Frank Phillips
His Robe Or Mine Study Guide


The "new syllabus on the subject effectively weaves together the writings of Ellen White and the Scriptures, and I have been richly blessed by its clear teaching."
Dwight Nelson, Pastor,
Pioneer Memorial Church, MI

"We have had a good turnout constantly in (our church) during our study. The best attendance to prayer meeting in years they tell me. Thank you again for giving yourself to the Lord for this purpose."

"First I read the book and was moved with the content especially the concept of the death to self and the reckoning yourself to be dead as Paul said in Romans. This experience of faith is powerful in silencing the accuser's voice that continually discourages and weakens so many of us. One man who I was studying with who was bitter towards God and bitter towards many individuals, after I gave him the book he read it and obtained the Justified Walk series on cassette and it changed his attitude completely and he was a new man. He surrendered his life to Jesus and trusted Him for the first time. He accepted the things that he was going through, knowing that God had allowed them for his good, including the nasty divorce that he was going through. That man was soon baptized after having held back for decades.

The difference that book makes in the lives of those who receive the concepts is that they become teachable and willing to learn from God as He works all things together for good in their lives.

To maximize the impact of using the study Guide that Dan put together to use along with the book HROM, I set the date for starting the study during prayer meeting and Dan spoke on the Sabbath before talking about the abundant life and encouraged the members to attend the weekly meetings. 25 came that week and most of them continued throughout the duration of the 18 studies. Usually only 8 individuals came to prayer meeting so this was a big increase. Church members told me that this was the largest number to attend that this church had seen in many, many years. Those who attended read diligently the chapters in the book corresponding to the study for that week and they eagerly looked forward to the meeting. We had good discussions and I could see the members grasping and struggling with the concept of dying to self in all the areas God calls for.

It would be a shame for a church not to do this series. There is very little work for the pastor or leader to do as the lessons have already been formatted."

Darren Greenfield, Pastor,
Midland, MI

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