Major Ian Thomas
The Saving Life Of Christ

“Godliness is not the consequence of your capacity to imitate God, but the consequence of His capacity to reproduce Himself in you; not self-righteousness, but Christ-righteousness; the righteousness which is by faith.”

His Testimony
"'You see, for seven years, with utmost sincerity, you have been trying to live for Me, on My behalf, the life that I have been waiting for seven years to live through you. I have been there the whole time. All the things you have been pleading for, all the things for which you have been asking, have been yours since the day seven years ago, at your request and invitation, I came into your heart at that Crusader boys' camp; but you see, although you have given mental consent to the truth that I have been in your heart, and have accepted it as a theory, you have lived totally ignoring the fact. You have been busy trying to do for Me all that only I can do through you. Now supposing I am your life, and you begin to accept it as a fact, then I am your strength! … I am the One to whom it is perfectly natural to go out and win souls; and I know precisely where to go to find them. Why don't you begin to reckon upon Me and say 'Thank you....’"

Major Ian Thomas' Testimony

Some Quotations

“The One who calls you to a life of righteousness is the One who by your consent lives that life of righteousness through you! The One who calls you to minister to the needs of humanity is the One who calls you to minister to the needs of humanity through you! The One who calls you to go into all the world and preach the gospel to every creature, is the One who by your consent, goes into all the world and preaches the Gospel to every creature through you.” Saving Life of Christ, p. 13

"To be in Christ—that makes you fit for heaven; but for Christ to be in you—that makes you fit for earth!” Saving Life of Christ, p. 16

9 Part Prairie Series

This 9 part series was given at the Prairie Bible Institute, Three Hills, AB in 1986. If you have heard any other sermons of the Major, you will know that he speaks with the anointing of the Holy Spirit.

The Saving Life of Christ

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Available to God

This is a wonderful sermon on what it means to make oneself available to God. By the way, I remaster these sermons before uploading them, increasing the volume and getting rid of white noise.
Ian Thomas: Available to God