Susanna Wesley
Mother of Methodism

A Biography

This brief biography of Susanna Wesley comes from Heroines of Modern Religion. Here is an excerpt:  "In all these years, as well as the years that were to follow, his wife had need of all her thrift. Her life from marriage to death is a constant struggle against weakness and poverty. One disaster followed another so drearily that a less thoroughly equipped woman would soon have despaired. The hourly tragedy of the lack of food and clothing, the burden of an ever increasing family of children-her nineteen were all born within a period of twenty years-wrecked neither her courage nor her resourcefulness. Her meager income rivals the widow’s cruse of oil. Possibly a later inspired historian will see the daily food afforded Susannah as clearly given from God as was the oil of the widow of Zarephath."  (Read more about Susanna Wesley)

A Famous Letter

Susanna Wesley sent her husband this letter in response to his complaints that people were gathering together to listen to her read sermons and pray for her. (Read the letter for yourself)

Her Rules for Raising Children

John Wesley apparently asked his mother to write a little on the way she raised the children. A wise woman, many of her ideas from this famous letter would be good to adopt. (Read her thoughts on raising children for yourself)