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Consecration and Work of Pastors

These readings were originally talks given on various occasions.
To Brethern in Responsible Positions

"There is a cause for the great weakness in our churches, and that cause is hard to remove. It is self. Men have none too much will, but they must have it wholly sanctified to God. They need to fall on the Rock and be broken. Self must be crucified in every one who shall enter the gates of the city of God. The fierce spirit which rises up in the hearts of some in the church when anything does not please them, is the spirit of Satan, and not the spirit of Christ. Is it not fully time that we return to our first love, and be at peace among ourselves? We must show ourselves to be not only Bible readers, but Bible believers. If we are united to Christ, we shall be united to one another." Read More

Existing Evils and Their Remedy

"For all who are disheartened there is but one remedy,—faith, work, and prayer. Cease to think gloomy thoughts. Let every member fall on the rock, Christ Jesus, and be broken. Then Jesus will fashion the character after his own likeness. Discord and strife will die a natural death, because they have nothing to feed upon." Read More

Personal Devotion Sadly Neglected

A Work of Faith

The Imminent Crisis