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Path2Prayer Ministries has come as a result of God's providential leading, and is made possible through the supportive prayers and financial support of God's friends and new acquaintances.

In the past I (Dan) have held seminars in the United States, Canada, Fiji, New Zealand, India, Cambodia, Thailand, the Solomon Islands, England, France, Honduras, Australia, etc.. I have also published multiple study guides, appeared on 3ABN and the Hope Channel, developed the resources that appear on this web site and teach the history of Bible-based spirituality at the Andrews Theological Seminary.

Since marrying in 2012, I am blessed with the partnership of my wife RoseMarie, who was formerly an Academy Bible Teacher and Bible worker in multiple locations. Since our marriage, we have taught and presented seminars in the United States, New Caledonia, French Polynesia, Honduras, Mongolia and Hong Kong, Mauritius, Reunion Island and Madagascar. We also taped a series of television programs on the secrets of Great Christians in HongKong.

Our subject matter includes prayer, the more abundant life, the history of great Christians, how to know God's will, godly relationships and revival.

I (Dan) am paid a bit as a contract teacher for my work at the Seminary, and we rent a few rooms to students. Beyond that, we live and serve by faith, seeking to accept God's appointments throughout the world, not requiring that organizations pay a specific fee or travel expenses—though we are always happy when travel expenses are paid and other gifts are made since we depend on the generosity of God's friends to enable our work.

If God has blessed you through this ministry and He has givcn you the talent of means, and want to support this ministry, you can do so by praying for us, and, as God puts it on your heart, supporting us financially.

In supporting us, you are helping us print materials, drive to and from seminars in our region of the United States, and fly to appointments in more distant places such as Mongolia or Madagascar. Often when we fly to a distant location we stay for a time to justify the cost of the plane tickets. Accordingly, for example, we spent the almost three months in 2014 working in the French-speaking countries of Mauritius, Reunion Island and Madagascar. Trips are already planned for Ontario, Canada (December 2014), Honduras (May, 2015), London October, November, 2015). We also hope to print 20,000 of the Revival Now! booklets to share at the upcoming General Conference session in San Antonio. Thank you in advance for your prayers and your support.

You can donate directly to Ministries by the following by mailing a check or making a payment on line as directed below. Further down make a tax deductible donation in the United States.

1. Send a check to Path2prayer Ministries

Path2Prayer Ministries
PO Box 244

Berrien Springs, MI 4910

2. Or give a gift through paypal or your credit card.


Donate And Get Tax Deduction

As a result of our affiliation with ASAP, donors may get a tax deduction for their donation. To do so...

1. Make out your check to ASAP Ministries
2. In the memo section of your check write that your gift is to support the work of Path2Prayer Ministies.
3. Mail your check to Path2Prayer Ministries, PO Box 244, Berrien Springs, MI 49103

Thank you for your support. Don't hesitate to call if you have questions about our work: 1 269 471 5415.

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