3/22/07 I head off for the Maranatha conference in Toronto tomorrow. I speak four times. This is the first of two trips to Canada this month. The next trip will take me to Vancouver, BC where I speak seven times at the ACTS conference. I'm looking forward to the trip West since I will be joining Landon Saylor and many friends. God is good! I hope you are reading the blogs at the link below to learn more about the trip to the South Pacific.

See pictures of current trip and read blog: http://web.mac.com/danaugsburger/iWeb/Site%207

1/22/07 Tui Ridge’s family camp has come to an end and I find myself in Auckland where I have started a series of meetings at the Glen Innes Church.

As usual I entered into the week with some anxiety, hoping things would go well, hoping that the Lord would see fit to use me, hoping that I would connect with the people attending. Looking over the schedule ahead of time, I found myself sharing speaking appointments with a “Kath” and speaking for some workshops that were a little different than I had anticipated. The changes were not a problem, but just the same, it always brings additional concern—I’m normal, I do worry ahead of time.

In looking back over the week, I can only say “Praise God!” The other speaker—the actual name turned out to be “Cat” since the Thai children can’t pronounce “th”—was a self-supporting, missionary as she termed it, who has an orphanage on the Thai Burmese border with 65 children. She operates her mission according to whatever the Bible teachers, including NO DEBT! I believe her approach needs to followed by all of our mission endeavors. Too many people are going into debt to serve God and running into severe issues in the present—and sadly I don’t see Scriptural warrant for this approach. The stories she shared were wonderful and so inspiring. We worked together well and my presentations and stories on answered prayer, and her illustrations on answered prayer, dovetailed wonderfully.

Beyond all of that, the music, the attitudes of the other leaders, the many activities for the families and the children, the beauty of the surroundings made for an unforgettable week. I also made some new and dear friends, some of whom a group of us prayed for in a special way. I was also blessed to have a group of people come together every morning to pray for God’s blessings at 6 AM. I was able to transcribe much of Cat’s last message and will post it to path2prayer.com. My last message on Jonathan’s armor bearer was also God-given and much accompanied by the Holy Spirit.

I don’t believe I have been to any camp where everyone seemed to be so happy with what was going on. Might our kids and families have more weeks of wholesome and godly activities. I am grateful to Pastor Eddie Tupai, the head of the North Island Conference for inviting me, for his secretary, Carol Russell for taking such good care of me, and for Andrew ? the camp leader and his staff. God is so very very good.

At the Glen Innis church we are pursuing a week of revival. The first meeting we considered a reviving purpose. Tonight we talk about a reviving message. Prayers continue to be solicited and appreciated!

1/16/07 I’m writing this update from Tui Ridge, the SDA camp located two to three hours south of Auckland, in the vicinity of Rotorua. I’m speak on prayer at the “family camp.” I’m told about 180 people are here.

The most significant thing here is the other main speaker, a lady by the name of “Cat” Riley-Bryan who is a self-supporting missionary who runs a clinic and orphanage in Thailand. She has about 65 orphans that live with her. I have really enjoyed learning about the way she operates. Similar to many missionaries in the past, she doesn’t incur debt. She also is committed to absolute honesty. Looks to the Bible for direction in all areas, and has some fascinating ideas on how to prepare for mission service. For example, she recommends that families who are thinking of coming over turn off their electricity for a month, use cold water for their baths, cook on a little gas stove, and eat rice (and vegetables) for all their meals for a time. She has given lectures on how to prepare families to be missionaries, etc.. She follows the example of George Müller much closer than anyone else that I’ve heard of, and I believe God is blessing. If I remember correctly, over 360 volunteers visited her this past year. I hope to ask many more questions, but she is a fascinating person and I’m gleaning all I can from her.

1/14/07 I’ve been happily staying in the Rayland Motel in Manukau for the last couple of days. Fortunately it has wireless internet so I can post something on line. 

Sabbath I was to speak for the afternoon AY meeting at the Pakuranga Church, but when the designated speaker discovered I was there, he asked me to take the sermon, which I did (taking it was a serious thing since he had been praying and preparing as well, but said he could share that sermon later). I spoke on the children of Israel leaving Egypt. I believe the people understood what I was saying and were blessed, and a large crowd returned in the afternoon when I shared my testimony on answered prayer. I also had the opportunity to meet some really fine people who are seeking to serve Jesus in their part of Auckland, which was very encouraging.

A special blessing there was seeing Milca, Elvis, Ennice, and others who have become dear friends. I am so very very blessed in having friends in so many places.

Today (Sunday) I was to have left for the Family Camp at Tui Ridge, but Carol called to say the camp was being delayed due to a heavy rainstorm precluding holding camp there for the moment. So, I took advantage of the day to develop a presentation on secret prayer, something I’ve been wanting to do for some time.

Speaking of secret prayer, I believe there is more to secret prayer than we sometimes realize. Notice the following:

“A holy life would not be so rare or so difficult a thing if our devotions were not so short and hurried.... We live shabbily because we pray meanly. Plenty of time in our (prayer) closets will bring marrow and fatness to our lives.” E. M. Bounds.

Researching “secret” prayer was a wonderful blessing and I hope my life changes as a result. The primary change being to spend MORE time in secret, “in God’s presence” prayer, in addition to ongoing intercessory prayer.

1/11/07 Dickens wrote a book entitled “A Tale of Two Cities.” which begins with an oft repeated phrase: “It was the best of times and the worst of times....” By the way, I’ve never read any further than the first two lines lest you are wondering about me.

Well I want to tell you a tale of TWO STORES.

It was the worst of times!
I forgot something VERY important: the cable that connects my computer to a power point projector. Because NZ is a very up-to-date place, I wasn’t overly concerned about finding one. A quick search online found a couple of stores close by that sold Apple computers-I can’t find any stores close by that sell Apple computers at home (so much for the US leading the rest of the world). I hustled down many many blocks to the first store, made inquiry regarding the cable, was informed that they didn’t have one, but was advised there would be such a cable at the store downtown—far away downtown from Manukau where I am staying. I thanked them, took what they said at face value and fully expected I would be making what should have been an unnecessary trip the next day.

The best of times.
Noticing the other store listed online was down the street within viewing distance of the first store, I decided to at least see if they might have it (Harvey Norman Super Centre). My, they had everything I could have wanted and more, including the cable. I picked one up, paid a bit more than I wanted for it—this of course would have been unnecessary had I planned better, there’s another lesson here—and am happy to announce I’m ready to go.

I wonder... did the salesman in the first store—here’s the tale of the two stores part!—fail to tell me about his competitor for fear I would go and find the part there? I can’t speculate and won’t, but can’t help but wonder.

I have a question: “To what degree does spiritual competition play a role in our referring people to other ministries and acknowledging when others may have something more appropriate than we have? To what degree do churches actively support each other, bending over backwards to make sure that every opportunity is made for them to succeed? To what degree do pastors help each other succeed? Lest I be misunderstood the same is true for those of us who sit in the pews in terms of our helping fellow members succeed. And what about helping a co-worker on the job? To what degree do we recognize that gifts and talents are given in trust for us to share with others? To what degree do we realize that it is in sharing these gifts and talents that they are multiplied? Jesus became nothing in serving us so that we might receive everything necessary to serve Him. It may be that we are holding the key to someone else’s success. I hope we will recognize the trust we have been given in our talents and gifts, and will be as generous with them as we want God and others to be generous with us. I think I read something about “Do unto others....” Maybe we should go and do likewise!

1/10/07 I  need to tell you something really good and something really bad: I think I might have converted someone today! He was next to me on the airplane and I felt compelled to ask him some pointed questions. He responded wonderfully—he asked good questions, showed a great deal of interest, shared his own background on the subject, and eventually volunteered his name as he gave me a business card so that I could contact him later. Witnessing is the ultimate supernatural high!  Now for the bad part, I wasn’t witnessing about Jesus, I was witnessing about my Apple computer. Why am I so enthusiastic about something of less importance than that which is of supreme importance? I think it may have to do with my being more convinced about the one, in some ways, than I am of the other. I think there is something wrong with the picture.

We talked about Jesus as well, but the conversation started in talking about the computer.

Now some better news... I redeemed the time! In the next leg of the journey I did my best to make sure that Jesus WAS a part of all that went on, and He really blessed. At one point I shared the things I wish I could have done over—among other things, traveled more when I was a young adult, asked more questions prior to getting married, followed my heart relative to my work, and become a fully committed Christian much sooner—which led to meaningful discussions. Learning to be comfortable in these situations is a good thing for me. There is hope!

1/9/07 The quiet of the early morning in the South Bend airport belies the hurry and worry that comes in the course of modern day travel. I tried to make lists ahead of time, and I think I remembered everything, but I’m going to the South Pacific where it is winter, and I’m not sure what to expect. I hear it can be cold at Tui Ridge (Tui Fridge I’m told at times). So, I’ve hedged my bets and gone prepared for a little of everything. So far three things are worth sharing. I waited too long to start packing and underestimated the time it would take to get the computer up and running. At one point I was getting a little desperate hoping I would be ready in time. I wonder if my Christian walk is a little like that-underestimating the effort involved in having a close relationship with Jesus, and sometimes feeling a little desperate about the whole thing. Then, I met a nice man on the bus who started talking to me and shared how he had come out of Mormonism and become a Christian. We talked the whole time and it sure made the time fly. I hope to pick up that conversation again in the future since he lives close to Berrien. I don’t think he suffers much from what some have called the “fear of men;” I want to be like that. The other thing was finding to my great dismay that the handle of a brand new “bullet proof” computer bag wasn’t properly sewn, and is tearing and almost off. I called Apple from the bus to seek a remedy but learned there is nothing they can do, though they are refunding the money. I wonder if God ever feels dismayed when he looks at His broken—often by choice—born again, children. I’m glad He responds with more than a “I can’t do anything” answer. Finally an important “heads up” on the thinking of American young people. My seat mate teaches writing and routinely queries students relative to their passions. Hm, I thought to myself as I sat up a little straighter and anticipated new insights and reasons for hope for the future. Don’t hold your breath. Today’s burning passion, according to my friend is sports, lowering the drinking age and legalizing marijuana. I think we have reason to keep praying!. The situation is actually a little worse since he also mentioned that the underlying theme of the class is ethics. I may be mistaken, but it appears one solution to some of our ethical dilemmas, according to these students, may include lowering the standards to bring ethics into line with behavior, instead of raising the bar to bring behavior into line with ethics. Lest I get too hard on the college students of America-and these students don’t necessarily represent any thing more than a small minority since I have personally met many wonderful young adults who are driven by wonderful passions. But just the same, I wonder, are my passions any more worthy? I’m obviously not trying to lower the drinking age, nor am tempted to seek the legalization of marijuana, but is the fact that I’m doing those things—truth be told much of the time doing nothing—make me any better. I wonder, will we be asked one day, not only about what we were doing, but also for what we could and should have done.

1/8/07 1/8/07 I’m heading off for another five weeks, first to New Zealand, and then to Fiji. I’m excited to be going, but also a little intimidated—I get a little scared of speaking like everyone else. Preparing actually takes more work than some might realize. In addition to all the “throw stuff in the suitcase” activity that obviously goes on, it also means paying bills in advance, making arrangements for various things that need tending while I am away, and preparing for anything special that also needs my attention before being more than out of sight and mind. This time I have felt impressed to bring with me a computer to leave along the way. The impression has been very consistent and led to my approaching others to help—anyone still wanting to help is certainly invited to participate. I am already receiving indication that God is behind this impression, which encourages me.

My topics are primarily prayer since the South Pacific Division is concentrating on prayer this year. This is a good thing since prayer is what brings everything else into our lives—I completely agree with multiple great Christians that there are many things that God wants to give us, but can’t, unless we ask for them through prayer. Speaking for myself personally, I want to come into a much closer walk with Jesus through this trip. That will take time to focus on Him. Fortunately, sometimes travel actually affords more quality time for that kind of thing.

The first time I flew to Fiji, I spent significant time seeking God’s presence and blessing on my life in preparation for the meetings that I would be leading. At some point, as we approached Nadi, Fiji, God gave special promises that greatly encouraged me. I rejoiced and happily claimed the promises coming my way. The promises seem to suggest greater things than I had imagined. There was little to do but rejoice in the moving of God in my heart at that moment. In hindsight I can assure you that God more than delivered on those promises. I pray for the same this trip.

11/5/06 I've just completed a series on revival held in Mt. Pleasant, MI in which the Holy Spirit has again been felt. Each talk was on "reviving," For example a "Reviving Purpose," Reviving People," It was the same series I shared with the students at the University of Michigan, and again God blessed. I find that I am returning to the same —Jesus, in every talk. Combine that with prayer and loving relationships with others, and working as God wants us to work, makes for an irresistibility that God blesses. Sabbath I shared some thoughts God gave me on Jonathan's Armor bearer as I was meditating on the passing of my prayer partner Benoni. I will share some quotes from that sermon. This week I am beginning a series on healing and depression from the book of Samuel, entitle "dreams." It's new material and I am having to do lots of study, but God blessed the first session and I anticipate and pray for more blessings.

One highlight of being here is staying with Darren and Ireneia who spoil their guests in the nicest way. Ireneia taught me how to make sprouted wheat bread last time I was in Midland and she is showing me more bread-making secrets again. And, we discovered that I was not using all the ingredients of her recipe but still coming up with great bread. So, we will have another effort. Look for complete instructions with video clips eventually on how to make sprouted wheat bread that only uses 1/3 of a cup of gluten flour. It is possible and I discovered the secret somewhat by accident. Now for the quote...pray before you read:

“If God has called you to be really like Jesus in all your spirit, He will draw you into a life of crucifixion and humility, and put on you such demands of obedience, that He will not allow you to follow other Christians, and in many ways He will seem to let other good people do things which He will not let you do. He will take you at your word; and if you absolutely sell yourself to be His slave, He will wrap you up in a jealous love, and let other people say and do many things that you cannot do or say. Settle it forever, that you are to deal directly with the Holy Spirit, and that He is to have the privilege of tying your tongue, or chaining your hand, or closing your eyes in ways that He does not deal with others. Now when you are so possessed with the living God that you are, in your secret heart, pleased and delighted over this peculiar, personal, private, jealous guardianship and management of the Holy Spirit over your life, you will have found the vestibule of Heaven.” (Lester Bonds)

I pray this finds my friends well! Dan

10/20/06 Hi. I wanted to give you an update on what has been going on here in Ann Arbor where I am speaking to the student missionaries who are working on the U of M campus.

I am in awe and amazement, and feel that perhaps the Lord is manifesting Himself in perhaps a greater way in spite of how feeble I often feel while I am sharing.

I came to the student missionary group at the University of Michigan with something on revival that I had prepared the day before leaving. The first remarkable thing was that unbeknown to me revival is the theme for this year and they had just been at a retreat on revival over the weekend. So God prompted the subject matter without my realizing what was going on. Then we began talking together on what this really means, on how dependent we are on Jesus, and how when everything is said and done it is Jesus: Jesus in us, Jesus through us, Jesus in spite of us, that makes the difference. By the end of the time, there was an awareness on the part of the students that things couldn’t be the same in the future. Hence we had a time of prayer at the end where we sought a greater walk with Jesus and His indwelling.

Here is an email that one of the students sent me later that evening:

<<Thank you so much for your encouraging words. I praise God that He uses you as a conduit of God’s messages on revival, utter dependence on God, prayer, etc. It’s not often that in three days, we receive and process a message that is so deep that it changes our lives and becomes a part of our being.

I wanted to share that my Bible study today as well as a dinner I had with a friend was simply amazing as I truly realized for the first time, that it was not MY smile, MY enthusiasm, or MY words that could make a difference in a person’s heart. Rather, it is Christ and Christ alone, (Who only lends me these) Who lives in and through me to these souls, Who guides and directs my every motion.

The simplicity of the message I gave last night with my small group, the realization of the movement of the Holy Spirit and not my actions, and the sharing to a friend were all attributed to these past few classes.

I know, I know— it was all Jesus. Praise God =) and it’s Jesus Who all of us are falling in love with. Right? =) After all, you didn’t share anything new or do anything spectacular; you simply shared Jesus. May we all do the same!>>

This is Dan again…
This has to be the Lord’s work; NOT MINE! I share her words to encourage you to join with me in continually seeking to know this experience!!!! Please continue praying not only for me, but also for those who have been touched, that this awareness and looking to Jesus would continue and would quietly spread to many others.

This evening I speak at the local church and would appreciate your prayers. Tomorrow I speak three times. More prayer needed. I’m looking to Jesus, however, and am confident that He wants to reach the people there. I just want to be the vessel that He can use.

God is more than good.

Here is a final encouraging word on simplicity: “Your success is in your simplicity. As soon as you depart from this, and fashion your testimony to meet the minds of any, your power is gone. Almost everything in this age is glossed and unreal. The world abounds in testimonies given to please and charm for the moment, and to exalt self. Your testimony is of a different character. It is to come down to the minutiae of life, keeping the feeble faith from dying, and pressing home upon believers the necessity of shining as lights in the world.” {LS 202.1}

7/26/06 I'm back in Berrien and catching up. The meetings ended well in Auckland and there is discussion of my returning there for a family camp in January. Also plans for my returning to Wellington and Christchurch in July. I've seen God's hand time and time again on the trip and I must praise him.

First, He blessed in all the meetings. Lives were touched—I'm hearing from people about changed lives and answers to prayer, the most recent being a bleeding problem healed that had been ongoing for three years. God was awesome and I am grateful that He allowed me to go on His behalf.

He blessed me with really nices places to stay. Be it with the students at El Rancho, the hall with Stormco, the motel in Christchurch, with Paul and Shirley, or with Desiree and Ross, in every case I was spoiled. God is soooo good! There were moments when I wasn't sure what was going on, but I'm learning that "yes" and "thank you" are special words and need to be expressed frequently!

He also blessed me with very supportive pastors. They have welcomed me to their churches, taken me to regional meetings, entrusted their members with me, and I have been deeply touched. There are really good people there in New Zealand and I am blessed to know them. I hope I have the same trust in others that they have had in me.

Then he blessed in many new friendships that continue via the internet. It is a privilege to be a friend, prayer supporter and confidant to many. Granted I have no wisdom of my own, but God does and I can point them to His word, His principles and Him, and pray with and for them.

He gave me two opportunities to visit Christian bookstores that sell wonderful used Christian books. Again I brought home a second suitcase with treasures: two more books by the unknown Christian, several more by Francis Ridley Havergal, Edwin Orr, James Frazer, F B Meyer, Müller, etc. And all affordable. What a marvelous blessing. I've already read two and am on to a third. My interest at this time is especially the Holy Spirit since that subject is being discussed so much.

He blessed my return trip in giving me interesting seat mates and interesting conversations. Be it the sheep shearer from Australia who rides bulls and bucking horses in rodeos, a Hollywood stunt man, or the business woman with whom I talked for multiple hours, or the Muslim young adult at Midway, in all cases I could see God's hand blessing. Jesus' "Follow Me and I will make you fishers of men" promise has become very precious and I praise Him for enrolling me in His school.  I'm not sure I know much about that kind of fishing, but at least He is allowing me to share a little about my hope and confidence in Him.

Then today the Lord came through with funds for the plane tickets. Before I left for the trip this time the Lord impressed me that I needed to trust him ahead of time without having the money in the bank. I almost felt irresponsible, but I felt like others were putting their lives on the edge and I wanted to show my faith as well. I really appreciate the offerings and gifts that various individuals have given, but the plane tickets were expensive and there was still a significant need.  God was in charge of the funding, however, and I was quite certain He could be trusted—but I was concerned! I was often reminded that I often encourage the attendees of my seminars to "ask and believe," and that I was being given an opportunity to "practice what I preach. Well, without sharing too many details, a promise for travel funding arrived in a significantly greater way, and from an unusual source-and please realize that the plane tickets alone cost close to $3,000 before other expenses. I called the funder up to alert that the check had arrived in a significantly greater way than was anticipated. The response was, "Dan, the check is there now, just keep it." Wow. If that isn't a miracle, I don't know what is. I know many were praying for me and I am so grateful for their prayers.

Now I am preparing for upcoming meetings and an article on what it means to die to self for an encyclopedia that is being published. There is much to do, but God is so good and He IS faithful!

My next speaking appointment is in Grayling Michigan at a family camp. I'm going to be speaking on several Bible characters. As usual prayers will be appreciated.

7/17/06 Things are going well at the Royal Oak Church in Auckland, NZ. Auckland isn't the capital city (Wellington is), but it is the largest city in New Zealand. It's winter now, so the weather can vary greatly, but as usual God has brought some days of good weather along with the rainy weather. I spoke Friday evening on prayer, on small groups Sabbath afternoon, and am now speaking on prayer every evening through Wednesday. I continue to speak on prevailing prayer and am pleased with the interest. It goes without saying that I am blessed with a "family" that resides in many parts of the globe. I am grateful for each person who has befriended me, and I pray that my efforts on their behalf are availing some. Here in Auckland Desiree and Ross have again allowed me to stay with them. Milcha has been busily inviting friends from her church to attend. So I am blessed and so spoiled. The nicest part of my work is the wonderful people met. As Christians we are truly blessed. I hope we are taking advantage of the fellowship that we have as believers.

In Christchurch I found a wonderful bookstore that sells  used Christian books—this is one of the great stores in the world for this in terms of the books found—and here I found a few more of the books by the Kneeling Christian. I am reading on the Holy Spirit in his "Power-full Christian." It is insightful and I am being blessed. I also found his "Happy Christian," and am looking forward to reading that as well. I discovered that he wrote six or more books over a series of years in response to inquiries that came to him. God is good. I hope to visit the similar store here in Auckland to seek more "treasures."

On a more serious note, my prayer partner is having quite a struggle and I hope you will join me in praying for him. He has faithfully lifted me up and I am so grateful! He would love to share these same messages if He had the strength.

Finally, the more I know Jesus, the more I want to know about Jesus. Join me in surrendering everything so that He will have an "empty vessel" to inhabit and manifest Himself through.

7/10/06 The first weekend in ChristChurch went well and has resulted in invitations to speak at a variety of churches during the week at 7:30 AM. For those who haven't visited, ChristChurch is a beautiful place. It's winter now, so the surrounding hills and mountains are snow covered—definitely worth visiting. I am pleased with the positive reception being given the study of prayer and solicit your prayers as these meetings go forward.

On another note, Ron Clouzet was one of the speakers at the Wellington-located ASANZ retreat where I also spoke. Though we hadn't spoken together ahead of time about the meetings, we were led by God to work in a complimentary manner. This was a providence of God and I praise Him for what He did. Knowing that Ron had been blessed by the the book His Robe or Mine, I asked him to share a few thoughts. His words were few, but wonderfully affirming: "I have 3500 books in my library. In the last ten years this is the best book that I have read. I encourage you to read it. It isn't light reading, but it has some of the most balanced writing on some of the subjects contained that I have read." Another "Praise the Lord!" While in New Zealand you may know there was another showing of the 3ABN program on His Robe Or Mine when a few of us were interviewed. Ron's recommendation at this time was particularly gratifying.

7/8/06 I am writing from ChristChurch, the largest city on the south island of NZ and the jumping off point from which people travel to Anarctica. Fortunately the weather isn’t that cold and in fact though ChristChurch has been rainy the last couple of days it isn’t cold compared to say Canada or even Berrien.

So far I’ve been in England, France and in Wellington, NZ. Every portion of the journey has been blessed and I continue to feel like a much blessed and cared for person.

In England I spoke at the morning prayer service for the South England Camp Meeting. Sharing speaking responsibilities were Derek Morris of Florida, Alonzo Williams III of Seattle, Freddy Russell of  Baltimore and Greg Nelson. I am confident that anyone attending was blessed. I was blessed in listening to the others speaking, and we also enjoyed excellent fellowship together. More than one person commented that it was as if we had planned ahead of time to work together, but the truth was that there weren’t any conversations ahead of time. The early mornig prayer time was one of the best attended sessions—even before I arrived, I can’t take credit for attendance—and consisted of singing, prayer, and testimonies. All of our camp meetings should have such a service.

From the camp meeting I head to Luton (London) and took a plane to visit a cousin in the South of France. Needless to say, being in France is always a pleasure and this wasn’t any exception. In addition to visiting several of the towns, we also climbed the St. Victoire in 36 c weather—it was a little hot!

From France I returned to Luton where I spoke in several of the churches there on the subject of prayer. One of the highlights was meeting Belinda, a woman who lived in London, who had discovered my web site and wrote me while I was in London about my site. I invited her to come to the meetings, and she came and spent the entire day.

Before leaving Dean T. treated both of us to visiting Bedford the place connected with John Bunyan and Pilgrim’s Progress, and took me to Windsor Castle prior to getting on the plane at Heathrow. An unexpected treat was seeing the queen from close up as she drove into the castle returning from church.

From Heathrow I journied to LA, to Auckland and then to Wellington. The next few days were spent at El Rancho a Christian camp where the ASANZ (tertiary students) were meeting. I spoke on prayer; Ron Clouzet spoke on the Holy Spirit. There weren’t many of us, but the Spirit was very present and all came away connected and blessed. Highlights included street witnessing, visitng Parliament, the Indonesian Embassy, and spending Sabbath evening at the Philippine Ambassador’s home—he by the way gave a marvelously inspiring talk on living  for Jesus in the course of his work. I hope I can find a way to get him invited to GYC—the students would be greatly blessed.

From there I returned to Wellington where I joined a group of teenagers who were involved in a “stormco” week (service to others really matters) and had a great time. I did a few worships and got to participate in some of their activities. It was also nice seeing some of my Wellington “family” before leaving again. I know they aren’t blood family, but they are near and dear, and in Jesus we ARE relatives! I am so grateful for the internet that keeps the connections.

From Wellington I journeyed to ChristChurch where another series on prayer begins this evening (Friday evening). I will be here through Friday morning, at which time I will head up to Auckland for my concluding meeting.

6/18/06 I have just completed the South England Camp Meeting and was greatly blessed. All of the speakers were men of God, there was a wonderful unity of purpose, hundreds of people came out to pray early in the morning, and the Holy Spirit was greatly manifested among us. Early on we sought to make the preparatory work necessary for the Holy Spirit to work and our prayers were answered. It was the most spiritual camp meeting I have attended and I rejoice in the good work God was doing in our midst. Now I am in London working on future talks, preparing to go to the South of France for a few days, before returning to London for a weekend series of meetings, and then on to New Zealand and the ASA retreat in the Wellington area. Late, on the weekend of July 14-16 I speak for a weekend prayer conference in Auckland. God is busy working. Thank you for your prayers.

5/21/06 I'm back in Berrien now and trying to catch up and prepare for the meetings at SEEDs, and then the trip to England for the camp meeting there, and then the return trip to New Zealand. I would appreciate your prayers as I prepare for the various meetings, for my own walk with God-which is just as important to God's ability to use me as anything I say, and some writing assignments God has given me.

5/16/06 It was hard to think about leaving New Zealand on the 16th, but the plane was leaving and I had to leave with it. Well, packing was hard since I not only had another suitcase, but also packages to deliver to friends and family members in the states for people in New Zealand. I was a little concerned about getting past the ticket agents and the customs poeple, but God blessed and I made it fine. God even blessed with granting me an exit row so there wasn't even a seat in front of me. The flight wasn't short! but I endured well and finaly arrived in LA and the US-warmer weather again! My seat mate was very interested in health and we talked quite awhile. My seat mate on Southwest was a member of the church. For those traveling to NZ, it is cheaper to buy tickets from LA to the South Pacific than to take the ticket from the midwest-to the tune of $1500 cheaper on this trip. Returning home I knew that God had blessed in marvelous ways and more than delivered on the promises He gave me while traveling to Fiji. God is soooooooooo good!

5/12/06 I'm having a most delightful time in the beautiful city of Auckland. I flew up from Palmerston North on Air New Zealand and was met by Craig Young, the pastor of the Royal Oak Church, who drove me to the Osmond's who hosted and spoiled me for the duration of my stay. The weather was beautiful that day and they took me for a tour of the city, visiting the various high points around the city, of which there are many. All of them are the cones of inactive volcano, and I believe most of them all have a Maori connection since the high places were spiritual places in their ancient religions. The view, for example, from "One Tree Hill" was wonderful, seeing the city and the various bodies of water around us. I was also impressed by the number of people running up the steep grades to the top-would be a great place to train for a marathon. We later viewed the city from other vantage points, and all were beautiful. Because of the beautiful weather many sailboats were out, and I saw first hand why they call Auckland the city of sails. Since I'm a "boaty" I can understand why! With that much water, the call to be on the water is undoubtedly irresistable!

Among speaking appointments were a worship with the children at the primary school-as usual the school was very impressive (an interesting side bar, the churches schools in New Zealand are integrated with the government schools and funded by the government, but designated as "character schools" and seem to be able to function as church schools without difficulty; and have a wonderful reputation and often have waiting lists of people wanting to send their kids); a series of evening meetings on the more abundant life in the Royal Oak Church, and two sessions on spiritual formation with some of the pastors of the Auckland area at the conference office. The latter sessions were unanticipated, but greatly blessed, and resulted in an invitation to return and do a weekend on prayer in the Auckland area. I believe the meetings were again blessed with God's presence and I praise God for the good work that was begun. I again left outlines and encouraged people to go to the web to find more resources. There was one baptism this past Sabbath partially due to the meetings, and discussion of more perhaps. Needless to say I am praying for the people there-I do for all the churches I visit.

One of the highlights of the visit was the discovery of a wonderful Christian used bookstore where I found many "treasures," so many in fact that I was given another suitcase to bring home the treasures. I have new books on missionaries, F B Meyer, Andrew Murray, Charles Trumbull, Andrew Gih, George Müller, books on Keswick, Hudson Taylor, etc., many from the 1800s. I went to the store twice and developed a relationship with the store owners who I plan to stay in communication with.

I also went "tramping" on a few "tracks" around Auckland and enjoyed the mix of views of the ocean, the mountains, the rain forests I was tramping in. Needless to say New Zealand is beautiful beyond description. It is also a tramper's paradise for many reasons: views, variety (mountains like the Swiss Alps in the south, ocean, tropical, etc..), no snakes, few mosquitos, no wild animals, no poison ivy, etc.. Yes, you will have some rain if you are there in the winter months (during our summer in the north), but the summer there is suppose to be gorgeous. 

I have found the people to be wonderfully hospitable. New Zealand is made up of people who are a mix of local and Pacific Islanders, and all were so helpful and supportive. And they are seeking Jesus like the rest of us are! Please join me in praying that God will manifest Himself there as we are seeking to have Him bless in our locations.
5/5/06 I am completing the week in Palmerston North and continuing to enjoy New Zealand and what seems to be a very positive response among the church members. So far I have spoken for three evenings in the church, once to the staff of Longburn College (we would call it an academy probably at this time, though it first started as a college offering theological and teacher training), and once to the students of the college. I'm being hosted by Rex and Joyce Ussher who are spoiling me with delicious vegan food which I enjoy. All the food has been good along the way and I have been most grateful for all efforts in my regard, and this stay is no exception. I plan to bring some recipes with me from here! I am talking about the most abundant life with the church members, and true to form, they are rejoicing in what Jesus is waiting to do in their lives; so am I for that matter. I never speak on the subject without again being encouraged. Over the weekend I consider more the acquisition and maintaining of the life, as well as talking with the students on what it means to be a "no limit" Christian. While here I have also uploaded the power point being used in my meetings for pastors to use in their churches. In Fiji I realized there was interest and a need for the materials to take the messages further, so decided to make them available on a broader scale. I'm realizing that we need to make more materials available as we can. I hope other seminar speakers will do the same thing.

Regarding this part of New Zealand, it is more interior than Wellington and therefore doesn't have the dramatic views of the ocean that I was finding down south. But it is beautiful. The hills and mountains with the dots of white-sheep, the many windmill farms on the tops of the mountains, etc., all make for a beautiful area as well. Palmerston North is a fairly large town and have taken advantage of the place to get my watch fixed-in the states they stated the battery was fine, but they were wrong. I should have listened to my hunches-the Lord was probably talking with me.j

5/1/06 I've just completed a week in Wellington New Zealand and am now in Palmerston North. My last day in Fiji went well, again having very meaningful discussions with the teachers relative to the more abundant life and how to experience God's blessings in a greater way. I spoke a little on prayer that evening in a home meeting, and then left for Wellington at 3:30 AM. The flight went well, and I was excited to eventually see the coast line and mountains of New Zealand appearing outside my window. Needless to say New Zealand is a beautiful country. The mountains, the gentle and green views of so many hillsides, the many views of the ocean, all make for a beautiful country. Wellington is also beautiful and I was able to run several times from my room to the waterfront where I ran along the water. Since I love water and boats, I was very happy with these excursions. It's fall weather here, so wearing sweaters and jackets has become necessary. The "mission" in the Wellington Central Church was a blessing to be a part of. There's an awesome group of young adults there, and they were very accepting of me; in fact, they spoiled me-and somewhat in spite of other things going on. The first evening I spoke on what it means to be a "no limit" Christian. There were a fair number of non-members in attendance, and I pray the Holy Spirit was able to work through my efforts. Later evenings brought discussions on the more abundant life-is there such a thing; if so what is it, how to acquire it, etc.. About the same time I arrived, one of the pillars and much loved older members of the church passed away, so his funeral was somewhat intertwined with what I was doing. I was touched and blessed by hearing about his life, and wish I would have been priviledged to have met him. I believe the Lord was working through this, for family members came from other locations and therefore heard some of what I was sharing, and I pray my messages were somewhat supportive. On Sabbath I spoke multiple times at the Lower Hutt church where the messages seemed to be well received. Sunday evening they had a going away gathering at the Assistant Pastor's home who also happens to be the ambassador to New Zealand for a foreign country. As usual, I have made many new friends with whom I hope to remain in contact. One of the  young adults is also interested in helping me improve my web site, which will be appreciated. The invitation has come to return fairly quickly to New Zealand for a young adult conference, so I am making it a matter of prayer. I'm willing, it's just a matter of getting money for the plane fares. I will be speaking several times in this area and am looking forward to seeing how God leads. Write me if you would like to see some pictures of this trip. 

4/22/06 I spent the day speaking for six hours to all of the SDA Primary and High School teachers on the eastern side of Fiji, along with some pastors' wives. I spoke on dying to self and the more abundant life and there was a wonderful response. We discussed what it meant on both a personal and an institutional level. There was much interest in seeking to follow God's way and I came away rejoicing at the work of the Holy Spirit. Tomorrow I do the same thing on the western side in Lautoka, before leaving on Monday for New Zealand.

During the week I did a series of worships on revivial at the mission office, and then spoke each evening at one of the local English-speaking churches. It was good to speak on prayer again, and I hope it will encourage more prayer here. I've been out to the local markets, some shopping, and seeing a bit of Suva which has been a pleasure. I even tried on a "Sulu" but it was too short (that's one of the Fijian skirts that men wear here). I've been jealous of how cool everyone is, but I'm not the standard size, so it was going to be a miniskirt:) I continue to enjoy good health, and I believe God has helped me. It keeps raining quite a bit, but there were a few days with sun that allowed my clothes to finally dry. Washing clothes is the biggest challenge of being on the road so long. But I'm doing okay. I've also learned to iron-something I wasn't going to do.

Monday I start youth revivals in New Zealand-three weeks of work related to youth, so I could stand prayers.

Needless to say, I've really come to love Fiji and the people here. It will be hard to leave them, but I hope the Lord brings me back again some time in the future!

4/17/06 I'm in Suva, Fiji staying at the "Transit" at the Trans Pacific Union Offices, being watched over by Tobua Tuima, who like everyone in Fiji is taking good care of me. To provide details on the last couple of weeks...

I flew from Edmonton to San Francisco and due to delays ended up taking a flight much later in the day than expected. However God was good and I was able to get an another flight to LA and made it in time for the New Zealand Air flight that would take me to the South Pacific. On both legs of the flight I had interesting seat mates with whom I was able to share my faith. The first was a couple of lab managers from Edmonton who were heading south to celebrate a 50 year birthday-I know the feeling:) We had many discussions on family issues and health, as well as prayer. I was able to share a tract with one of them before landing. On the leg to LA my seatmate was a Hindu gentleman who was on his way to Madras, India. The conversation began with his asking about my work, learning that I was doing revivals on prayer, which resulted in his comment that he didn't really believe in prayer. I took this as an invite to share some stories, which I did, and proceeded to spend the next hour talking on the subject of prayer. Before we were finished I think he was giving prayer a second chance, but was still convinced that the bottom line of religion is being a "good person." He acknowledged that Christians had made a wondeful difference in his country.

Needless to say, boarding the plane for New Zealand was an exciting, not to be forgotten, experience! I was blessed with an empty seat next to me and settled down to spending considerable quality time praying through my prayer list and reading my Bible. Reading Ezekiel, several promises seemed to be especially mine, and I spent considerable time praying that God's glory would be seen in the meetings. I was to have arrived at 3 AM, but didn't arrive till 4:30 AM. The mission had kindly booked a room for me, so after being greeted with a "Lai" around my neck (not sure the spelling) I spent a few hours sleeping before being picked up at 11 AM. It was my first introduction to sleeping in Fiji and enjoying the fellow occupants. The Gecko was a little disconcerting at first, but I figured he must be tired too, so ignored him and went to sleep.

The morning broke fair and clear and I was up and claiming promises earlier than later. Safu Albert picked me up at the airport and conducted me from Nadi (pronounced Nandi) and the west side of Fiji to the church's camp at Deuba where I spent the next five days or so with the pastors. Needless to say, Fiji is beautiful. The location of the camp, however, located on the coast, is magnificent. I don't know if the pastors I was speaking to were being distracted, but seeing the ocean, other islands and the waves, just outside my window was therapy for the eyes and soul! God wonderfully blessed in the meetings. I spoke on prayer, the more abundant life, and other things, and there was a wonderful rejoicing that grew over the days. Truly the Lord was touching hearts in a wonderful way. I beleive the sermon where I discussed the need to do God's work, God's way, with clean hands, greatly touched many individuals. My outlines and power point presentations were shared widely, and I expect that many pastors will be preaching on the same themes as a result. Praise God! Needless to say, I gained many friends-adopted family members. They are dear people and I will always treasure the moments spent with them. The camp itself is in an ideal location-right on the water-but could be improved and am praying about what could be done. The President of the Mission took good care of me and he talked with me a little about their dreams for the camp.

On Sunday, they treated me to a boat ride out to the reef where I snorkled with Mike Sikuri the pastor who facilitated my visit to Fiji. We also went to a small island and walked around it. Well, beyond swimming in an "aquarium" I was also treated to a good sun burn which was my own fault. But... no regrets.

Following this I headed to Fulton College where I stayed in one of their "transits" and spoke at their morning and evening worship, in addition to teaching four classes for three days and part of a fourth. I'm not sure what I shared in the classes was the most profound, but it was practical and from the heart, and I had the joy of becoming acquainted with many new friends. They are really dear and I took e-mail addresses from many of them. Some of them speak French, so they are somewhat hoping I will make it to the French-speaking part of the South Pacific. All of the meetings were well attended, and the Lord was working. On Tuesday evening I spoke for their prayer meeting and was treated to the singing at Fulton. Wow, the singing was wonderful!!!!!! I could have easily just sung for the entire meeting. I am told the Friday evening singing is just as wonderful! I was invited out for supper on several occasions, and the President of the college took me on a driving tour. In looking over the campus, I was struck by how beautifully maintained the grounds are-truly it is a jewel. But I was also saddened to see that some of the facilities are in need of repair-like the dorms. I was rather amazed at how positive the students are, and at their fine appearance, considering the challenges of where they live. The teachers are also wonderfully generous and accepting, and I was treated like a king. I'm not sure I deserved it, but they went out of their way to make sure everything was taken care of. I shared many materials with the pastor of the church who wants to translate them into Fiji so that they can be made available to the pastors, as well as used with the students. On a very sad note, a student from the Solomon's died as a result of a soccor fracture that resulted in an embolism to the lung the last day I was there. He'd been in the hospital for some time and wasn't able to fight past the challenge.

From Fulton I head back to the camp where I spoke over the weekend to the universtiy students attending secular universities on the island. I'm not sure how many where there, but we quickly connected and God blessed in wonderful ways. Once again, these are dear people, and I don't know who was blessed more, me or them. Regardless, I took more e-mail addresses and want to stay in touch with them. There was some wonderful singing and I heard some songs that took on new meaning: Mansion Over the Hilltop ("in that city...I want a gold one that's silver lined") and a song about being led through the wilderness that I had never heard. The schedule was a little less demanding and we took time to have fun on a couple of occasions-Volleyball, swimming, water ball(somewhat like rugby but in water), etc. I also learned to be careful where I was standing since coconuts fall out of the trees occasionally. Again, I found a new set of family members and look forward to staying in touch with them.

Now I'm back in Suva where it rains on and off throughout the day. I was out using the pay phone and finally took my shoes off and went barefoot since I didn't want my shoes all wet. Tomorrow I have worship-on revival-at the Mission Office, then speak in the Suva Church at the Academy for evening meetings.

Now for some reflections on Fiji. The people are among the friendliest I've found. They also don't have much and makes me realize that we should try to do more for those in other places. The food is good but different-the root crops don't have a familiar taste so it takes getting used to. But they have gone out of their way to make me vegetarian food, and some of it has been marvelous! The little critters take getting used to, but they don't both much; some have met an untimely death:) When I heard of students and the sacrifices being made to attend school, and some of the dangers some of them have faced, I realized that I am so blessed, and I am motivated to do much praying for them. They drive on the left side of the road here, and I've driven a few times, constantly reminding myself: "Drive on the left; drive on the left!"

Finally, I want to say that God has been blessing in amazing ways. He has more than fulfilled the promises that he seemed to be suggesting on the airplane, and I am in awe much of the time. Please continue praying for these efforts. As we work together, God will have His way.

More updates coming!

4/11/06 I'm in Fulton where God is greatly blessing. I have been doing the morning worship and four classes, plus visiting some with students. I have no complaints and am being well taken care of. But keep me in your prayers. Tomorrow I head for the retreat site where I speak for all the students attending secular schools in Figi. Then Monday to the interior, then to Suva for meetings in churches for three days, then to a teachers' convention, then off to New Zealand. 

4/5/06 The ministers' meeting couldn't have gone better. Thank you for your prayers. A full report will come later.

3/31/06 The Alberta Men's retreat begins this evening. The last couple of days have been spent praying and preparing for this weekend's meeting. It's been some time since I've update this journal, probably because there hasn't been much access to a computer and a lack of "exciting" things to report. However, God is good and I'm being blessed. For quite some time I was working and preparing to speak on Peter-and I will at some point-but not feeling at peace about it. I've been concerned about making sure that whatever I share can will make an immediate and ongoing difference for the men attending. Accordingly, I will follow the same subjects, but will speak on prayer, the subject the Lord has most put on my heart. I have also been pleased at God's providential goodness in making sure that I run into key people that I haven't been connecting with via the phone. I speak five times over the weekend. Though not in the "exciting" category-whatever that is-I have been able to visit with many godly people whose prayers are coveted and whose lives are exemplary. Monday I head for Fiji at 8 AM and will greatly appreciate prayers for this first trip over the Pacific and the ongoing ministry "marathon."

3/28/06 This is the day following the prayer coordinator's retreat in Red Deer. Attending were representatives from churches in many parts of Alberta (Canada). We started off with an evening of testimonies for the most part, and were blessed as we heard the various ways that God intervened in bringing people to the retreat. Accordingly we were enjoying "God moments" from the very beginning. Among the stories were of a young adult who felt impressed to volunteer to become her church's prayer coordinator, only to have the pastor call and say that she had been nominated. She was only baptized last year, but what a sweet Christian she has already become. Another couple came from quite a distance, choosing to make prayer the priority for the weekend. Another woman didn't think she would be able to afford to come, but went to the bank after making it a matter of prayer. To her surprise the necessary funds were available, and so she came. Among Sabbath morning activities were more testimonies, sharing about what people are doing, some study, and the sharing of my testimony relative to prayer. It is always a blessings to share answers to prayer and I believe the Holy Spirit was opening eyes to what is possible through prayer. In the afternoon we studied several great intercessory prayer moments in the Old Testament and were touched by the arguments used (Lord you said that if we turned away you would allow..., but if we turned back to you, you would restore...the use of negative promises), the willingness of these saints to identify and confess sins with God's people, the love that was willing to die rather than to have others day, etc.. More blessed moments. There followed prayers for busy people by Dr. Doss, how to do prayer vigils (I think there is something to this that many of us haven't thought enough about) and more sharing on Nehemiah and what could be learned about starting a prayer ministry. Sabbath evening we had a time of sharing requests and anointings. Sunday morning we spent more time learning what others are doing (prayer brunches in ways that involve the whole church). Then a final talk on prayer from yours truly and some going away pictures. We were wonderfully united and I believe we had a little foretaste of heaven. I hope more churches will seek prayer-believing individuals to begin encouraging prayer in their churches. Now I'm preparing for the weekend's mens' retreat. I'm speaking on Peter and how he was brought from the independent, outspoken Simon of early days, to the submitted Peter that was willing to follow Jesus to the point of death.

Please pray that God will give me His message and that those coming will experience life-changing moments over the weekend. Sunday evening or Monday morning early I head for Edmonton and the West! Pray as well for the prayer coordinators that attended as they return to their churches.

3/24/06 I have arrived in Edmonton, AB where I am staying with some acquaintances who are preparing to go as AFM missionaries to Southeast Asia. Discovered that I will be much busier with the minister's retreat in Fiji than I expected, but am looking forward to God's blessings. Have been much blessed reading of Elijah in the context of ministry this morning. What a blessed thing when we go where God has comanded the ravens to feed us. It always involves an ongoing dying to self, but God is good and will lead us forward.

3/23/06 Final packing and traveling to Edmonton. God blessed with a wonderfully roomy exit row on United, and a meaningful conversation with the attendants, one of which has been on many YWAM trips. I was able to leave her several of McConkey's sermons. The trip was also blessed with a reading of Faith's Work Perfected, the autobiography of August Francke. He was "George Müller" in 1695 and enabled a work of God among the poor in developing orphanages, schools and a printing, that was much used of God, and was the spiritual mentor of George Müller and Nicholas Zinzendorf, who was one of the students who sat at his table. This book is available on-line.    http://www.hti.umich.edu/cgi/t/text/text-idx?c=moa;idno=AHL8292   I arrived late, but happy.

3/22/06 As a friend put it, God has a strange sense of humor. Today I dutifully downloaded the most recent updates expecting the continuing love affair I've had with Apple. Disaster struck! First the drive slowed down, then it didn't want to budge, and finally I had to conclude that it wasn't going to work. Diskwarrior helped greatly for a time, but even that fell short of reviving the drive. I suspect the drive was going bad, but nothing will happen until I return home. So, I'm heading off for two months of speaking appointments without my computer. Communication will be harder, but at least I can use the computers of others along the way.