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The more than 1,500 pages on this site are visited by scores of visitors from around throughout the world. Additionally, invitations to teach and share in churches and schools thoughout the world come to us as well. We go, but depend on God to provide money for plane tickets and other resources required. We have chosen to be available for this ministry almost full-time. We have the time, God has given messages to share, and we depend on God's friends, people like you, to make our work possible! Accordingly, should God lead you to give, your donations will provide funds to maintain this website, purchase airplane tickets, develop and share resources with others and survive personally. We are so very very grateful for your support! Please remember us in your prayers as well! If you have questions or a prayer request, please email us.

Click on the button to donate or mail us at Path2Prayer Ministries, PO Box 244, Berrien Springs, MI 49103.