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Remember: Keep it moving, keep it changing, keep them guessing!

Sabbath School Suggestions (Teaching the Bible to children)

Bible Class Teaching Ideas (good for children and teens).

1. Invite guests every week so that classes won’t become routine to the students. 
2. Sit next to different children each time, and in different places in the room, instead of always sitting in the same place. 
3. Keep difficult children involved with what is going on. Ask them questions. Sit next to them. If you have to scold them, find a way to affirm and include them afterwards so they won’t sit and sulk. 
4. When posing Bible questions, have the kids pretend that they are actually thinking and talking like the people being studied. Have the other students decide if what they are saying is really correct for the situation. This will automatically generate interest, as well as give them a safe way to suggest various answers instead of coming up with THE answer.
5. Start time with a game where the kids are divided into two groups. Sometimes have the girls go against the guys, but not always. 
6. Have kids take up the offering and count it too, and give a report to the class. 
7. Have the kids raise their hands before giving an answer; recognize only the children who raise their hands. Have one of the children help in recognizing hands. Require the adults to do the same thing.
8. Divide into two groups to do the discussions. 
9. Have the students read the Bible.
10 Take them outside for a walk and do the lesson in terms of the nature around them. 

Prayer and Children
Here is a power point on the power of prayer for children. It was developed years ago and I believe it can still bless today.
Teaching Children to Pray: Power Point
Naughty Heart; Clean Heart by Susan Davis
This is wonderful book explains how children can have clean hearts instead of naughty hearts. Your child will enjoy hearing this audio book, and you will have plenty to talk about afterwards.
Naughty Heart, Clean Heart (Audio Book)

Clay Trumbull: Hints on Raising Children
This book is one of the best books I've read on raising children. It was writte in the late 1800s but the message is so timely.
Clay Trumbull: Hints on Raising Children
Conversion of Children
The following are sermons or chapters of books on the conversion of children.

Howard Philip: Working With Boys (Three chapters that apply to ALL young people)

Andrew Bonar: Conversion of Children

Charles Finney: Conversion of Children

Susanna Wesley: Principles for Raising Children

Ellen White: Principles gleaned from Child Guidance

Richard Baxter: Directions to Young Children