonderful words on the value of quiet by J.R. Miller)

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Relationships: Dating and Considering Marriage

Evaluating a Potential Marriage Partner (My thoughts on the subject)

On Falling In Love (F B Meyer's practical thoughts on falling in love.)

Relationships MP3 (Dan Augsburger, ASANZ Sermon)

On Finding A Godly Wife (John Newton)

Views on Christian Marriage (Gerhard Tersteegen)

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Relationships: Marriage, Family and Children

"The power for good or evil that resides in a little child is great beyond all human calculation. A child rightly trained may be a world-wide blessing, with an influence reaching onward to eternal years. But a neglected or misdirected child may live to blight and blast mankind, and leave influences of evil which shall roll on in increasing volume till they plunge into the gulf of eternal perdition." George Müller

Parents, Train Your Children

True Love
Jesus Blessing the Children (John Newton; Answers questions on the early conversion of children)

Duties of Parents (J C Ryle)

Hints on Child-Training: "Will-Training, Rather than Will-Breaking" (Marvelous by Clay Trumbull)

Teaching Children to Joyfully Observe the Sabbath (Also by Clay Trumbull)

Conversion of Children (Andrew Bonar)

Principles for Raising Children.pdf Susanna Wesley

Successful Christian Parenting Edward Bickersteth (Excellent!!!)

Raising the Christian Family Legh Richmond (Good suggestions on raising children)

Conversion of Children George Müller

Overcoming for Children: Hannah Whithall Smith

I Forgive You, Dad (poem on Father-Son Relationship by Lance Landall)

Believe in Yourself (poem on self esteem by Lance Landall)

Raising Children (Legacy of Andrew Murray's Mum... Quite amazing!)

Early Piety (A wonderful sermon from George Whitefield)

John Nelson's Wife and Marriage (Learn what it meant to be married to a Methodist Circuit Rider)


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Relationships: Getting Along With Others

The Calvary Road (Roy Hession)
Hession points out that the cross not only brought reconciliation with God, but also man.

Unresolved Differences/Lack of Love (Various authors)
Lack of love is said to keep more people from having power with God than anything other thing.     This authors point out why this is true. Good reading!

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There is a long list of documents relating to the Sabbath, God's Special Day

What Does the Sabbath have to do With Salvation? (Erwin Gane)

How, when and why was the Sabbath changed from Saturday to Sunday? (Erwin Gane)

Honoring God the Creator (Bible Study)

Romans 14:5 (Sabbath in the Bible: The Word "alike" does not appear in the original text)

Colossians 2:14 (Sabbath in the Bible: No part of the moral law could be construed to be a "shadow")

Acts 20:7; 1 Cor. 16:2 (Sabbath in the Bible: Paul spoke Saturday night because he left on his journey Sunday morning)

Bible study on the Sabbath

Many more documents!


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Consider the Gospel Invitation (Respond by saying "yes" now)

Honest John Maynard (Honest John gave his life for the passengers)

God's Love for Man (Learn more about God's love for humankind)

The Sinner's Need of Christ (Practical information on our spiritual needs)

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Satan and Overcoming the Powers of Darkness

Overcoming the Power of Darkness: (A testimony on leaving satan's service)

Promises Overcome the Power of Darkness (A Testimony)

Overcoming Demon Harrassment (From Morneau, provides specific helpful steps)

The Might of Satan (Andrew Murray)
Our only security is in the intercession and guidance of Him who overcame Satan (Eph. 6:10,12,16). Far be from us the idea that we know all the depths of Satan, and are a match for all his cunning stratagems.... May our only security be the conviction of our frailty and weakness, our confidence in Him who certainly keeps the lowly in heart. (Read the rest of the Might of Satan).

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Bible versus Secularism (wonderful on values of Bible versus values of secular Roman Empire)

Evolution (forthcoming)

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Victory and Overcoming Temptation

Hannah Whitall Smith

Rosalind Goforth

Charles Trumbull

Hudson Taylor

Life More Abundant (Theodore Monod; on experiencing the more abundant life!)

A Bible Study on Victory (Rosalind Goforth's)

Overcoming Temptation (What to do when the urge strikes!)

More Help With Temptations (Fenelon shares helpful ideas)

My Angel Overcomes My Temptations (A Web visitor shared this)

Warning Admonition Against Temptation (Helpful thoughts on what to avoid)
The Life of Victory: "Abiding in Christ" (How to keep walking with Jesus)

Danger of Cherishing One Sin (Thomas Watson)

How To Attain Holiness (J. C. Ryle)

Second Conversion (George Müller speaks of his second conversion experience)

Soul's Wrestle with Doubt - Faith's Reckoning (Wonderful from F. B. Meyer)

The Rest of Faith (Canon Battersby's testimony of how victory came to him)

Jesus the Great Physician (John Newton reflecting on Jesus' role as his great physician)

John Bunyan Finds Victory (A few paragraphs from Bunyan on the secret to victory in his life)

Holiness: A Possible Experience (A short but clear article on holiness)

Admonitions on Satan's Snares and Temptations (Gerhard Tersteegen)

The Better Way to Overcome Temptation (Extremely helpful on trust God completely!)

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Wisdom, God's Guidance and Knowing God's Will

Fasting and Praying for God's Guidance (A student's testimony)

George Müller and God's Guidance (Varioius things Müller said on the subject)

God's Voice and Determining God's Will (Hearing God's voice is confusing. Get helpful information in this article)

God's Guidance (How can I know God's will?)

More on God's Guidance (Articles from great Christians)

The God-Planned Life (Seeking and remaining on God's pathway for our lives)

Rosalind Goforth's Testimony (Surrender in the context of missionary endeavor)

Difficulties Concerning God's Guidance (Hannah Whithall Smith on the subject)

Secret of Guidance, F B Meyer (Here find the secrets disclosd by F B Meyer)

How To Determine God's Will (Here are some of the things I have gleaned) 

On Knowing God's Will Andrew Murray (Short but very helpful!)

God's Guidance for Witnessing (Considers George Müller's Three Questions)

Lovely Will of God (Hannah Whithall Smith's triumphant testimony on the blessed nature of God's will! This is must reading.)

Bid Me Come (Describes Hudson Taylor's journey in seeking God's timing for going to China. Most instructive)

God's Guidance (Theodore Monod; This was delivered at the Oxford Meetings in 1874)

Divine Guidance (John Newton provides clear information on how to avoid making mistakes.)