Frank Phillips
Righteousness By Faith

(an audio series of series given in Salem OR in 1978)

A Testimony

*This sermon series was generously shared with me by a friend who attended this week of prayer back in 1978. It was life changing for him and he began rejoicing in Jesus. When sharing the series with me, he told me that his wife had been slower in finding a similar relationship with Jesus. At some point, while he was away for a few days, his wife read Elder Phillip's book His Robe Or Mine and her life was changed. He told me with great joy that he returned home to a new wife.

The Righteousness by Faith Series

These are massive 75 MB files and may take a long time to hear if you don't have DSL access. E-mail me at path2prayer@yahoo.com about getting a copy of these MP3s on CD.

Frank Phillips: 1, Wedding Garment MP3

Frank Phillips: 2. Results of Justification

Frank Phillips: 3. "How" of Justification

Frank Phillips: 4. Importance of the Will

Frank Phillips: 5. Sanctification, Part A

Frank Phillips: 6. Sanctification, Part B

Frank Phillips: 7. Cross of Christ

Frank Phillips: 8. Christ's Suffering

Frank Phillips: 9. Abide in Christ

Frank Phillips: 10. Questions and Answers

Access to Resources

You can download a copy of Elder Phillips' book His Robe Or Mine from this site or from justifiedwalk.com, or obtain a free copy of your own by calling 269 471 3028. You can find translations into other languages at justifiedwalk.com as well. You can download a copy of the His Robe Or Mine study guide that has been used in many churches.

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