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Dan Augsburger was formerly a small business owner who divided his time between his executive search “tent maker” vocation—finding senior physician executives for hospitals and insurance companies, and occasionally teaching others about prayer, victory and revival. Dan now spends his time teaching practical church history, and holding revivals and weeks of prayer in churches throughout the world.

Dan's wife and partner in ministry, RoseMarie, was formerly a Bible-worker in Rockingham, NC, where she helped a church grow from 20 to 58 members over a four year time period. Prior to that Rose worked as a Bible worker and chaplain in other venues, taught religion and home economics at a Christian secondary school, and worked for 14 summers at Christian summer camps. She also has an advanced degree from the Andrews Theological Seminary.

Since 1998 he has been a member of the Pioneer Memorial Church (Berrien Springs, MI), where he previously served as sponsor of the small-group oriented, The Way Collegiate & Young Adult Sabbath School, directed the midweek House of Prayer service and led seminars on prayer, victory, revival and godly relationships.

He has held seminars in a variety of venues, including Michigan Camp Meeting; the Generation of Youth for Christ Conference (GYC); the SEEDS Church Planting Conferences, Pioneer Memorial Church at Andrews University, MI; Canadian University College in Lacombe, Alberta, and many churches in North America. Outside of North America, he has spoken or taught in England, France, Romania, Honduras, Cambodia, Thailand, Fiji, the Solomon Islands, Australia, New Zealand, India, New Caledonia, French Polynesia, Mongolia, Hong Kong, and China. He has traveled to many of these countries multiple times. Recent trips have taken him on the road for as long two months. He has also been a guest on television programs taped for 3ABN and the Hope Channel. Dan is routinely invited to spend weeks teaching practical Christianity to young adults attending missionary schools in North America and other parts of the world. Dan also teaches courses on the history of Christian spirituality at the Andrews Theological Seminary in Berrien Springs, MI.

Dan's seminars are practical, and he seeks to help individuals achieve a more abundant experience, be it praying or practical living. Using Scriptures, anecdotes, and quotations from a variety of authors, avoiding controversial perspectives, and taking a very positive non-condemning approach, Dan helps his hearers go from “striving—often defined as struggling—in Christ, to thriving in Christ.” At the present time he presents weekend and week-long seminars on prayer (Prevailing Prayer), victory (The More Abundant Life), Revival (Revival Now) and godly relationships (God-Arranged Marriage).

Dan considers himself a much loved child of God, and shares what God has taught him through a variety of personal experiences. He marvels at the fact that God is willing to use him, and prays that others will come to love and obey Jesus a little more as a result of the time spent in the seminars. He first learned about Christian victory back in the late 70s, at which time he began a lifelong interest in books on prayer and Christian victory, which he enjoys bringing to the attention to seminar attendees.

He has developed study materials that go along with his seminars, including the More Abundant Life, Prayer Resources, Revival Now, and The God-Arranged Marriage, to say nothing of the many resources available on his path2prayer.com web site. His MA thesis, The Good News of Daniel 8: 14 was published by the White Estate in the early 1980s and hundreds of copies were distributed throughout the world as a response to criticism of the church’s teaching on the subject. The Good News of Daniel 8: 14 has since been republished by Teach Services of Brushton, NY. He also wrote a chapter entitled, “Living the Life of Victory” for the recently published Here We Stand. Some of the materials he has prepared are found on this web site, including outlines, power point resources, and sermons in the MP3 format.

Prior roles include pastoral ministry in West Virginia, Wisconsin and Illinois, chaplaincy in Wisconsin and Illinois, nursing home administration in Illinois and Ohio, and executive recruiting in Ohio, Maine and Pennsylvania. Dan ran his own executive search firm for more than 14 years. Dan also spent much time in public and commercial radio and televisoin broadcasting for a time, working as a dj, producer and audio engineer. Dan is married, is the parent of two daughters and is often known as Dan Jr. because he shares his name with his father who was a well-known teacher at Andrews University. He studied at Andrews University, where he completed undergraduate degrees in mass media and religion, and later a M. Religious Education at the Andrews Theological Seminary. Along the way he also spent six months at Mark Finley's Soul Winning Institute. Dan can be contacted via path2prayer@yahoo.com.


(These testimonials speak to what God has been able to do through me in spite of my limitations, and He receives all the credit! I go to churches as His instrument, to do His bidding, and am in awe and amazement at what He has been willing to do. "To God be the glory, great things He has done!")

“I've had the privilege of knowing Daniel Augsburger, Jr., since 1998, during which he has been an active member here in the Pioneer Memorial Church. I'm delighted and honored to recommend him and his growing revival ministry.

Dan is not only an earnest student of the Word of God, he is one of the most widely read individuals I know in the literature of the Christian life and spiritual victory. In particular he has given lifelong study to the writings of such nineteenth century devotional giants as Andrew Murray and F. B. Meyers. But most recently his study has led him to a deepening awareness and experience of the pinnacle truth of righteousness by faith. His new syllabus on the subject effectively weaves together the writings of Ellen White with the Scriptures, and I have been richly blessed by its clear teaching.

Dan has taught us here at Pioneer in a recent three-month study series he did for our House of Prayer service on Wednesday evenings. We were richly blessed by that ministry-and I know you will be, too.

Finally, Dan has been a prayer partner of mine over the years. His own passion for God and love for Jesus inform his life and direct his ministry. That's why I can wholeheartedly recommend him and his ministry to you”
Dwight K. Nelson, Sr. Pastor
Pioneer Memorial Church
Berrien Springs, MI

"Dan Augsburger's presentations on prayer are clear and life-changing.  He is a servant of the living God, full of power and full of the Holy Spirit."
Dr. Derek Morris
Senior Pastor, Forest Lake Church

“Daniel Augsburger Jr. has made more than 40 (over 70 times now in 2006) presentations at our church over the past three years. We have found his teaching and preaching to be characterized by faithfulness to Scripture and the writings of Ellen G. White, a deep experiential practicality, and a broad and thorough acquaintance with other Christian authors who have clearly articulated the way to consistent, joyful, victorious Christian living.

As a result of Dan's ministry, many in our congregation have grown from merely striving after Christ to thriving in Christ. The “fight of faith” has not ceased, but Dan has introduced concepts so simple and clear, yet so essential, that our walk with God has been immediately improved. Our prayer meeting (that we call “CROSS-training”) has gained new life, and miracles of spiritual growth are happening among us. We believe these are the genuine fruit of the plain, clear teaching of the biblical gospel. Consequently, we feel free to recommend Dan, the materials he has prepared, and his ministry to all.”
Jerry Moon, Head Elder
St. Joseph Michigan Church
Chair, Department of Church History
Andrews University Seminary

“I invited Dan Augsburger to come to the South Haven Church to hold a week of prayer. Dan was very willing and a delight to work with. The messages touched our congregation and we felt revived. Dan presents in a practical, first hand experience way that encourages all to want the same. I do not hesitate to recommend Dan Augsburger to any church for a series of revival meetings.”
Darren Greenfield, Pastor
Midland (MI) Church
Former Pastor,
South Haven (MI) Church

"Thank you so much for your encouraging words. I praise God that He uses you as a conduit of God’s messages on revival, utter dependence on God, prayer, etc. It’s not often that in three days, we receive and process a message that is so deep that it changes our lives and becomes a part of our being.

I wanted to share that my Bible study today as well as a dinner I had with a friend was simply amazing as I truly realized for the first time, that it was not MY smile, MY enthusiasm, or MY words that could make a difference in a person’s heart. Rather, it is Christ and Christ alone, (Who only lends me these) Who lives in and through me to these souls, Who guides and directs my every motion.

The simplicity of the message I gave last night with my small group, the realization of the movement of the Holy Spirit and not my actions, and sharing to a friend were all attributed to these past few classes.

I know, I know— it was all Jesus. Praise God =) and it’s Jesus Who all of us are falling in love with. Right? =) After all, you didn’t share anything new or do anything spectacular; you simply shared Jesus. May we all do the same!"
A Young Adult Class Attendee
Ann Arbor, MI

"Thanks so much for coming last night and for the whole trip. I can see that God is using you as a catalyst for revival in our city. I long to see a burning fire in people’s hearts for Jesus and saving the lost. Your presentations on prayer are a key element in this process. God bless you in your ministry. Thank you for your humble and powerful witness to the generous power of God in our lives."
A Pastor in New Zealand

“This has been one of the most wonderful weeks of my life. Thank you for sharing Jesus with me and praying with me. You'll never know how much this week meant to me.”
A Seminar Attendee

"The ASANZ Convention 2006 was one of the very few retreats that I have been to that I really felt the presence of the Holy Spirit amongst us. The speakers were well prepared and communicated clearly and simply the message of the Christ. I truly believe they were filled with the Holy Spirit. I really felt empowered after the presentations on allowing the Holy Spirit to work through us and on living a victorious prayer life. As a student on a secular tertiary institute I felt equipped and empowered to make a difference on campus by allowing Jesus to live through me and this is possible as I spend time with Him in prayer and Bible study everyday. The food was great, so was the fellowship. I look forward to next years retreat and I pray that I may be able to encourage other students and young people to come too."
 A Young Adult Attendee

"After you left, I bought your tapes and am listening to them every single day I go to work and it has been a blessing and at the same time I am enjoying the abundant lifestyle when I allow God to do the heavy lifting. I want to thank the Lord for using you in sharing this important message about the abundant life and I have many experiences to share about what the Lord has done to my life after you shared the message with us during your short stay in Palmerston North."
An Attendee in Palmerston North, NZ

"Most of all I have enjoyed the opportunity to take my Christian experience deeper and to surrender my will and my ways to the Lord and His leading. I really didnt want to come home after experiencing such a powerful week...I was just a little apprehensive about coming down from the mountain top and facing the realities of this life...but I'm glad that I did and that I can choose daily to put God in the driver's seat of my life and my family."
An Attendee of the ASSANZ retreat in Wellington, NZ

"I am reading the resources, one each night, and it helps me to be consistent with my relationship with God.  Praise God, your prayer experiences have touched my heart so deeply!  The many blessed messages presented to us, with the help of the Holy Spirit, convicted me in so many ways, so badly!  I have given my life to God in that camp place, and believe it or not, I didn't even want to come back!  With you two (Ron Clouzet), having the same resources?? wow!! that is so amazing!!  I am running out of words to describe how I felt in that camp, but one thing for sure, my way of thinking changed, by the Holy Spirit, I praise God.  When I came home, my family was waiting for me to do our evening worship, while they were singing, my tears of joy and sadness of departing from the camp poured down my eyes.  I was asked to explain what I'd learned, I cried like a little child telling them how I was convicted, little things in life I thought would be alright with God, not knowing the danger I was heading.  Now I want to maintain the same experience everyday in my life, and I know I can't do it without prayers through faith in Jesus. 
An attendee of the ASANZ retreat in Wellington, NZ

"Only God could do this. God has healed all the depression and suicidal feelings. I have totally surrendered my life to God!!! All it took was forgive, repent, put God FIRST!!!!!!!! Keep preaching your message because it is true."
An Attendee on the north Island of New Zealand

“We have been so appreciative of the messages that Dan has shared with us. Dan has given several weeks of prayer at our church and led our prayer meetings for nearly six months, even though he is a member of another congregation. What a blessing! Our congregation has grown so much in our understanding of prayer, of surrender to Jesus and of committing ourselves to His keeping. We are seeing the fruit of this message being fulfilled in our lives individually as well as in our congregation. God is answering prayers, and is doing exceedingly abundantly above all that we have asked of Him. We praise God for making this message come alive in us, and for Dan's willingness to share this message with us.”
A Seminar Attendee

“Truly a wonderful presentation. Indeed several of my friends were very blessed and said that many things made sense to them which before they had never known or were unsure about. I also thought it spoke beautifully about Christ's complete surrender to the Father. That to me was moving and humbling.”
A Seminar Attendee

“The “More Abundant Life” leaves me with hope, encouragement, and a deep respect and thankfulness to God. He has provided a plan that enables each one of us to walk and abide with Christ and to receive the fullness of His Grace. He is the Victor. He is our Gift. He is our Savior in whom we rejoice.”
A Seminar Attendee

"'As I walked through the wilderness of this world, I came to a place where there was a den. Inside, I lay down to sleep, and as I slept, I had a dream. In my dream I looked up and saw a man clothed in rags standing in a certain place with his face turned away from his home. He carried a Book in his hand and a great burden on his Back. As I watched, I saw him open the Book and begin to read. And as he read, he wept and trembled. Then, not being able to contain himself any longer, he cried out in anguish, asking, 'What shall I do?''

With these immortal words penned in Bedford Jail, John Bunyan opens his story about every Christian's journey from death to salvation and on to victory. After accepting the gift of salvation, there is a part of our hearts that still cries out, "What shall I do?" Dan brings to this burning question fresh insights and stirring answers, mined from a profound personal faith journey and from some of history's most inspired disciples of faith and faithfulness. With the amazing grace of Jesus at the heart of every Biblical answer he presents, Dan brings simple, real-life changing Holy Spirit power within the grasp of every hungry heart.

Speaking for our Urbandale Church Family, I can say that as a result of this seminar, we will, with God's help, never be the same. Thank you Dan, for pointing us to the only One who can immerse our souls in a 'More Abundant Life.'”
Jason Seiber, Pastor
Urbandale (MI) Church, MI

"The messages were deeply spiritual, yet down-to-earth and practical.... engages the interest of young people as well as the older ones.... One aspect of this week that struck me was the wide variety of people who were attracted to attend, including some whom I would not have expected but who were present night after night.... I will be glad to recommend your ministry...."
Dale Wolcott
Pastor, Holland (MI) Church

“Just a quick note of thanks for the material you sent recently. I haven't had a chance to read very much yet, but Brenda (writer’s wife) has been particularly blessed by your book, "More Abundant Living". She said it is "right where I'm at." I look forward to reading it, too.”
A Reader

Dan, I'm speechless!! I'm so glad you sent me the ppt. The texts and quotes were powerful!! I saved them to refer to later. You will surely be blessed! I was blessed!! It is true that we must believe that God has already answered and not that He's going to answer. We may not see the results immediately but He answers none the less and we have to believe that.
A Seminar Attendee

Your website has helped me a lot! ... The articles, books and sermons have helped me return to the faith I once had. In all the struggle to find truth, I lost my relationship with Jesus. I've read and reread the article on brokenness and several others. Spiritual pride has become the norm in my life. I'm a debater (since early childhood, I've been told) and studying to win arguments about doctrine became my spiritual sustenance. So...for a few years now, I've been reading the Word to impress people with my knowledge of the Bible and win arguments. Zealous love for Jesus and passion for the Word of God slowly and deceptively became zeal to be right and win arguments. My faith, once simple and joyful has become stressful and complicated, but God in His mercy has begun to change my heart…. Anyway, the articles, handouts and sermons are helping me to find faith in Jesus alone again - so thank you! God has given you an important ministry. May He become your everything...
A Reader of Website & Seminar Attendee
"Dan I can not begin to thank you for your ministry and the leading of the Holy Spirit. Your prayer series here in (our church) has completely changed my life. Through your coaching and the workings of the Holy Spirit I have a spiritual life I have never had…it is refreshing and rewarding to be seeking God’s will each and every day. And while I always want more answers to my prayers…I think God knows what is best and that if He answered every prayer when asked we would miss the deep relationship He is wanting with us."
A Seminar Attendee
We were reading those handouts last night and I was sharing your stories about prayers to my two sisters.  They were both moved and really touched and they were asking me for your website. I have given it to them. Anyway! I also browse thru your website this morning and marvelled by the what the Lord has led you to share.  I hope you will keep up the good work and may the good Lord richly bless you as you continue to work for Him.
A Young Adult Seminar Attendee in Fiji
I found your studies to be meat and drink for the hungry and thirsty.  Having been brought up in such legalism, I feel that our church desperately needs every message of God's incredible love, of righteousness by faith, that there is absolutely nothing that we can do; it is, and can only be, what He can do.
An Attendee in New Zealand