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Griffith John
Missionary to China
Brief Biography
Griffith John (1831 - 1912) was a Welsh Christian Congregationalist missionary to China and a pioneer evangelist with the London Missionary Society (LMS). He was also a writer and a translator of the Bible into Chinese.

Longer Biography: Griffith John: The Story of FiftyYears in China by Wardlaw Thompson

Books by Griffith John

Voice From China (1907)

II. Supreme Motive in Christian Missions
"The love of Christ to me—to me personally—constrains me to live to Him and for Him. He died for me; my life is His. He suffered for me; I will suffer for Him. He lives for me; I will live for Him. I will work for His sake; I will give for His sake; I will endure for His sake. There is nothing I would not do to please Him. He is my Lord and my Saviour. He loved me and gave Himself for me. I owe Him an infinite debt, a debt which is always due, and which I can never pay off. All I can do is to lay myself on the altar, and say: Lord Jesus take me, take me as I am, and use me as Thou wilt. This is a grand motive—the love of Christ to us, to each one of us personally." (Read all of this chapter on the motive for missions by Griffith John)
III. The Ideal Christian Life
"The man who would save others must sacrifice himself. "Whom shall I send? Who will go for us?" That is God's voice to us, and it rests with ourselves as to whether we will respond to the Divine voice or not. But the moment we do respond and say, "Here am I, send me," that very moment our life must become a life of service and self-sacrifice." (Read the rest of this wonderful chapter on what it means to experience an "ideal" Christian life).
V. The Message
"Some of us have come to Jesus Christ, and have found in Him true rest of soul. In so far as we have this soul-rest at all, we are indebted to Him for it. But is the rest we have found in Him perfect? Does it satisfy the soul? Perhaps not. Probably not. Such as it is, we would not part with it for all the wealth of the world. But it is not complete. Why not? Is it not because our faith is defective? Or is it not because there is something lacking in our consecration? Or is it not because these wills of ours are not fully surrendered to the power of Christ? Perfect faith, perfect consecration, and perfect surrender must bring perfect rest to the soul. When these are wholly wanting, there can be no rest at all; where they are partly wanting, the rest must be incomplete. If we do not enjoy complete rest of soul, it is not because Christ has failed us; it is not because He has broken His promise; neither is it because He has promised what He cannot give. The fault is ours, entirely ours, not His." (Read all of this chapter by Griffith John on the message to be borne by the Christian.)
IX. The Source of Power
"The fact that our Lord commands us to pray, and that He enforces the command by promises of the clearest and most satisfactory character, is to my mind an all-sufficient proof that God does answer prayer, and that prayer has a place among the forces designed by God for the working out of His purposes. Jesus Christ knows God, and He commands us to pray. This is enough in itself. We, as Christians, as disciples of the Lord Jesus Christ, really need no other argument." (This chapter addresses the various reason people don't have confidence in prayer. It is very practical and helpful. Read all of it!)
XII. Fear Not
"If we know God, if we know that God is ours and that we are His, then we ought to know that there is nothing in the universe that can really injure us, that can touch our highest interests. The man who has this assurance, and who lives in the conscious possession of this assurance, cannot but be calm, and strong, and trusting in the most trying circumstances. In the fiercest storm he can say, and truly say:—'Nothing that mine eyes can see, Shall disturb my faith in Thee.'" (This chapter shares four reason why Elisha was unfraid regardless of his circumstances. This is to be read!)

Conference Talks by Griffith John

Shanghai Missionary Conference
Our Pressing Need for the Baptism of the Holy Spirit
"The secret of the success of the Apostles lay, not in what they did and said, but in the presence of Christ in them and with them. They saw with the eyes of Christ, felt with His heart, and worked with His energies. They were nothing, Christ was everything. Christ was living, breathing, and triumphing in their personal lives. Their entire nature being replete with His light, and their souls kindled with the fires of His love, they moved in the midst of men as embodiments of supernatural power. They spake with the demonstration of the Spirit; when they came into contact with men, a mysterious energy went out of them; and, under their vitalizing touch, dead souls started into life. The Spirit had taken hold of the highest faculties of their nature, and was working with them according to His own will." (Wonderful on the Baptism of the Spirit)


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